An ancient ritual, performed by Muslims, unique
to northern Sudan. They are whirling dervishes. And, if it’s strange to our eyes ….. then
it’s just as alien to the people of southern Sudan. For the southerners are Christians and Animists….. And such differences make Sudan a religious,
tribal and cultural cauldron. This is a story about black Africa meeting
Islamic north Africa. It’s a meeting of cultures and religions that was destined for conflict. When Sudan gained its independence 37 years
ago, the colonial powers decreed- for their own vested interests – that it should remain
one country. It set the Sudanese on a course that led – inevitably
– to a conflict that has led to the war and famine that blights this nation today. To reach the rebel-held south you must start
in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. Journalists in this part of the world need
a guide … someone like Jacob Akol … a Dinka tribesman of southern Sudan. the war zone. But it will not be easy. In Kongor there is fighting not so very far
from the famine triangle – so it could happen there is fighting there – but if there is
fighting we will not be able to get in anyway. There is another problem. The wet season can
make travel impossible. It’s touch and go, we just have to go up to
the border and listen to what people say The first rite of passage is a visit to the
(Nairobi) headquarters of the main rebel group – the Sudan People’s Liberation Army
The SPLA’s military wing holds much of southern Sudan. Here they issue permissions to travel
and propaganda. The centre of power in Khartoum – it must
be dismantled – because we are not there. Like most of the SPLA Dr Justin is a Christian
opposed to the Islamic regime in the north. If I am not acceptable because I am a Christian
and all these things then something must be wrong about Sudan. The SPLA gives us a guarantee of safe passage
… but it’s an uncertain guarantee at best … In one incident alone last year rebels
killed three aid workers and a journalist. Lokichokio – north Kenya – the frontline of
the international food aid programme. It’s where the big planes are forced to stop
… the annual flood of the Nile headwaters makes impossible swamps of the rough airstrips
of southern Sudan. So from here we travel with aid workers who
fly light aircraft – often for hours – across war zones – on to muddy strips – in unsafe
areas. The aid workers do it daily. Jacob’s own childhood was spent barely fifty
kilometres away from this village of Thiet. Like these children, he too was a young refugee
… he fled alone and on foot in the face of civil war. It’s almost like a continuation of my life.
Thirty years ago I was displaced from southern Sudan by the same war. … And it is sad to
see that it is continuing for so long What strikes you first about southern Sudan
is just how lush it is… It seems like some terrible mistake: people
starving to death amongst such plenty. But this is rainy season … the harvest isn’t
in yet … and in the past when harvest time comes so does a new military offensive. This is the result – year after year it happens
… hundreds of thousands of half-starved people leaving their crops to wither …. fleeing
the fighting … descending on feeding centres and dying in their uncounted thousands. There are only a handful of feeding centres
scattered through this, the largest country in Africa. Across hundreds of thousands of square kilometres
no one really knows what’s happening. There are no body counts out here. Nature has bequeathed southern Sudan lavish
wealth in its fertile lands – and its plentiful oil reserves … yet its children starve, its economy is decimated. They remain free from the clutches of the
hated regime in the north… but locked into a terrible cost. We set out along one of southern Sudan’s countless
water logged tracks. How are we going to get through this I don’t know, we may want to go around this
way. It looks like its a bit more sandy on this side. We are soon hopelessly bogged and suddenly
at the mercy of a band of guerilla fighters. Our safety is supposedly guaranteed but only
by the main SPLA faction. We have no such agreement with renegade factions which now
fight each other as bitterly as once they fought Government troops. Luck is with us. We’ve stumbled upon a friendly
unit. The commander tells us he’s retreating form
a front-line position facing Government troops because his home town is threatened by a breakaway
rebel force. After 10 years the SPLA has started splitting
into tribal based factions. Colonel Garang it seems to me as an outsider
that you have something of a disaster on your hands … ceasefire not holding, you have
thousands of your own people in the south starving or close to starving, and you also
have an appalling split within your own ranks… do you see it that way, yourself? Well, it’s … any war is a disaster including
our own (even the second world war, including the first) all wars are a disaster. What has
happened in the SPLA is that a portion of the movement … has technically joined the
enemy. It’s a defection not a split. Somewhere on our side they have now
gone on the Sudan Government side. Some do defect from the Sudan
Government side to come to our side. That is the meaning of a civil war. Defection or split, it’s a catastrophe for
the rebels and a godsend for the Government in Khartoum Where once the only thing delivered from the
north was bombs today its grain donated to the United Nations by the regime in the north. Initially the administration out rightly refused
to receive the grain from Khartoum for fear it was poisoned. So, anything coming out of Khartoum is immediately
treated as being suspicious presumably. Is that right? that right? Without a doubt, immediately presumed as suspicious. It’s a gift from the enemy … for the Khartoum
regime with an international reputation for massive and shocking abuse of human rights
has launched a new “propaganda war”. Sudan’s Islamic capital Khartoum. After years
of self-imposed isolation the regime is courting international opinion. It’s become known as
Khartoum’s “charm offensive”. A “charm offensive” though, is that a fair
enough description of what you’re working on. A “charm offensive”. That’s an interesting
term, I would say. Is it an accurate one? It’s not. I don’t think it’s exactly a “charm
offensive”. It’s an attempt at trying to make the world perceive us as we are.
To perceive the regime for ourselves, we’re allowed to see Sharia law in action … Islamic
courts seen in the west as infamous This is the outlook of the west and it is
because of the punishments provided in Sharia – for example in theft the amputation of the
arm in adultery, the stoning and the lashing – which are viewed by the west as being cruel
and unusual – actually for us Sharia has been extremely tolerant. But, the Christians of the south don’t trust
the alien principles of Sharia and cannot believe Government assurances that the Sharia
will not be forced upon them. For although Islam preaches forgiveness and
tolerance the Khartoum regime stands accused of utter intolerance. Can you tell me how do you feel being Minister
for Justice in a country that has been slated by organisations like Amnesty International
for having the worst human rights record in the world. this does not fit
with our character – our religious beliefs and with our tolerance. These accusations
are the product of the opposition which is in exile. Mostly because they say they are afraid to
come back. Yes, and they want to come back as people
in authority. But the southerners say what they really want
is simply to share the power. The issue is that of justice, is that of freedom,
is that of democracy, is that of development opportunity for all irrespective of race,
irrespective of religion and we are not unique in this. This is how nations are formed. So you have not been defeated but under the
circumstances can you hope for victory. Well, it depends on what you mean by victory,
military victory – I don’t think the Sudan Government has any illusions that They can achieve military victory over us.
We don’t have any illusions that we are going to overrun Khartoum tomorrow. Jacob Akol has heard the arguments countless
times before. Not once have they seemed any closer to resolving the plight of the victims
caught in the middle. “Almost all of them are agreed that this war
cannot be solved by continuing to fight yet they can’t find that political solution and
the people who are suffering from that are the innocent people – the people we are looking
at the moment.” Jacob’s brought us to a place called Kongor
… in what’s called south Sudan’s death triangle. As many as a quarter of a million people have
already perished in this region. There’s been so much fighting aid workers daren’t stay
overnight … and the mainstream SPLA says an
attack by renegade commander Colonel Riak is imminent. Commander, I have been informed you’re expecting
an attack from the Riak forces soon is that true.
Yeah, I can not deny – it can be true – because Riak has no objective – his objective is to
destroy SPLA – is to fight us. He’s not fighting the Sudanese Government
so now his target is here. The reports proved accurate … within 12
hours of our leaving, Kongor was under attack. These men were in battle. The relief centres were closed … the staff

