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Feminist activist ‘caught out’ live on air

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. extra-ordinary claims require extra-ordinary PROOF … I can't believe she didn't even do the shallowest of research

  2. Wow, congratulations for not executing gays, right wing idiots. Meanwhile you’re still stupidly fighting gay marriage and passing idiotic bathroom laws (transgenders are soooo scary to us!). Conservatives are such cowards. No wonder you elected a bone-spur draft-dodger as president.

  3. Don't make an enemy of Naomi Wolf. She does try to be objective and she doesn't always tow the liberal party line. See her skepticism about the Green New Deal:

  4. Naomi Wolf is often wrong, but I believe, unlike most activist feminists, she is a sincere and honest person. As you could hear on the recording , and as the host of this video admitted, she took it well.

  5. Thomas Silver (14) was actually convicted of raping a six-year old boy. Did the author actually know this?Wolf's book is based on her 2015 doctorate from Oxford University on English literature (!)If her thesis examiners had picked up this serious error – as well as her lack of understanding about the term 'unnatural offence' (here it meant homosexual rape of a child), I wonder if her dissertation would have passed. At least not without significant correction.

  6. Britain has always led the way with bureaucratese. Another fine example. Death recorded, in place of death actually happening. Our eternal death is recorded if we believe in Jesus and then comes forgiveness and the resurrection. That one's real, though.

  7. I used to buy her books… to be honest they were not good.. overstated personal opinions and not much academia about them …they went to the charity shop.

  8. 1:54 "…I looked it up…." 😐 Yet even though the guy has the facts right at his fingertips, he's still apologetic, squirming to present them. THIS is the problem!

  9. Wow thats really really poorly reseached , shoud check all of the twisting lying ,bullshit in this rag .

  10. Predictable I’m afraid. Many times whilst doing my first degree back in the late 1980’s, which I have to admit was in social sciences (ie largely useless for anything and composed at least in part, of subjective bullshit). I was able to catch out my self described Marxist lecturers as liars or at least, “misinformed”. At which point some simply reverted to the defence of “post modernism”, that is there is no such things as fact, only social constructs… truly pathetic. They retaliated by trying their best to mark me down, but failed to get rid of me. I also attended numerous student union meetings as a sports rep, where I noted that many of the radical left feminist crowd appeared to be rather disturbed people, some showing signs of mental illness. Usually peddling hate, division and victimhood, and incapable of accepting dissenting views. Now they’re all grown up, and apparently writing books. Their publishers need to take a hard look at themselves. They are a big part of the problem, as gullible idiots still use such books as reference bibles to support their demented views. Show them up for the propagandists they are. Discredit them as they deserve to be, in their vile march of societal deconstruction.

  11. Hahahahaha! Who's afraid of the big bad feminist Wolf? NO ONE!!!!! What a WANK!!!!! TRUMP 2020! By a landslide!!!!!

  12. What I want to know is, why is feminism now about sodomites and men in dresses, instead of, you know, women?

  13. Dear America,
    Please send us more of your leading intellectuals (such as Shapiro and Wolf) to interview. We so love humiliating them.

    British Broadcasting Corporation

  14. Well she is quite strong to be corrected live on air, and after having produced many books and she takes it so intellectually honestly. Big thumbs up to her
    Imagine if we all got our mistakes aired so publicly …..I am sure most people will still fight so hard and emotionally to defend their error rather than openly admit error. She is awesome!!!

  15. NW – Thank God I don't need to turn to the streets to make money.
    AG – But if you did you'd make loads.

    There conversation is all I will ever remember Naomi Wolf for.

  16. so she is like Harry Potter fiction…and she is like…an airhead…PhD in English…NOT…an academic fraud….her book is a Fictional english interpretation..Fictional Fraud…a Clinton Gore supporter.should have warned you…Cannot buy insurance on this type of FUBAR..

  17. It's always ((them))).
    The Shoah is also a lie.
    6 gorrillion lie told enough becomes true even though it is well documented tripe.
    Even her hair color is a lie.

  18. The even more hilarious thing about that interview, is Sweet goes on to say, "Although it's the nature of the offence, as well. Thomas Silver committed an indecent assault on a 6 year old boy…"

    He then adds that after looking into several of the cases in depth, he found none where the defendant was charged for homosexual sex between consenting adults. Of the sample he looked into, they would all be considered rape of an adult man, or sexual abuse of a minor child.

    The thesis of her book appears to be, at least going by her explanation on that program, very similar to her thesis in The Beauty Myth (in which she also made an egregious research error).

    The Beauty Myth posits that as women became more politically active and influential, the Patriarchy pushed back by creating arbitrary and unattainable beauty standards via fashion magazines, the cosmetics industry, etc. The Patriarchy did this so that women would become so obsessed with their looks that they would spend too much time applying make-up, dieting and teasing their hair to engage in politics.


    Feminist women: "We want rights!"

    Patriarchy: "You should try this bra that lifts and separates. Oh, and did you know Oil of Olay can give you younger looking skin overnight? This mascara will plump your lashes, and if you apply blush just so, it will make you look sexier. Also, these women lost 10lbs in a month on Slim-Fast!"

    Feminist women, in their heads: "OMG, are my boobs as perky as they should be? And what about those crow's feet? Are my lashes plump enough? Are my cheekbones as sexy as they could be? Oh GOD, I had no idea how FAT I am!"

    Patriarchy, in its collective head: "Mwahahaha! Look at the women angsting about their appearance instead of demanding rights! It all went according to plan! Threat neutralized!!!!" * tents fingers and continues pondering how to install lasers in the foreheads of sharks *

    The premise of this new book, as I understand it, goes like this:

    Feminist women: "We want rights!"

    Patriarchy: "Well, sure, that's all well and good. But have you noticed all the homosexual degeneracy going on around here? We need to clamp down on this, stat!"

    Feminist women, in their heads: "Holy shit! So much gay sex! ICK!!! Don't they know there's poop up there? Maybe society DOES need a return to traditional gender norms and traditional values…"

    Patriarchy, in its collective head: "Mwahahaha!!!! Look at all the uppity feminist women heading back to the baby mills and sandwich mines! Our diversion worked perfectly! Threat neutralized!!! * tents fingers and ponders whether there's a difference between ketchup and catsup *

    At least, that's the impression of her thesis I got from that interview. Which just goes to show you, a feminist can take an alleged clampdown on male homosexuals and make it all about suppressing the women…

  19. Feminism in a nutshell. They often twist fact. Like 1 in 4 women are homeless.. But don't say that 3 in 4 men are homeless. They do same with gender pay gap statistics ignoring different factors.

  20. This is typical of people who HATE, namely feminist's in this case. the bitterness is so deep that the emotion overrides truth and even logic, and research doesn't come into their hatred?

  21. WOW! When you know that Naomi actually has a doctorate from Oxford College it brings into question her Phd which was the starting point for her book.

  22. Outrage, censorship and criminalization of everything – everything Far Left is constantly trying to do nowadays. The irony, oh the irony!

  23. Even funnier is this "champion of forbidden love" Thomas Silver that she thought was executed and wasn't; his crime wasn't "love" but molestation of a 6 year old boy.

    He got 2 and a half years in Portsmouth prison….pretty light by today's standards.

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