(panting) – [Aaron] Hey wait. No man, it’s not a race. Park Ranger LB, man. Hold up dude, stop! (panting) – Whoo, I win. – Oh yeah, you win, man. Whoo! Man, this high altitude and
thin air in these mountains is really leaving me
short of breath, dude. – I have plenty of energy. – Well good for you, man. – Woohoo! – Wait, Park Ranger LB, come back! Oh man, okay. I’ll just catch up to you, dude. Here I come. (feet thudding) – Oh! Oh, creek, wow! I gotta show Park Ranger Aaron. Park Ranger Aaron, come
look at this creek, dude. Hey, where’d you go Park Ranger Aaron? Serious now dude, where are you? (dramatic music) (LB breathing heavily) Park Ranger (grunts) Aaron. Not funny man. Come out, come out wherever you are. Better go look for him. (dramatic music) (running) – Oh. Ooh. (grunts) Nice big downhill section. (laughs) Yeah I can handle the high
altitude when I’m downhill. Whoo. Park Ranger LB, where are you dude? Park Ranger LB. Oh, maybe he went down
to this creek over here. (adventurous music) (sighs) Woo. All right man, it’s a pretty
neat looking creek right here. Kinda makes me thirsty though. It’s time for a little drink. (cheery music) Woo, good stuff there. Oh man, got on my camera. Okay, gotta go find Park Ranger LB now. Park Ranger LB, man. All right. (low growling) – Park Ranger Aaron, where are you? Wonder where he is. Might be up in the trees. No. I need a drink. Here. There we go. Wait a minute, that’s not
the right way how to do it. Straps I forgot. Mmm. Mmm. There we go. Park Ranger Aaron, where are you? Hmm, I think I’m lost. (thunder cracks)
Whoa, thunder? What, it must be a storm. I better hide in shelter. Hmm, I better leave a trail
for Park Ranger Aaron. Okay. (thundering) Okay, here we go. Let’s leave one right there. (dramatic music) There. (dramatic music) Okay. – Park Ranger LB, where are you dude? Park Ranger LB. (thunder cracks)
Whoa! Man, that was a huge thunder. The storm clouds over there, there’s a thunderstorm coming. This is not good, if
he’s lost in thunderstorm in these woods, this could be really bad. I gotta find him. Come on Park Ranger LB,
where are you? (gasps) Whoa! It’s a dinosaur packet. Oh cool, it’s my lucky day. Well this is so cool, I found this while I was looking for Park Ranger L– (thundering) That’s more thunder. Storm’s getting closer. Better go find LB before it gets here. – Oh, just my luck, a
big fork in the road. Which way do I go? Where’s Park Ranger Aaron? (thunder cracking)
Whoa, thunder! (panting) Oh no, I guess I’m gonna go this way. Ooh, I see a hiding spot
up there, that’s good. Let’s get more. – It’s another dinosaur packet. Hey, I don’t think these are an accident. I think Park Ranger LB must
be trying to send me a signal. There’s a trail, that way. (panting) Gotta take a break. Too much running. I’m gonna stuff these things. Stuck in my pants. Another one. I’m hot on this trail now. Here we go, this way. Another packet. Oops, missed that one. (panting) Uh Oh. No more packets. Oh man, the trail went
cold and there’s a fork. Which way do I go? I know, I’ll use my camera to see if I can spot him with a zoom. Okay, take that off there. And nothing that way. He must have gone that way. Although, he could have
gone this way. (gasps) (low growling) What’s that? (low growling) It looks like some sort of creature. (faint growling) Kinda looks like Bigfoot. (suspenseful music) Gah! I gotta find Park Ranger LB before the storm and the creature get him. Okay, a fork. Now I get to decide which way to go. I know, eeny meeny, miny moe, which way should I go? This way. (feet thudding) Whoa. Wow. Look at that footprint. That must be at least a size 18. Wow. (dramatic music) Oh I got to get a picture of this thing. (low growling) (camera snapping) Oh, I missed it again! (dramatic music) This thing’s gonna get
Park Ranger LB’s creature. Better get out of here and find him. (thundering) More thunder. The creature. This is it man. This is my chance. There it is. Get it this time. (growling) (camera snap) Ah, it keeps hiding behind that tree. (growling) I gotta show the world that there’s really a Bigfoot out here. (camera snapping) Oh man. (thunder cracking)
Oh man. Storm’s almost here, I gotta go find LB. (thunder cracking)
– Oh no, storm’s almost here. Okay. Please tell me, the bridge is safe. (thundering) (feet thudding) Whew, I made it off that bridge. (intense music) This looks like a good hiding space. (thundering) Ooh, no. (thunder cracks)
– Ooh! The storm’s getting really close now. I can’t find Park Ranger LB and I don’t even know where I am. (thundering)
Ooh! I gotta find a place to hide,
try to ride out this storm. I’m gonna have to hide
under these two bushes here. It’s the best I can find. Oh hopefully the storm’s
not gonna get me here. (thunder cracks)
Ooh, there goes the lighting. Way out, middle of the forest. Park Ranger LB. (thundering) Ugh! Oh, hey. I think it’s starting to pass. Cool, I survived. (screaming) – Park Ranger Aaron. – Park Ranger LB. Where have you been man? – I’ve been hiding under
that bridge over there. – Okay, dude, there’s a
creature on the loose out here, so we gotta get out of
here before it gets us man. – Okay. I couldn’t even get a
picture of it either. Let’s go! – [Both] Whoa! – Wow. Look at this flash flood man. – Whoa. – Okay. The truck is up
there, it’s that way. We gotta find a, some way
across this raging river and get back to the truck
before more rain comes. – Okay. – No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I think we gotta go – That way!
