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  1. STILL HAVE MY FINGERS CROSSED FOR A JONAS BROTHER! There's still hope! LOL. Shout outs to Jenna for being absolutely incredible to work with. What a star! #SuperSixty starts now which means I'm responding to your comments for the next hour. LET'S CHAT! xo

  2. "I just know Kevin Jonas is going to be the biggest & sexiest star out of all of them" Ummm was that a diss

  3. Them: "Like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift!"
    Me: "I thought this friendship was going to last. Oh well

  4. If this is how adults were when they were kids then they need to stop complaining on how we are now

  5. the ad before this said,"all I want is to have a proper shower and to poop." I think that is accurate to all our lives.

  6. Don’t worry girls. You won’t have to take your crocs off at security, because no one will where crocs in the future.

  7. Jenna: I have Channing Tatum on my wall. We're totally gonna get married one day

    Me: that's so adorable…. I could hug her.

  8. This week my family found out my mom has cancer. It’s totally ok if you don’t but I wold love a like and a nice comment to boost my day up.

  9. First time I saw and spotted Jenna ever was in her 2005 movie, Tamara; so I bought it😀😀😀😀 She is one gorgeous lady😀😀😀😀

    This video is very funny 😀😀😀😀

  10. Hold up she had a flip phone and so that means it happened in her teenaged years but she had and Fujifilm Instax mini 9??

  11. "Yeah, and I bet global warming won't even be a thing, I mean, we can't possibly ignore it for that long!"

    Sis the only thing they've done about global warming is change the name

  12. Jenna s wearing her wedding bands at 0:22, then they're just gone!!… Was this before she got divorced? Or after…. Either way it's confusing!!!!!

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