>>Aha!>>Ha! I got you!>>Oh no!>>Block this. [screaming]>>Oh, and just like that,
there goes your blaster.>>How about some cold justice?>>Oh no!>>I’m out of ammo!>>Come on.>>Ha! You won’t get away.>>Victory dance!>>Whatever.>>Sore loser.>>Oh hey Mom!
>>Hello bud.>>Alright, what are we playing today? Dinocraft!>>He thinks he’s so good. Whatever. I’ll just be
playing with dinosaurs. I remember this.>>You know, I’m gonna take a little nap. [yawn] What is this place? There’s dinosaurs …
[mumbling something] Are they dinosaurs_ A T-rex.>>Are you asleep?>>Oh… let’s roar!>>What?>>The T-rex. Roar. Roar.>>Wake up!>>Whoa, look at the lasers.
>>Wake up!>>Wait, how did you get here?>>I don’t know. What is this place?>>You know, I really wish
we had lasers in our blasters. That’d be fun in here.>>Oh yeah, I have one.>>What? Oh! Me too. Now this is what I’m talking about.>>Let’s go play!>>Oh, laser tag. Pew, pew.>>I got an idea.>>This way’s awesome. Let’s go this way.>>I’m coming.>>Do you see all the dinosaurs? Yeah– oh, get down! Dinosaurs. Ah! Run. What are we gonna do? There’s actual dinosaurs in here.>>We gotta get out of here.>>Yeah, but where?>>The front door is over there.>>Whoa. Dinosaurs. Cole, look at the–
Look at that. Whoa, do you see the …? I think it go over there.>>Ah! You’re annoying when you sleep.>>These laser blasters
are gonna do nothing.>>Dream something else then.>>Dream?>>Yeah, it’s gotta be a dream. Quick! Change your blaster.>>That’s not gonna work. Oh, it did.>>Let me try. What? Where did this come from?>>Wake up!>>Stop doing that. Shh. Stop making that noise. Stop it! Stop doing that, they can see us!
>>Wake up!>>What in the world is wrong with you? Um, run! [screaming]>>Run Cole, run!
The dinosaurs are coming. Run Cole, run! Ha. We’re safe. [screaming]>>Do you wanna play laser tag?>>Hey guys!
First of all, we wanna thank PANGAEA: Land of the Dinosaurs
in Scottsdale, Arizona.>>We know you like dinosaurs,
go check it out!>>Also make sure to check out
their Jurassic Fight Night in– in Arizona? No, on September 22nd
in Arizona, Scottsdale.>>It’s gonna be awesome.>>It is awesome. Anyways, Comment of the week
comes from Bryce James. “Can you guys do more
Sneak Attack Squad videos?” Yeah, of course we can. Next week, we’re gonna flush out
whatever is in that garage.>>Which is really scary. Picture of the week comes from>>Ares! I like his pose.
That’s a sick pose.>>Let’s invite him over so he can help us–>>Flush the thing off the garage?>>Yeah!>>Anyways, thanks for the picture, Ares. You are awesome! Also you guys, click up there
for the ExtremeToys Store. Get your awesome armband
and your very own dog tag. Follow us on Instagram @extremetoystv and we’ll see you all next time.>>Bye!

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