Oh simply if only I was just real if only I could touch you did you just say that fog is not literature so there's new build of young Jerry simulator let's talk about that I may or may not have just woken up may or may not have it is like this morning the yawn Gentry gods themself woke me up I just I was like I sleep and all sudden I got this joke you know because I you know I normally get the joke this the the it wasn't a New Year's chills but it was a jolt from the young Gary gods signifying it's like the bat symbol but it goes up in the air is that a new bill to be on dairy seeming that it comes out it's like you filling it deep in in the depths of your heart and soul oh but this was special right this was special this was not just your everyday yard every simulator built you know there's new heads added to the game no it's not it's completely different okay why you guys look at me like I'm crazy good morning by the way the best seriously what does he mean my hair dude right now it's usually never this bad here just fix it there I've gone Super Saiyan I haven't even had time to read it I just seen freaking Cub Scouts I seem that dude upload a video I'm like how how the Freak did this guy get a video out already it's crazy competition out here on this yeah Jerry game you guys don't even freaking know right now much left to Jane from the Cub Scouts but God are you on crack it was 2:00 in the morning when he released this I'm sure we're in different time zones but it can't be that different bested by the Cub Scouts again danged let's go Roy okay stop just shut up I don't care how do we do it how do we do the thing you guys know about the thumb know what's the same basically guys if you couldn't tell by the thumbnail jokey jokey is in yandere simulator one way or another at least according to a thumbnail I didn't even watch the video I just got up and made coffee and what straight to the computer okay hey wait a minute you know that joke I said about a new head to being in yandere simulator there is literally a new heads in yeah me later holy crap I was just I knew that I'm smart I can tell the future guys I think this means I have powers maybe I should use this power for good no I'm just gonna use it to find new features of games like yeah and every simulator I could win the lottery yeah let's just I just want to know when that new head just coming out in yon Jerry simulator that's it okay all right all right if it is true cuz guys as right now I've not seen the doki-doki thing I just seen Jace thumbnail god bless him but I'm gonna do a little snooping what is the class what am i doing I need to check the main closet it's stupid I'm not trying to get all game theory right now when all I need to do is probably protect the main closet and everything I need is probably already there because that's where we find the crush crush costumes so if there is doki-doki costumes or easter eggs then i'll find a bit pepper sprays get out of here I call them the pepper spray hookers why this is what happens when I get up early oh oh no oh hey roses are oh my god oh oh hey Monica from Doki Doki litical if I teams off oh my god this is amazing this is the best Christmas present the Andheri dev could have added it's like a dream come true guys do you not do you remember me just a few episodes ago of yeah dairy simulator or something like that requesting that this be added to the game and I think yeah I'm doing def finally listen pinky I'm sorry dev thank you the Yan dairy gods have answered my prayers oh my god that looks so it looks great look some hair models though okay I want to read the poems up roses are red violets are blue be my Valentine I'm waiting for you blood is red bruises are blue don't say no roses are red violets are blue get in the van it's just vodka just Monica wow this is so cool does she do anything she brought let's party just a skin but boy it's still pretty cool I know that some other Yonder recent modders did make a skin before and I almost made an episode on it but I'm glad I waited a little bit because it would have made this episode not the same not stee bay not ski wait wait let's make let's make not skis dream come true all right there don't call me flat pocket oh wait we're not Earth chan right that was the joke I'm sorry I just I I'm still tired as crap here let's get a little more accurate here I'm sorry not Steve we got to keep you the way that you're supposed to be it's gotta be canon you guys will you guys wouldn't dare pepper spray not ski right watch out okay no God oh my god she's gonna pepper okay no I almost got the pepper spray for a second I got a little scared there those are some cute daddy bears I mean I don't know what else what other voice to give her she looks she looks like a freaking murderer she looks like she wants to murder my family am I the only one that sees this just like I remembered Natsuki good old Nazi from the doki-doki clubs now let me tell you what guys if in fact yonder dev does think to – what your work upon this or maybe make more Easter eggs or something like that it would kind of be cool to have their crazy forms as well like have the black stuff go around her eyes that would be pretty awesome I can't help but be reminded a fun girl when I think of Doki Doki literature club I thought that Monaco would replace fun girls very perfectly you ready with I mean everyone says coconut because she has purple hair yeah I almost couldn't think of the color for a second guys if only we had the size mod right now we'd be able to change Natsuki to her a short self as she's supposed to be all right so yeah we okay I needed to go cycle through the other skins I gotta see URIs and then we'll do with some little role plays how about that guys I don't I don't know we also need to check out some other new additions because I just ignored everything I just I knew this was here and I needed to see it Sayuri Oh No I just realized what we're gonna probably try to