When some dinosaurs began evolving wings, most began to form bird-like structures So what do the bat-like wings of the Ambopteryx tell us about the evolution of birds? Towards the end of the Jurassic, some small feathered dinosaur species began to evolve wing structures similar to modern
birds’. A famous example of this is Archaeopteryx, often referred to as the first bird. In 2017, a dinosaur called Ambopteryx was discovered that had wings of a sort. But what made it very interesting is that they were membranous wings, more like those of a bat. Scientists believe that it could glide from
tree to tree like a flying squirrel, rather than the flapping flight used by birds. This is a really exciting discovery because it suggests that various wing forms were evolving during the Jurassic and there may potentially be other, novel dinosaur wing forms waiting to be discovered.

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