Bienvenidos a Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors! Aquí podemos jugar en más de 25 especies de dinosaurios :D! en free roam (no se como traducirlo xd) Pero voy a jugar en la ‘campaña’ Solo tengo 2 opciones de que dinosaurios jugar. Pero primero quiero mostrar que dinosaurios hay aquí. Ya me dio flojera traducir esta bien largo xd Los gráficos se ven muy bien Bueno bye ya no quiero traducir soy una floja :v Subtítulos por mi, la floja violeta Azul xd

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  1. Another Amazing video! Keep up the good work!

    (( P.s. , You're one of my favorite youtubers to!

  2. Why I wont buy this game : Start as a Juvenile,go for hunt a big herb, kill him with only few bites

  3. Definitely going to get this game because I’m weak for Dino rpgs, though the models and animations could certainly use some work and balancing needs to happen

  4. I remember seeing this game way back in late 2018, however it not that much improved in my opinion; the new things like the stats and level system are new and I see that they fixed the problem of getting stuck in the air. To me who hasn't seen much gameplay of this game the AI has been slightly more improved but its still questionable for much larger creatures to run away from you as a child.

  5. Alot of these dinosaurs aren't real dinosaurs. Also, why on YouTube does no one ever play as a feather boi!?

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