[Music] [Archival film footage] This is my doc. My uh Uncle Doc Brown. Have you ever been in a situation where you know you had to act a certain way? [End] [Voiceover] Meet Jack Torence. He’s a writer looking for inspiration. Meet Danny. He’s a kid looking for a dad. [End] [Voiceover] At Farraoh High, Ramsey’s was the biggest playa around. But when the new kid in school realized hanging with the ‘in crowd’ wasn’t so easy he took a stand. 10 Things I Hate About Commandments. [Music] [Music – Endless Love] ‘My, there’s only you in my life. The only thing that’s bright.’ [End music] [Voiceoverp] Serious, hard-working, patriotic people who want to be part of a team; the American Team. 2008. [Music – Kung Fu Fighting] What if all his talk about truth was the biggest lie of all. Truthiness Stephen? More like falsiness Stephen. [Music – Billie Jean] Switching to Ball State Men’s tennis, seems less…. Winnebago concepts and engineering
departments have developed a multifunctional bathroom
privacy I don’t know what the (bleep) i’m reading. [Music – Mr. Roboto] What is the meaning of this? The meaning of what? Chad, I heard you’re having some problems with Clint. Clint is a fool and I will not tolerate his insolence much longer. Well you’re gonna have to resolve it. I can’t have my day manager and my night manager at each others throats all the time. Yes Emperor. [Music – Jump Around] [Music – Lost] [Music – Bye, bye, bye]

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  1. Ironically, I find the bloopers the only ones I could possibly have problems with. There was a case in which the producer of a tv show went to fan gatherings and charged folks a small amount to get to see reels of bloopers and the actors complained. All the rest you show seem completely fair.

  2. I'm going to go out on a limb & speculate YouTube's  apparent copyright school, a test following a video, now with over 4 million views & a disabled comment section, may be their most hated video. There are other videos available on challenged decisions, apparently won, as well videos with additional information & claims they are of import in determining Fair Use that YouTube has not presented in their video. The failure of sites to administer Fair Use may relate to the video "Are Entrepreneurs in Decline?"

    Additionally, it appears the legal industry does not provide for representation for individuals & their arguments, as clearly the big bucks are with the corporations involved…Sites may have responded along the way, to the winning 'do it yourself' cases, as well any smaller channels who manged to retain an Attorney & won, by adjusting their interpretation of community standards policy & grounds for suspension or termination.

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