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  3. The first one one was that really his girlfriend? If it was his sister did his parents know he would do that? Seems like they would do one show all together that way they can have boys and girls.

  4. Sees the video cover
    Oh this is going to be very interesting

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  5. I have an interesting drama student story. We had just written and directed our own 1 Act plays, and my group had just performed. It was basically I caused a drunk driving accident and everyone in the car died but me, and I was in jail. We were all covered in fake blood. Face, clothes, hair, everything. The bell rang not 2 minutes after our 1 Act ended. We didn't have time to change or get the blood off us, so we were just casually walking around a high school covered in blood. Idk what was up with our chorus teacher that day, but when we asked her if we could clean up, she said no because our accompanist was coming and she didn't want any students to look like they were coming in late. Students covered in blood is fine, but coming in late isn't. Okay then. The accompanist saw us and looked horrified, understandably.
    We got Best In Show for that play though, so it was worth it.

  6. A stage flat fell on me once during a drama rehearsal… Got knocked out, had a concussion for a few days, and a black eye for over a week 😂

  7. I was a drama camp counselor last summer. We worked on the little mermaid for three weeks. About a week before the big night, a strain of hand foot and mouth disease RIPPED through the camp and knocked out our flounder, Eric, and scuttle in one fell swoop, and of course, I caught it too. I finished teaching choreography from quarantine through a window while the infected kids wept hysterically because they not only had to miss the show, but also had painful red blisters in their throats.

  8. Honestly forever grateful I took drama. It taught me how to channel my anxiety and how to speak outwardly what I was feeling internally

  9. My drama teachers got fired because one was soliciting a student through snapchat and then the author one got fired bc they think he knew

  10. I was a makeup artist for my high school theater department and our main event was the annual haunted house- on opening night one of the actors I was doing makeup for fell off the stage and cracked a rib,,,,I ran and told the head of the theater department that we needed the understudy and he was like "well, there's no understudy, do you wanna do it?" I was like ????

  11. I could have used a theatre teacher with as much passion as some of these people. My drama teacher loved pointing out those who were clearly not actors. I love to act, i think i can do a pretty good job, but she had a way of making me feel uncomfortable and some of us like outcasts. Which is kind of funny because theatre people already kind of have that image going on.

  12. Drama teachers have it rough. Kids aren’t the best people. From ages 3 to 19 They can be annoying, ungrateful, disrespectful little sh*ts.

    Edit: I should know because I am one.

  13. I am a drama teacher and one time a student ripped his flesh open on stage doing something we had done a million times. He finished the show with a ripped up hand came off stage after and was like hey I think I might need some help.

  14. Our last school musical had a cast of 12 and there were 4 leads and since it’s a public school we have a show Friday night and Saturday night and we put the show on Friday night and Saturday all 4 leads have lost their voices and we have like choir kids being called like Saturday at noon (since we can read music) like hey come to the school we need you to sing for the musical and we were short one guy so my music teacher who was in charge of the musical sang for one guy and basically we had 3 choir kids and the teacher singing into mics backstage in the dark while the actors were lipsyncing on stage and performing

  15. My theatre teacher once told me about a disgruntled student burning down set pieces cause she was made she didn't get the lead. ;-;

  16. In my senior year of high school, we did Once Upon a Mattress. And there is one scene where I had to drag a futon mattress over myself and one of the leads to "hide" from someone.
    When we get up, her wig and hat is gone so I scrambled for it and almost rammed it onto her head.

  17. Only the swing one as really a horror story. Oh no there's nobody to play ariel…Why isn't there an understudy in case this happens ?

  18. I would love to work with Erik he seems like a fantastic and super open teacher. I’d imagine he would make his students feel super comfortable.

  19. Fellow drama teacher,

    I have chairs in my classroom that have little holes in them. I always tell the kids, “don’t stick your fingers in them” well.. guess what happened. Not only did she get stuck, she got so stuck but was trying not to draw attention cause she knew she would get in trouble. Finally she admitted what had happened but in her effort to get free had gotten so stuck that NOTHING would get her out.

    I had to call the firefighters to come and free her 😂

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