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  1. I came to see this because their facial features matched so much. I was sure their personalities would match too

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  3. Why is physical violence of women against men acceptable when it isn't acceptable in reverse? Double standards, and these people are both assholes.

  4. I really like her & beautiful couple❤They have a wonderful dynamic & I love how well their quirkyness goes together,like they've known each other for years.

  5. Calling all British people
    Doesn't the intro to Tell My Story sound like Come Dine With Me every time?

  6. I don’t get the double standards here and why everyone thinks it’s okay. She beat some boy up who had slapped her and her sister. Okay. The boy slapped first and did wrong that’s obvious. But she can’t be mad about him using violence against them and then do the exact same thing (or even worse, slap vs. beat someone up) to him. And justify it with ”he hit a girl” after hitting the crap out of o boy. Then his mom hits her son because he slapped a girl. Again she does the exact same thing and lowers herself to the same pathetic level. In this story I think the woman and the girls were the ones who were most wrong. They are basically saying it’s wrong to hit a girl and then beat a boy up after that. How is it any less bad to beat a boy up?

  7. "Idk why people think I'm smug"
    "*humblebrags about all the reasons why people think he's smug*"

    They're so cute together though.

  8. Omg the end of the video is hilarious! They’re soooooo goofy and talk in various accents and voices! they seem like they would be great friends!

  9. Gotta be honest… Had a hard time listening to her talking .. look first personality as a bonus.. being happy that that mother beating up her child because he punched her sister…
    Man.. that was really challenging for me actually

  10. i dont think….. so…. my mom and dad's age is different about 25 years…. my dad was 49 when he got married to my mom. and my mom was 24 when she married to my dad….

  11. she can be his mother and as we know Oedipus is a complex.
    religion doesn't matter exceot when Iran is world leader in antisemitism

  12. his take of Judaism is so shallow and untrue . we don't celebrate after death we mourn all the time .
    There is an after life more valid than this life .

  13. omg she is soo gorgeous. boo if it dont work with homeboy teddy bear is here to save you. you got me at the beeboxing. any female that can do that has my heart for real… dayum she fine

  14. Interesting how violence against man is ignored but when its against woman than even your own mother will beat you. Bloody nose for slap and kick in the balls for asking someone out repeatedly. He deserved the bloody nose for that… problem is that Kardashians deserved it way more for that assault… you have mouth to speak so dont use your hands unless its selfdefence… and i dont care if you are male/female or appache helicopter or how hard your strike was. If you strike someone you deserve to be hit back because you failed to settle it like someone with brain.

  15. I'll respect if u care less about someone's religious beliefs, but imo there has to be a similar core belief in something and usually religion is it.

  16. Soooo i use to hav this friend in middle school she was 12 but her boyfriend was 17 YUP ITS CRAZY but i ask her why she liked someone who is FIVE YEARS OLDER than her and she said."well hes very nice and honest to me and super funny too plus hes good looking so i dont see no problem whit it"

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  18. Yes, we notice looks first, so that’s where our initial attraction comes from, but a good personality isn’t a “bonus”, it’s a necessity. You might as well date a cardboard cut-out of Brad Pitt if the guy has a shitty personality.

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