hey what's up guys so it is currently 1 a.m. and I told you guys yesterday when I entered the video that I was gonna be recording myself tonight when I go to sleep to see what happens because yesterday some crazy stuff actually did go down when I went to sleep so I wanted to see if something would happen again tonight when I fell asleep so I'm about to prop my camera up right now and see if anything does happen hey guys so it is currently the next morning and I don't know I don't know what to do like like I'm terrified of this fucking place right now I don't even know if it's just my place or if it's like haunting me as a whole like if I go to a different place if it's gonna follow me like I feel really bad if I was to go and like stay at a friend's house because I how terrified I am to stay in my own apartment if this thing would end up following me to their place and end up doing the same like yesterday in my video legitimately my cabinet door flew open on its own and like went flying out of it and then you guys were even commenting that like 11 minutes in there was a tissue box that went flying down as I was opening boxes and I had no idea I didn't even notice that until now in today's video you guys saw that I got dragged out of my fucking room like how the does that happen how do I get dragged physically out of my fucking room when there's nothing touching me like this isn't real there's no fucking way there's no way like I feel like this is a huge prank like somebody's pranking me but what I'm really really confused about is the fact that how did I get dragged out of my fucking room with nothing attached to me no one grabbing me like like I thought it was like okay like there was a little bit of skepticism of when the cabinet door went flying open like I feel like it was a prank so I wasn't like like I was scared I was petrified but I still have like this thought in the back of my head that like oh okay maybe maybe it's just a prank but how do I get dragged out of my room like that that there's no physical explanation like I felt something grab my leg and pull me out of the frigging room like it almost seems fake to me because of the fact that you see the movies and like you don't expect this actually happen in real life or this actually does happen well it happened to me which makes no sense on how like I'm still confused and baffled by it I I spit I stayed off last night for like two hours and I was just sitting there like shaking the whole time I eventually passed out and I woke up this morning really late cuz I didn't go to sleep until like they got at least 6 a.m. ish and it's now 1 p.m. I just woke up not too long ago I I just I have no words I don't I don't know what to do I severely think that I need a priest that come over here and like sage my apartment and just try and get these spirits or evil demons or whatever the hell is haunting me out of my apartment I just I really don't know what to do I really have no idea it's just like I'm trying to think about this as like a realistic standpoint and it's not making sense in my head like it just doesn't make sense to me as to how that is actually happening like it just doesn't seem real and then we also have the shorts for the guys I told you guys it's moving and then we got some more Sofie shorts and leggings and what the how the hell did that happen I'm like I didn't even notice that I had no idea until you guys pointed it out literally every single comment on yesterday's video is talking about that I had no idea okay guys so I tweeted out and I'm like a desperate need of a priest right now I I asked some of you guys on Twitter to help me out possibly finding a priest or maybe a church that I can call to get a priest to come to my apartment and bless it and do everything that they need to do so this apartment is safe and there's no more like crazy stuff going on here I don't really know what to do at this point so I'm just trying everything I can I'm gonna call a couple places and see if maybe we I can figure something out okay so I got this phone number online from one of you guys it's called resurrection church I'm gonna try my best to call them up and see if we can do anything they're gonna think I'm crazy I know it with the was that I swear I know I saw it hello who's that sound something I think I why is it raining like this hello hello okay this just keeps getting fucking more weird and weird why should I know I know a lot of people are gonna think it's fake but I don't give a because I saw with my own eyes like this happen and then I don't know what happened with this thing I just heard a loud bang that was weird lizzi's over here trying to make food and I just heard a loud bang yeah there boys were saying temperature I'm trying to figure out the time difference and okay guys I'm gonna call another church near me I'm gonna leave a message I want to help on a call at somebody hi this is gonna sound really crazy but I'm kind of in need of a priest to bless my apartment I don't know if you guys aren't able to do it but I play with a Ouija board at a graveyard and I don't know there's been a lot of weird stuff going on in my apartment okay thanks it's Lance Stewart okay thank you so much I appreciate it have it going okay called one they said they're gonna try and give me a call back let me try a couple other ones just in case hi um I have a really important question I know this can probably gonna sound crazy but I played with a Ouija board at a graveyard and ever since then I've had a lot of like crazy stuff going on in my apartment and I was wondering if it would be possible to have a priest come out to my apartment and try and bless it yeah I live at I live on Vine Street in Hollywood California