Well as part of this technique, the very first thing that you do is take the client into a past life, because a lot of the answers will be found there. Because some of the answers in this life go back to other lives, whether they’re illness they’re phobias or whatever. So the past life though, is the beginning, it’s the tip of the iceberg, because we go way beyond that. But going into a past life is very simple very easy. And you do it with the hypnosis. But I never know where the person is going to go. That’s the fun of this because it’s always out of the blue, we never know the connection. But they will always go to the most appropriate time and place to explain what’s happening in their life right now. And they find their answers that way. But the past life is just the very very beginning. Then we go to this great power
that I work with. That’s where all of the healing and all of the answers and all of the very important work comes from. But the past life is easy. Just go into a trance and go back into the past to find out the most appropriate life for you to look at. I encourage anyone interested in Quantum Healing Hypnosis to please take advantage of the training. The training that is now available online You can find it through my website DoloresCannon.com

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  1. I would love to have past life regression done but do not know of anyone near me who does this I live in Lansing Mi

  2. I recently took Dolores Cannon's class given by her daughter Julia Cannon in Hawaii in 10-11/18 if you want more information you can check out qhhtofficial.com for assistance. 🙂

  3. I believe I'm repeating my past lives. I remember being a man and arguing with my wife while the children were at the breakfast table with us. I have had 3 relationships that didn't work.

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