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  1. @shanepaulcoward
    Oh don't get me wrong, they are totally bias. No disagreement there. But reading your initial comment made it sound like "actually everyone is getting on, and Muslims don't persecute Christians at all". Which I would disagree with.

  2. Qu est que vous faites des ATHEISTES dans ce PAYS le SOUDAN vouv vous etes poser la QUESTION?? ON EST AU @! SIECLE reveillez vous thankyou

  3. This is so sad, but one has to respect the Southern Sudanese for not bending to the pressure and force of the Northern muslims.

  4. @OBSysteme hey… you…..never ever upsidedown the fact!!!! muslim countries always protect non-muslim citizen, without exception…. as long as they are willing to obey the rules, and not make trouble

  5. @OBSysteme islam not spread by sword like the christian think, even christian alwys spread violence and death till everybody convert to christian ( how about IRAQ, AFGHAN, PAKISTAN, LIBYA, PALESTIN, MALAY, INDIA, PHILIPINE, CHINA,INDONESIA, VIETNAM, KAMBODIA, SYRIA, EGYPT, ETC.) THE CHRISTIAN ALWAYS HAVE DOUBLE STANDARD FOR HUMANITY=HYPOCRITE. NEVER FORGET HOW MANY PEOPLE DEATH BY CHRISTIAN ATTACK

  6. @OBSysteme you are wrong!!! in turkey, syria, lebanon, kuwait, AEU, malaysia, brunai, indonesia muslim and other religion is equal… why you lie?

  7. OMG, these are some ugly ass people. And before anyone call me a racist, I'm black. Thank God someone snatched up my ancestors so I could be born in the USA!

  8. Question: why do people like u watch these videos(you don't seem to be black) ?I'snt it kinda loserish like going to the movies by yourself. or to a restaurant and booking a table for one that's just sad!!