do with her I'm not sorry I'm not sorry okay let's change let's let's make it canon all right right there I would say was that yeah don't judge me I'm trying to make things exactly how they're supposed to be if you don't mind now see the cool thing in this is why URI works so freakin well with the non-dairy simulator do I have to spell it out for you guys we got a knife it's pretty darn simple it's a simple concept to grasp so I think anyone can understand it oh you know what I mean I we need to try it we need to try putting our sanity really low with these girls and maybe they might change but maybe I'm probably just you know dig it a little too deep there it's probably not true god I look like a Tweaker look at my hair adjusted pushing coconut off the roof animation so that coconut does not slow down in mid-air while falling it doesn't have a strange facial expression after dying I didn't realize she didn't slow down in midair I thought I don't know maybe maybe I just never paid attention to it fixed a bug that would cause down Jerry Chen to break a student council member shove or pepper spray animation if she was laughing at the time she was pepper sprayed it was that easy we gotta go back and try that next episode or something and all this time he was that easy just to stop the pepper spray my eyes would have been saying added hedges near the entrance of the school to fix the bug to put a result in yandere chan being blamed for a mind broken slave suicide how does that work once again attempted to fix the bug that caused student council members to be kidnapped bull but it was fun times though added a new accessory for yandere chan press the spacebar to change his colors up nice added numerous new hairstyles for yandere chan is probably the dopey ones and along with some probably other ones added a poetic easter egg in the meme closet I got a cig in yonder a damn thank you so much I'm enjoying that give so much I feel like everyone else and their mom is as well but the fact that it's in yonder simulator is really awesome I'm sorry but there won't be a new video today I don't want to create a new video until after I've decided to add the new big feature into the game I've made some progress but the feature isn't quite ready yet please be patient while I have while I finish putting it into the game hey we got to check out that new accessory I wish forgot to do accessories is a P no that's not i patch is Yuri yeah you looking a little weird today really hey is this it what is this where does this from I can change this color though guys tell me tell me what this is from tell me what this is from I have no idea hey hey that was it okay yeah I was a wet G yeah I have no idea what that that witch's hat was from I'm guessing it's probably from some anime because that's typically what it is but I don't know so you guys gonna let me know fill me in alright give me the scoop I need the C and every scoops interesting I would like to make another episode just kind of messing with the game again and maybe see if we can craft the student council code of this build because the the the whole you know kidnapping thing has been fixed crazies Monica why did you paint I think I just curved Megami now we need the literature Club where's the literature Club we have all these other clubs but I I don't I don't I don't want those lidded know I don't let the Drake meet I don't want those other clubs I want literature club so for some reason when I try to sit with the pantalones this happens it changes our shoes I don't think is that supposed to happen or did he change it no he did not change it it's a bug well if she's gonna change her shoe she might as well take her stock ease off as well I guess they're attached imagine having shoes with stockings on them there's let me put my stock shoes shoot chokings we put my shocking is on you can go in and you can go and enter that in the book of non funny jokes that the beach' meister makes as well the big bits a big bug it's coming out real soon guys buy it forty dollars half price that's half price by the way eighty dollars okay we got to reload the game we got to get senpai in the mix because you know the jokes we're gonna be making it's like you can already see it coming but yet i don't care we're gonna make them anyway I know that yandere Jeff did play doki-doki simulator I guess we can call that now I always want to say simulator I'm so programmed I think now after doing hundreds of episodes of yandere simulator it starts to rub off on you I think but most of me why did you climb on sake like that you think just because she's not as rich as you and she may not have a bra she that you can just step on her like she's dirt or scum of the earth Wow Wow I'd lost I quite frankly I lost all respect for you Monica has lost all respect for her guys we're gonna keep this cannon don't worry Oh simply if only I was just real if only I could touch you if only I could just get out of this TV screen that's around my head every day I imagine a future guys have you ever wondered the technology that Monica uses to delete to delete characters all right we're gonna we're gonna delete coconut right now there's a little Easter Egg that you guys didn't know you guys had no idea that this is gonna be a thing but we're gonna check it out right now see what we do is we go in through the game files it's just like doki-doki we go to the game files and we're gonna delete the characters okay delete if you're gonna roleplay you better do it right and as you can see guys when you mess with the game files the game just gets a bit weird I am peek Chen I mean I know I delete a coconut everyone's gone you guys know Monica has a little bit of a trouble you know her coding is a little off a little bit I deleted my skin all right let's fix let's fix that all right I think we should game Theory guys is yandere simulator even real now that the Doki now that the Doki Doki is at the yond every simulator