I'm near like sunset on like near like sunset in Hollywood okay maybe I'll give them a call okay thank you so much I gotta go bye okay I'm gonna call this other place that he suggested hi this is gonna sound really crazy but I play with a Ouija board at a cemetery and ever since then there's been a lot of like weird stuff going on in my house or in my apartment actually and I was curious to know if they would if it would be possible to have a priest come out and bless my apartment I don't know how it all works okay I live yeah Lance Stewart do it okay and then can I get your phone number yet okay so you just want a blessing yes okay thank you so much the the sooner the better that would be great thank you have a go on alright so I called to hopefully one of them give me a call back I can't believe I have to do this hi how are you so III went to a cemetery the other day and I played with a Ouija board and I played with a Ouija board before in my apartment but like nothing ever crazy happened but I do videos online and like I recorded to meet myself playing with a Ouija board at a cemetery and it I don't know what happened I don't know if something followed me back but ever since then there's been like a lot of weird stuff going on in my apartment for example the other day my um my cabinet opened up by itself and a bunch of like stuff came flying out and just like weird weird objects like moving randomly around in my apartment it just it's really creepy no no no I I threw it out I left it around the cemetery area and I threw it out over there yeah I play with it with my girlfriend who currently lives with me like we left the Ouija board at the cemetery like it spelled out Zozo and then it said die and then I said how do you expect us a diner to kill yourself yeah it was just me my girlfriend yeah I mean I play with them before but nothing bad has ever happened nothing bad has happened up until the point where I've gone to a cemetery and played it yeah just like really weird stuff and like out of the ordinary is going on like my cabinets shouldn't be opening by itself and like a bunch of stuff falling out you know what I mean like like it flew open like it wasn't just like hey it creaked open like it legitimately flew all the way open yeah that would be perfect that would be absolutely perfect the back awesome that's perfect thank you all right have it going thank God thank God we got one guys okay tomorrow at ten o'clock so hopefully everything works out all right so Chris just got back this is what we have coming tomorrow freeze Lucy I swear to God do we need it we need it I agree he's coming at 10 a.m. so just make sure you're up if possible and that's gonna solve your problem I hope I don't know it's a possibility that it can but I mean it's worth taking the chance I swear to god guys I just got a phone call look at the number one six six six six six six six six six six no way no way now they just left me a voice now let's check it out what was that listen to this that's weird I don't know what's going on Aidan's here we're gonna be headed out actually pretty student go over to a little shopping area Lizzie and Chris wanted to go get some clothes today dude now we're just gonna assume everything is from like results are these the souls trying to escape it's not even funny bro stop joking about this though you should change the room number to 1408 I like the new setup my boy now you can finally edit and I have your videos go up late dude when you always have to rosalia box off they're not gonna lie sometimes x4 crisis well real don't like like this should definitely help you out a lot you you're not gonna have your videos going up late anymore and ya see that am I seeing are you I swear to god I'm not dude I swear I swear you moving in my apartment this whole Lizzie was that you did you just move that did you just move the couch just move the couch so let's see what the say it's not funny anymore so so it's moving in my apartment you didn't do that oh yeah I'm leaving now I'm leaving now I'm leaving now I'm not waiting I'm sorry I'm leaving now alright um I do not want to stay in that apartment right now we're gonna head out and go over to this little shopping plaza chris is supposed to be meeting us at the car so I don't know there's no way dawg dude I'm telling you what I just showed Chris the footage of the friggin couch moving and it doesn't believe it I swear to god it gave you my word I was right there the couch just moved your practice I do Chris listen to me what like I told Chris earlier that I'm having a priest come to our place why would I have a priest come of my place if these weird things weren't happening I I don't know what I don't I don't know either I had no idea I I don't know I had to put some air in my tires chill get off of it guys gonna look at it what are you doing Aidan Aidan always does this thing go wow wow we just got over here there's go shopping oh I'm gonna be freezing I forgot every time I come over here gets pretty cold and her like right next to the beach yeah you can't move me yes you push your whole body and wait on you reminds me of the episode of Spongebob when they were talking it's all about technique the flick of the wrist of course Aidan has to get his Starbucks it's staying what are you doing Wow what are you doing how girls do their hair yes when they don't have any like hair ties I guess yes they just put the Stars in their hair you steal that coffee in is it good stole my heart stole your heart I said right now the coffee's are don't buy one get one free yo I don't know if you guys just saw that I tried to recording it you know the whole reason we're making no stealing jokes there was this lady behind us and Aiden