He’s being called the fastest seven-year-old in the world Rudolph blazed anger and seven-year-old boy here is beating Sprinting records and he is grabbing the attention of big names including LeBron James Remember the name Rudolph Ingram and watch him go Seven-year-old runner Rudolph Blais Ingram is an internet sensation Sup Blaze, you ready to train? Yea Yep Before watching it is described by a single action

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  1. Keep him far away from bad influences. Train his mind as well as his body. He still needs to know how to manage his finances one day. Or just not to have a "jock" mentality…And don't cut his hair! LOL!

  2. Too the lil homie Blaze, Work hard no matter what you go through and I know you will. This is coming from someone who tore his acl and couldn’t play his junior year football season this year. But you let anything that may come your way only make you stronger. Reach for the stars blaze. If anyone can grab them it’s you. 💯🐐

  3. You are Amazing bro. I'll be watching out for you as #thenextbigthing God Bless you on your journey. 👍

  4. Have you been tested for myotonic hypertrophy? It's a very rare genetic mutation (completely harmless) that disables your body's muscle growth restrictions and would explain your incredible physique and performance.
    Lucky you, and well done for training so hard.

  5. Anyone else watch all white people speaking about this fast little guy and think that all the white folk are thinking is how TF will they catch him if he steal they watch or bag or some shit.

  6. blacks run fast when they think of the kkk 😂 only problem with this kid is that other kids w low self esteem see this

  7. Every facet of this child's life need to be properly managed. I certainly hope that he is not the victim of any skullduggery. God bless and guide his parents good luck to them.

  8. Kid when you get older and become famous pls. Take this advise don’t let any woman ruin your life because they will be after your money.

  9. Good Job…little boy!… don't for get Jesus God bless you…he has given you a gift in life thank him.🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌💜❤💜❤💜

  10. I pity the other kids racing against Blaze that saw him on Youtube. They say awww sheeet man it dat kid we're f'd!

  11. Hopefully he will be humble as much as he is fast, I wish I had support like his dad. Keep going and chase your dreams who ever is reading this

  12. Bring him up with Jesus and save his soul… Rest doesn't matter

    Seek the Lord while he may be found

  13. His name has the word "Blaze" and he runs fast and Usain Bolt has the word "Bolt" and he runs fast O_O just name your child something related to speed and BOOM FAMOUSSS AND QUICK

  14. I hope he runs faster than me cause he is like flash
    But if I had seen you in real I would just challenge ya

  15. Keep working hard Blaze or as I call you Usain Bolts challenge
    Rudolph A.K.A Blaze ever since I watched your videos I have been training

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