everyone my name is 4 welcome to Utah activities calm my kids actually behind the camera we're spending this beautiful day with our kids but ready to head up to fifth water hot springs he'll enjoy it so you know it's been over a year since you've been here and I'm excited so let's get going they were back as you can see where we made it for at the first pot of his water hot stream and we're ready to pull off his joy so the fifth letter hot spring trail and around the hot spring it's famous for snakes although we haven't seen any today here's the proof and see this big snakeskin that's been shed by a big gopher snake if you have yet to come up here and visit this beautiful display of Mother Nature one of the family in that water hot springs because like he did work like what the I gave more information visit you positivity calm see you later company big boy

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  1. Nice, this place looks amazing! I hope to check this place out soon. You have a new subscriber in Park City!

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