isn't even real clearly the worlds are killing are connected you guys didn't know but the game takes place in this universe you guys didn't know that don't you remember that one that one part in Doki Doki literature Club I believe it is somewhere around he was somewhere runs at the time where you walk you know right before you entered the literature Club you get pepper spray do you remember that you know why you didn't remember it because Monica deleted it from your memory mm-hmm it's true guys I know I know at all okay I know everything don't you dare pepper spray me you will regret it you know who I am I can do anything I want to do guys I think we're witnessing the mating process right now it's a rare occasion when pepper spray girls and martial-arts girls or maybe they're trying to fuse hey senpai what you reading there is it manga vodka I hate mongers mungus for weebs I'm reading real literature the book of Mark Cove the book of Mark Cove is what I'm raving is that it's called book of Mark Cove mark on poor I'm ready portrait of Mike huh yes the book did you just say that mark is not literature this is how you get treated these days if you like a few animes and mangas look throw the cuffs on me throw me in prison apparently and that's the story of how not ski got thrown into prison forever now the only thing we need to create is buff skis but see see here's the problem I don't know how to put skins on those people and it looks like I think the only way we would be able to make buffs key is to like have a skin on someone and impose mod them which I'm sure is gonna be possible like people are gonna extract these skins somehow I don't know what they're gonna do but you guys get the point a IOT is now in the building baby aah oh god I'm so clumsy a sip I uh I love you you love me right I'm supposed to say no not okay I'm sorry seorak I love my book too much and I don't have time for you I don't love you like I like you thought that I'd loved you I'm gonna read now oh no okay I see how it is I always love you God I really should have checked on Saori she's late again pretty good no we'll just keep it in we don't got the budget said to have more voice lines hey senpai hey hey that's that point hey you you should really you should really go check on Saori I she told me everything she told me everything that happened she told she told me how you don't like the books are you you like the books more than oh god oh god I hate some pie huh hey hey yeah yeah yeah sorry she told me something that you don't like them you got to get here what are you doing stop you like the books more than you like her you should probably go check on her you can't leave her hanging you can't leave ringy's if I don't do it she hung herself why me what whoops oh no I better go check on her right now I'll come to you right to her senpai hurry hurry before it's too late all right okay hey you're not going what the hell is wrong with you I mean that's all I should do what do you guys expect okay that's the only thing that would make simp I actually feel some emotion if this book died I don't know that was the best I got hey I'm simple there's something I want to tell you why do you have a weapon what are you gonna do with that thing stay back if he alters a story Wow well simple I altered the story he saved Gary's life that's all we had to do notice me the worst Oh Yuri Yuri oh I'm really disappointed that Yan Yan Jaidev didn't had a hanging option and a stabbing ourself option clearly that's what we needed right Wow it's like why can't you just make everything we want happen it's not like it's unreasonable without it's gonna take probably freaking days of work to add those things what's wrong with you Andrade if I can't believe you're so selfish since you don't add every little thing that we asked for I'm just making fun of some fans that just want to think it's so easy to add things this was freaking awesome this was really really awesome we got some new donkey stuff add to the game and I just thank you so much and rated for adding them I'm sure a lot of people requested it so it's freaking awesome to see that he listens to the fanbase and all that and I mean think about it guys I mean how many freakin games there's not there's not a lot of developers out there they're really like I think listen that close to with fans as as you Android dev does this day need for kind of you know blurring the the line between you know the fans and the developers which is really really cool to see that and that's like what that's what my favorite part is about this whole day of age where you know we're game developing indie games are rising and you know the triple-a titles are like and like you know Star Wars Battlefront stay tuned for when yandere dev adds loot boxes he's gonna add some loot boxes where you could get a special colored knife like counter-strike today's group of the day goes to aces whitey pepper-sprayed you know how we do along this channel okay congratulations ace if you wanna be scrub of the day like I just drop like leave some support on the channel leave comments down below guys tell me what you thought of this build I personally thought it was really awesome and I would like to do some more stuff with it modders you know what to do mod the crap out of the things let's make let's recreate Doki Doki anyon dairy simulator I look forward to it because I know that someone out there is gonna do it guys thank you so much for watching i'm Beecham i can i'll see you scrubs in the next episode of whatever I do bye guys

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  1. Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    Be my valentine.
    I’m waiting for you.

    Blood is red.
    Bruises are blue.
    Don’t say no.
    Me:Or I’ll murder you.

  2. When I was looking at Yuri's fanart, my friend came to me and said:
    "Dude, have you seen my pen?"
    Hol up

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