– up or down river until we find a bridge.
– That way! – That way?
– That way! ‘kay let’s go. Be careful though. – Come on Park Ranger
Aaron you can do it, hurry. – Okay I know you did it, it’s
just so fast and so scary! – Park Ranger Aaron, just do it! there’s more thunder we
gotta get out of here. Here we go, one, two – Three, two, one, jump!
– Three! – Hey I made it!
– You made it, woo hoo! – There’s the truck right
there, come on let’s go dude. Lets get out of here. Hey Park Ranger LB, what you up to man. – I’m just looking at these
pictures from our trip. – Oh cool. – Hey, what’s that hairy fella in there? – Oh did I get Bigfoot? Oh no, it’s just a
despicable G at the pool. Oh well. – Hey, whatever happened
to those dinosaur packets I left out? – Oh hey, the ones you left in a trail. Yeah I got ’em right here, here let’s see, I got ’em stuffed in here.
– Turn off the camera there. – There you go, there’s one. There’s another one. – Two. – Three. Four. Five, there you go. – Yeah, all five of them. Wait, five? – Yeah five that’s what I got. – I laid out more than ten. – Ten, I didn’t see ten,
I was just going along and then all of a sudden
the trail disappeared. – Hmm. – I bet Bigfoot got ’em. – Bigfoot? – Yeah, I saw Bigfoot out there, I didn’t get it on the camera though. – Oh. – Anyway, what you go and
open up the five, okay? I’m gonna go see if I can find Bigfoot on the camera here, huh. – There we go, okay let’s
see what’s inside here. Wow, it’s a velociraptor, I think. Oh wait. (upbeat music) Okay, let’s see what this paper is. Cool it’s from Jurassic
World Fallen Kingdom. Cool, these are all the
dinosaurs we can collect from the mini action dinos. That’ll be great to add to our collection. Okay, there we go. It looks like we got a Stygimoloch. There. And yep, it’s a Stygimoloch. Can rotate it’s head up and down like yes. Like that. And it can also head butt like. (imitating dinosaur attacking) Okay here’s the next one, it looks like we got a Stegosaurus. Woo hoo, that looks cool and
the tail rotates like that. Wow, that’s really cool. I think Mattel did a good job on these. Ah, there we go. Whoa, we got Blue! Yeah, we got Blue, woo hoo! He can rotate it’s legs up and down like ooh, I’m running, running, ah! Whoa, we got an Apatosaurus. Wow, look at that bad boy there, hmm. Wow, that looks cool. It can go, get it’s leaves
like that, go down like that. And the raptor comes
in and attacks it, ah! – Hey, Park Ranger LB, you
got ’em all opened up, huh? – Yeah. – Hey okay, well I couldn’t find any Bigfoot pictures on my camera. So let’s go out and
look for Bigfoot again! – Yeah and I can find my dino packets! – Oh great idea, let’s go dude. – Okay. Bye bye. Okay, I’ll just get all
this, last extra dirt. There we go, all finished. This is actually a pretty
good Bigfoot foot, yeah. I better go find Park Ranger Aaron. – [Aaron] Hey fans, tap
the Toy Lab TV smiley face to subscribe and find out
about our newest videos. You can also tap the pictures to watch more fun videos right now. Don’t forget to give this
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