Hey, I’m grump, I’m not so grump! And we’re the Game Grumps! Hi, welcome back to Game Grumps. Hello! Here we are talking to pink haired girl, who – I can’t remember her name Natsuki. The one with the hourglass hair clip. These are what all my teeth look like. and then she socked me right in the face. Ahh! I was bleeding profusely. I needed to be rushed back to the hospital, but they put me in a psych ward this time. I was chained up, and then a dragon attacked me and here we are, dragon fighting away Back at the classroom. You can imagine! Yeah, just close your eyes and make believe that ♪ you could be anywhere ♪ You don’t bake mangoes. I even think in her voice now. I thought it- I thought it said banking and I was like that’s pretty random that they would just mention that out of nowhere. She really likes counting money, and giving loans, and taking advantage of poor people. Interest rates are at an all time low, it’s a great time to buy a house. Read this manga called Banking Hero. [laughs] Banking Hero?! Oh, whoa! You had the fuckin’… you had the cartoon of her like sitting near the windowsill the whole time? Why didn’t you do that? We’ve been- ah, never mind. No, of course not, look at what my eyebrows are doing, above my hair. Pay no attention to my goat eyes. Aw man, it’s so cute. No, it’s really difficult just breathing through this one tiny nostril. [Sniffing noise] I have nose asthma. [More sniffing] It’s like snorting through a coffee straw! No! Could you also not rub in how like the front part of my hair is in one direction and the next back part of my hair it looks like it was on a completely different head tilted to a different direction? She has like four different hairstyles going on. It’s really crazy when you look at it! It’s like Cthulu! This is for kids. And I do, sometimes, but they’re just kids. And so am I! You’ve been talking to an eleven-year-old this whole time. Are you also an attorney?! All my friends are judges too! You sure know how to turn a girl on. It’s – my tiger is out of control. I hate it when she runs her jerk protocol. Loading, loading, loading- Loading jerk. Jerk.exe. Line… Dots… The fuck are we talkin’ about? You’re making me cry a single tear or sweat a single speck of cheek sweat. Ah, I’m not sure. Anyway, why do I have this fuckin’ X on my bangs?! I don’t really… what is that for? My green tooth turned white. “I totally forgot that happens!” What, that people turn pages when they’re reading? You crazy. Oh my god… Hehehe. Oh… Oh come on! Could your timing be any worse! Sorry, eat my hair It’s right there for you, your mouth is already open. I just need to make sure we have enough time Though you look pretty cozy over there hahahahahahaha Natsuki suddenly notices how close she’s gotten to me I mean just imagine it also we’re still sitting over by the window Yeah, she hastily slides yourself a good 12 inches away from me, not far enough. hahaha I was just gonna say that! That’s not gonna help you You better get 27 inches away baby Alright guess, I’ll stop here for now guess. Guess I’ll just unspool this two-foot c*ck I call it the firehose I close the book and hand it towards Natsuki. You’re just giving it back?Don’t you want to know what happens? Yeah, but? Monika just said- don’t be dumb just take it home with you Is that really all right? I say that mostly because I really didn’t plan on using my spare time to read this trash Well of course It would take forever to finish if you didn’t take it home cause it’s so boring it takes like a year to get through Just finish that one volume tomorrow so we can start the next one stupid and if it gets bent I’ll kill you! You’ll get bent By tomorrow? I only got part way through the volume so far I might fall behind on some shows if I try to get through this But I suppose that’s the necessary sacrifice in exchange for seeing natsuki’s enthusiastic face. It takes like 30 minutes to read a volume of manga come on Yea, the exact length of a show. Or am I more scared of what will happen if I don’t finish it. Alright then I stand up. I return to where I put my stuff and carefully set the book back into my bag I fly off into space with rockets from my feet By the way, did you remember to write a poem last night? Yeah My relaxation ends I can’t believe I agreed to do something so embarrassing I couldn’t really find much inspiration since I’ve never really done this before Well now that everyone’s ready. Why don’t you find someone to share with? Sorry sorry Sayori And Monika enthusiastically pull out their poems Sayori’s is on a wrinkled sheet of loose-leaf torn from a spiral notebook On the other hand Monica wrote hers in a composition notebook In perfect binary I can already see Monika’s pristine handwriting It’s-it’s as thick as a dictionary I can already see Monika’s pristine handwriting from where I sit It’s almost as if it was printed Natsuki and Yuri- natsuki and Yuri reluctantly comply as well reaching into their bags. I do the same myself we all do it. Oh boy Who should I show my poem to first? Oh geez? Well you like Sayori. I do I’m definitely most comfortable sharing it with Sayori first. She’s my good friend after all and that’s all The end moving on to the next girl Are you sure-hey are you sure it’s your first time? It’s not that good am I the kind of guy who’d be writing poems in his spare time? It didn’t impress me I was afraid you wouldn’t do it seriously Well, then you wouldn’t write one at all I’m just really happy that you wrote one You get the good try award, this is going right on the fridge Hey you’re really a part of the club now. Not to mention the fact that I’m standing in front of you in the club room Well of course. I’m not really into it yet, but that doesn’t mean I’ll break my promise See, it’s like I said before friendarin keep showing you’re not selfish at all you know Trying new things like this for other people with nothing to gain from it other than sex with four hot girls So selfless that’s something that only really good people do. Thanks Sayori I’m not sure if Sayori sees the full picture of my motive here. I just want the cupcakes Then again I can’t deny that she’s part of the reason I joined I know you’re here for the muff! Alright girls! Strut your stuff! You will be swimming in muff This puss will be overflowing Knowing how much this means to her and all Alright I’m going hold you to that then Just rememeber if you hate it, I’ll never speak to you. We’ll see about that Oh my fucking god Outside to outside poem area to continue. Are you serious yeah? Well click outside poem area continue, but you know what we’ll do that next time on game grumps. Alright. Holy crap Oh you trusted me to wish away a rainy day. I look above the sky is blue. It’s a secret, but I trust you, too

