a picture of summertime in Paris except no one's allowed in those fountains normally and this start to summer has been anything but normal the heat wave tearing through the French capital also has paramedics in Rome keeping watch in case tourists pass out while people in Geneva seek relief any way they can you just can't stay out in the Sun the whole days to Hut the most dramatic scenes are playing out in Spain where for three days now firefighters have been dousing a forest fire threatening an area the size of Saskatoon the source farm manure that burst into flames in the Blazing Sun in the South of France hospitals are treating heat related injuries particularly involving the elderly sure I was feeling hot I got into my car he says and they found me later I don't know what happened further north the heat is forcing some campers to pull out while others hunker down and wonder when it will ever cool off I've never experienced at this Hawk maybe 35 33 34 that's fine but 43 is just crazy even at England's famous Glastonbury best known for downpours festival goers are forming long lines for water triclosan waltz' don t shuts up and we're happy it's too early to attribute this heatwave to climate change but experts warn there's plenty more where this came from it is absolutely consistent with what we expect from climate change heat waves will become more intense that become more drawn out what makes this hot spell so extreme is not only the sweltering weather but how early it struck as this fire in France moves dangerously close to homes remember summers just begun Thomas dag with CBC News London

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