ahhhhh i’ve been eating so much food from all of these crazy food, challenges i Really need to start watching, my weight before fat morgz comes back Who could possibly be at the door 100 doughnuts for Mr. Morgz! Guys, forget, what i said in the intro I’m gonna delay my diet for maybe another day. 100 krispy kreme doughnuts right now And I, am feeling hungry, so I am going to eat them all. Actually thinking, about it maybe i should go get some guests to join me in this because i don’t think i can eat hundred, by myself Mum, Martin, Come in. Yes, What? *gasps* We’ve got one hundred dougnuts, Martin? Mum? Do you want to eat them? Guys, you know the drill Me more martin i’m going to be doing loads of different challenges with, these totes we’re Gonna, be trying to break, some world records in the process i’m basically just gonna begin a lot, more fun let’s Flippin, do this challenge number one is going to be how. Quickly can you eat a classic glazed Doughnuts personally guys i think i can, finish one of these in about 20 seconds but what one you guys to do is Leave a like on the video if you think you could eat one of these noodles in less than 20 seconds because i think other pretty experienced owner eater and i can probably, do it in 20 blast, through the challenge guys, three two, one it’s time 21 Looks, like i couldn’t quite get my. 20 bless handover come on let’s see how, she does with this challenge everybody comment down below if you think i can beat morgan’s 21 second wool mom the guard time to prove yourself are you ready 3 2 1 Go, the timer started she’s nibbling Away, facile to this this is interesting technique all the donuts down on the table she’s really, going for it 80 seconds boom, boom 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Maltese record stands but we’ll keep going. You still got my, left 28 29 30 31 What are you having mercy she’s a bit wider surely stop mum Terrible, was finished on? 44 seconds by or double my time It looks so easy it looks so easy but a little don’t look 20 seconds that’s ages and i always fail guys i Did twice as good as mom i think that definitely deserves a subscribe if you’d already subscribed go down there and smash that subscribe button to join peat bogs but right now, is time to see if Martin the bully himself could get more than 21 seconds martin are you confident do you think you can beat 21 cozy you can do it well Martin 50 seconds Mom nine’s not very good as their chinese number one is done i can eat a Normal place there in 21 seconds mom can, do in 41 and mine can, do any 55 as Usual, team moves are the best but, let’s move on to challenge number two and see Okay, challenge number two is going to be a little bit different this one isn’t even an even challenge but it’s Gonna be a lot, oh, boy Mom what are you doing nothing i can see you guys We’ve turned over every single turn off and we’re gonna play a game of find the oreo donor Basically mine’s gonna, put the oreo face down up here as Well as all these other face down donors mammal is enough to race to see who can find the oreo, dodo Fastest it’s gonna be intense Martin the dose that me balu. Your turn our backs go ahead, and hide it i’ll Make, sure brian dooby-dooby-doo That’s the one from there sit there cause daddy, buggs guess You know this is round 3 this is to decide who gets to eat the donut, we get it we get to it yeah? Ready, stuff around No, peepin toast alamo three two one go, oh? Right for this challenge is the blindfolded challenge what i’m gonna, do i’m gonna give you a dollar Each and both be the same one now You’ve got to guess what it flavor is okay, yeah let’s first once against a player gets tweets are you holding up man Oh, no i’m giving. You, okay, sharks, okay? get set First once against the play but, chocolate. You ever wanna. Play, what is it? about caramel Jamie set timeout i’ve been cheated out of this guys coming down low. Justice the more i Ninety-one, yeah competition you can eat that all by yourself what are we doing now morgan as you can see we’ve got a nice blender here and We’ve got a lot of dollars left over so i thought, what better to do than to make a doughnut Smoothie, oh then try, and drink it but what the hell should We start with i think for sure we’ve got had a a strawberry one in there you think so yes, oh? Oh, oh james are there any, way you know, we’ll get as? Well with strawberry, me huh i mean lemon lemon there we go not you lemon meringue Donut guys, women are dying as, well we’ve got two doughnuts in there now Strawberry and lemon this sounds amazing As, well as i’m sorry but we’ve got heart in one of these chocolate ones because they look so happy good and the guys Cheers cheers and then finally guys we’ve got to get some water in there so it actually blends then We get the top, we screw on there and guys i think? We are good to blend Yeah, you put you on sabar you know What you do all the time when you make smooth, eggs just shake it yeah, what you think the bottom is full Wait you’re, telling, me that you know, did you just think you must lie, something that look nice Yes, no it goes on as, we blend this guys i think We need, to roll the blender città, my fix I just need, your attention Everybody, looks this, way i’m gonna put a Whole switch room you know that i’m talking about clickbait clickbait you know that it really ain’t nothing New i’m gonna put a dope image on the video to raise, up the views you can, say that i’m lying you can Say that i’m tripping but, oh? my Goodness guys, we have the drink right here strawberry lemon and chocolate bamboo a combination But hey, stoners so i’m sure it tastes good Nice moves, well it’s gonna smell good ah What’s happened to it oh? dear oh, dear Sometimes when you mix things it just doesn’t Just work see guys is my channel you do have to go first so are you ready, guys, three two one go It’s not raised is it yeah yes oh Yeah, was it nice guys it’s? No that’s my cousin will help, me, by, what’s up what’s up the after chases Okay, guys this smells absolutely disgusting, my, way i’m gonna get i’m gonna, do i’m gonna do it Guys, on second thought, oh? Oh, my, god bus so wrong, why does everybody pick on me no? well guys, this, was probably one of the most crazy food challenges i have literally ever done i i Think, we all enjoyed it? Guys, if you’re, new here and you haven’t already subscribed, what on terms are you doing, we do crazy, stuff like This all the time one of the few, challenges loads of other crazy stuff if you’re, not subscribed already go down There smash that subscribe button, also lets shy and get 10,000 likes on this video for more of these crazy food challenges and comment down, below what food challenge you Want me to do next guys thank y’all so much for watching i know the social medias links in description below New, merch coming, soon and as always a bit more you guys been Awesome and i’ll see you in mine like video briefs out

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  1. I love morgz videos and his mum is so funy I was born in london england🌉🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  2. I love the chocolate nutty one with the swirl white


  3. If he has 100 donuts and it's supposedly 500,000 calories, that means each donut is around 5000 calories. Hmmm… Hmmmm…

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