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  1. Omg I cried when sayori said I know your here for the muff! XD what sucks is that I was drinking soda and I laughed so hard that it came out of my nose. Soda that comes out of your nose burns like fuck! XD

  2. I cannot stand the way Arin acts in this series. It feels like when you are trying to trick a friend into believing something because that's exactly what he's doing and I hate it.

  3. Don't read if this is your first time watching through this minor spoilers

    "If it wasn't for you, I could sleep forever".
    Fuck the foreshadowing is real. Like rewatching this, seeing how much of a dick FriendArin is, and how she always "sleeps in" JEEEEZUUSSS

  4. After hitting me she then proceeded to take all of my stuff leaving me on the floor. Then she mugged all the other girls except monica cause she was rebooting in the closet. I then woke up in my bed with blood every where apparently nasuki had gone on a full blown killing spree with her one. Green. Tooth. Then i actually woke up in the hospital from the bite she had given me well all's well that ends weeeellllll…..

    FriendArin had died that same monologue

    RIP FriendArin

  5. the manga natsuki read about is very much like Kirakira Precure a la mode! it is also an anime. It has magical girls and baking, of course, and is one series of the precure series.

  6. I pretty much cried laughing at “I call it the fire hose” I’m illustrating my own manga and grumping it up on the background and I keep getting sidetracked by my hysterical laughter 😭😂

  7. Papyrus: I’ll admit 3:23 natuki looks cute
    Sans: bro…what u like natuski
    Papyrus:NO!….she’s just cute

  8. I never noticed Natsukis hair clip looked like an hour glass. Also i did notice her tooth but couldn't see any green.

  9. Just the sheer randomness of the comments and additions they make to the dialogue makes this game about 230% funnier.

  10. Monika sounds like the Handy Unit in Sister Location… and anyone else notice how their eyes have that pokeball design?

  11. "It takes 30 minutes to read a volume of manga" Pfft plz it's more like 10 minutes XD
    I say this while I have an entire bookshelf of manga series that I'm too lazy to read…

  12. "she hastily slides herself a good twelve inches away from me…"

    Me: You- you could have just said a foot…

  13. I’m laughing, but I’m also cringing hearing grown ass men talk about fucking schoolgirls…

  14. Oh maw gawd this is the best way to watch doki doki series. This deserves a subscribe because they are funny at the same time keeping my laughing and keeping on watching their series

  15. oh no dan…. do you REALLY like sayori? mmm, honey that… isnt going to work for you. i am SO sorry about whats gonna happen.

  16. At 12:30 you see them jokin about the poem, even though it’s her saying she would be depressed and sleep forever if not for the constant nagging of sunshine, or the constant feeling she has to be happy.
    I’m thinking too much into this, but still

  17. 9:02 "pull out their penises"
    9:03 "pull out their poems

    A coincidence?
    I think not!

  18. when it said ''they pulled out their poems'' i saw that it said ''they pulled out their penises'' for a split second

  19. every other playthrough: “aw these girls are so cute!!” gives pretty aight impression for them
    game grumps: “ITS SO HARD BREATHING THROUGH THIS ONE NOSTRIL” “*robot voice* hello friendarin” “i love books with deep psychological feelings. have you read cliffer the big red dog?” “GET BIGGER HANDS”

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