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Demo Literature Resource Center

Hi, this is Sara Marks one of the librarians here at Umass lowell and for this demo I’m going to show you how to use the literature resource center Not all literary criticism happens in books and not all book reviews are created equal Sometimes you have to go into our databases to find better options the literature resource center is one of those It allows you to search and get a mix of different results So let’s say I want to search for things about the hunger games Simply type in the book I’m looking for and you can see it tells me This is the novel who it is the genre and when it was published on the right I can get the literary criticism biographies Topic and work overviews reviews primary sources and even Multimedia so that way if I need to see videos or audio files about the book series I can and It’s a mix of news news sources and in this case, it’s all things consider the MPR program And that’s one of the ways you can use literature resource center to find a mix of literary criticism and other sources

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