Hello. I’m Rich Fulcher.
Oh we know, we invited you on
this trip. If my love isn’t real no (bleep) love is real.
None of these are words are Words that have
ever come out of my mouth Who are you gonna jerk off in
this experiment? Aliens? an owl?
Hell yes.. You need to catch a spy Boo-Ya! Oh my god
I’m pissing out of my balls Nice try. Ya dink.
I like that one One two three.. tunnel of love! I have my story! You amazing
puppet shits! She’s in embers now.
No she’s good. She good?. Yeah we got
CGI. Thank you.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. That's the most crazy and funny series I ever seen :D. The style – and the scenario… It have a place in my favorite list on boxxy software. Nice free app.

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