watched her she literally put like a bunch of stuff as she walked off grabbed a bunch of stuff stuck it in her like under her shirt and then put it in her bags when she came back she was dealing and we looked at the back of her neck when she turned around she has the tags still on her necklaces which means she just stole it yeah clearly like clearly reasoning knows with her was stolen her legs were stolen we know serious I know we watched her steal that so there's like I mean obviously if there's tags though on it like you would be smart enough that least I take the tags off yeah like she left them on I don't get people dude know what's funny is like on still she could have at least tried to be slick about it like this girl was sitting in the corner with six bed and six bags and was just tags on them throwing a bunch of stuff in there like she was going up and stealing stuff from Starbucks and then ate in the entire time was just making like stealing jokes and he was just making this this person feels so uncomfortable I'm literally just gonna walk up and not even pay for it did you wait you ready watch this yeah hey Lizzy something nice we're the only ones yelling this whole place I gotta get some socks cuz always I'm losing my socks on how I have no idea like I don't know where they got lost well I know here's a lot yeah all the times I wonder your roommate always one sock one color one sock another color so maybe she Jackson yeah Lizzie's always taking my socks do you see my roommate yeah I didn't want to give it away at first Oh God when people steal today we literally just saw a guy walk into the store they took a gift card without it even being activated and just walk out all these socks will magically be lost within the next week I can 100% see you wearing those yeah what's funny is these are actually Zara man like oh sure lady I was talking about sound right there looking and see the tag on the back of her get it go go go go go go get the big one get the big one yeah well he's making huge bubbles wow they're crazy we're trying to get a picture and Chris jumps right in that yo bro it just got it got so quite even the music turned off what just happened we got back not too long ago we're gonna be hitting the gym right now try and get a good workout in what do we got today shoulders shoulders and what are you eating cereal with a fork and in a red cup someone's ready for the gym he's high he's real high I'm so f did I see everyone here I'm neither seen this mine and then spent like one night the whole time I think ours do just trying to learn this dance since we thought it was the funniest dance ever I didn't even realize everybody put a tin rock in the merch right now Chris the drop in the merch ain't naught but Lizzy is I am hey this isn't even out yet this comes out pretty soon I'll keep you guys updated work out is a wrap killed shoulders I know my shoulders are really killed because of the way that I'm holding this camera like I'm holding this camera normally but my arm just wants to go down the whole time like it's a super sword oh great okay guys I'm gonna end my vlog here I hope you guys enjoyed today's video if you did please hit that thumbs up and tomorrow morning super early in the morning I have to wake up because we do have the priests coming and hopefully he comes in and does whatever he needs to do to make this paranormal stuff that's been going on in my apartment recently stopped like it needs to stop now so I'm just really hoping the guys from I don't want to go home I don't either but like I what do we gonna do I just don't feel comfortable I know I feel the same exact way but I mean that's gonna wrap up the vlog so I'll see you guys tomorrow okay guys so this is really friggin weird me and lazier like creeped out right now because we were just in my bedroom like getting ready to go to bed and everything and both the light in the bedroom and the light in the bathroom Lizzie was in there shut off it shut off but here's the thing the lights in it shut off anywhere else in the apartment like this makes no sense why would it be just our room specifically look at this like you can tell that it shot off just now because this when it when it first came back on it said like rebooting on the television box and now saying all these like weird things but usually just tells us the time this is crazy and our friends in the shower right now and we asked him if the lights went off in there and he said no he has no idea what we're talking about so I dude this just keeps getting weirder and weirder I even your dude I know it's freaking me out I just did you see that I literally turn my camera off as it was happening this is so weird this is so weird I love how it just ironically happens the second I stopped recording getting changed ready for bed and the lights and that air go boom yeah and then I open the door and the lights are off out here this doesn't feel real like I'm more annoyed now than actually classified I'm like I'm more annoyed at the fact that it's not gonna happen again like just to prove it to you guys like I'm my boy right now oh my god I caught it on camera you did I I just watched back the footage I caught the part at the end where the lights just go out in my entire room like very split second the second right before I stopped recording oh my god if you guys are interested in any of our 210 merchandise make sure to click the link down below the very top of scription check it out over there make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on my post notifications and if you haven't already make sure to check out yesterday's video as well it almost look like I didn't even turn myself

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