DOOM PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 – MMDCXIV, Journey Into 27th Century [100% SECRETS]

Project Brutality 3.0 is an upcoming version of one of the best available mods for the classic Doom – expect a lot of fun when playing it Mod – Project Brutality 3.0 GitHub Build / WAD – MMDCXIV, Journey Into 27 Century / HUD – HXRTCHUD by HXRTC and cotton_disciple / Addons – TargetSpy, Flashlight & Duke Nukem 3D Taunts Please note that the Project Brutality 3.0 in its current state is still Work In Progress, so bugs are to be expected, including crashes to the desktop! MMDCXIV, Journey Into 27 Century WAD/Map is a huge level created for DOOM II, the map is separated into different and really detailed biomes, can be confusing at first Because of the map’s layout, amount of details and other things, it may be quite difficult to play together with Project Brutality that weighs quite much, expect performance drops The level can send against you up to ~700 monsters, it shows below 400 monsters at start of the level, but this is because of the small twist that comes NEAR the end Remember that Former Commandos (and their Beacons) together with Pain Elemental spawns, can give you even more problems with additional and annoying enemies like Lost Souls Once you are at the end of the journey, you must return through whole map once again, but there are way more monsters spawned to stop you, expect Barons of Hell and Pain Elementals Lucky for you, this map is also full of Pinkies (dunno how many, but lets say about 100+ of these) and in Project Brutality you most likely will find and an Axe with Demon Rune The secrets are quite easy to find, two of them are in the areas where you just have to jump, the other two are behind yellow doors (the keycard is in such a place, you cannot miss it) Unfortunately, there is a small issue when playing it with Project Brutality – in the outdoor arena with blue keycard, the noclip is most likely needed to avoid the blocked doors Also, the progress can really depend on your luck with weapon & monsters presets – the most preferred upgrades and items here are the Dragon’s Breath shells, Pulse Rifle and Backpacks If you really appreciate my content and videos, please leave a like and subscribe to it (REMEMBER ABOUT BELL!)

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