  9. You Don't have to be black to care about the suffering. christians from all over the world support the southern sudanesse gadafis libya supported and trained the northern muslim sudanesse in the 80s french forign legion veterans and us vets took it upon themselves to help the southerners fight for there homes.

  10. Shira law is the same as the Law of moses found in the torah and both of them are identical to hamurabis code of law which is the oldest written rule of law known on earth.

  11. No it isn't. Why do Muslims always act as though Islam is tolerant when any non-Muslim who has lived in a Muslim majority country will tell harrowing experiences of violent and discrimination.

  12. The owner of Greyman Knives is a US SF Vet He went to sudan and trained people for free. Because he believed that to have the skill to help and not would be wrong. when I was 13 I went searching for GOD. Studied world religions To understand other peoples so that when my gov sent me to a forign land that id be able to understand what the people belived in to be able to treat them with dignity and respect.

  13. All Men weather black,white,red,yellow, or brown are still human beings members of the Human race. To me is is insanaity that other people don't realize this. I have saw people of every color on bended knee worshiping Together. Islam and the Roman Catholic church both belive this way.

  14. Have you found God personally though? I did a few years ago. I gave my life to Christ. It is no longer my life but belongs to Jesus to direct as He pleases. I found peace and joy in Christ. He is the source of all fulfillment. God bless you for your efforts at understanding people and affording them dignity. 🙂

  15. The koran and torah were in fact the laws of two tribes Ismael and Israel had the same father. The Code of Hammurabi is a well-preserved Babylonian law code, dating back to about 1772 BC. The Babylonian captivity The forced exile ended in 538 BCE after the fall of Babylon to the Persian king Cyrus the Great, who gave the Jews permission to return to Judah and rebuild the Temple of solomon.

  16. and I am not Muslim I believe it is each persons right to find there own path in life. if they chose to be hindu,muslim,christian,buddist or jewish I respect them as human beings and expect the same in return. I do not hate muslims for being muslim. But whoever trys to forcable end my life regardless of what name they call God I will do my best to enshure they meet there God shortly thereafter.

  17. Not only is it wrong. It's Hypocritical. if someone is worshiping because they fear being tortured or killed if they don't there is no faith inthat. If a man can not make the leap of faith that something created life on this planet. That the creator of life be it called God,Allah,Yah Weh, or Zeus,Odin or mother nature has given each living person the gift of there life and deserves respect for the shear power it has. thats between them and the creator.

  18. What I object too is destroying people for there religious beliefs or the color of there skin. I believe that all mean are judged based on the fruit they bear not because of there ethnicity or religious beliefs or lack there of.

  19. That Jesus said to love each other as He loved us. To love God with all your heart,soul and mind and to love your neigbour as yourself. our neigbours are all of mankind. so many today view kindness as weakness. but a Man remembers how he is treated and if hes treated with dignity and respect as a fellow human being and still insists on killing and destroying people then men of virtue must oppose him and ether imprision or kill him to protect the majority.

  20. I wish the best for the Christian South … My country is mostly Atheist or Muslim (Strange combination) … But unlike in my country or some exeptions like Turkey … Islam is like a fascist regime opressing people and brainwashing good citizens into hating infidels, homosexuals, people of different religions or people without religions …. People are better of without religion

  21. So,you're so desperate that you resort to using Russian so that I could not retort to your bullshit? Or it's just too hard for you to keep up with my English level? How pathetic. Pasiutai, brolau? Вы сошли с ума, брат?

  22. Oh and I understood what you said in russian. Please translate it so that others could see, because stupidity at this level must be engaged.

  23. I blame it all on the usa and others destroying the world now and have always done but times are changing and usa are loosing there grip on global power lords

  24. the european-christian craKKKers are takeing over africa.. and as everybody knows they have allready taken over south africa and namibia

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  26. im from Darfur and i turned out fine due to white people…There just trying to help but the thing is. Is that, Sudanese people are stupid as fuck..They have no logic or so whatever

  27. I believe if we all show respect to everyone's religion and beliefs, and allow all to practice their religions without any prejudice or pressure, we can live together peacefully. After all, if you believe worshiping a rock is what would send you to eternity, and I believe worshiping a blue tree is what would send me to eternity, let all pursue their course peacefully, and leave judgement to the creator alone. Let's learn to respect each other's religion and stop pestering others. PEACE.

  28. especialy when theres an element of white-supremacy a.k.a Racism involved, these days its Closet-Racism though…. which is obvious

  29. Lol my point is less senseless than yours, for sure.

    I have no idea why your 'Melanin-Deficient girl called Shaleen' takes offence to it, all it does for me is reinforce the fact that my people once enslaved yours. If you like to be reminded that whites were once your master, keep up with it. It really doesn't matter to me.

    Maybe your girl is staunchly anti-racist and the fact you keep reminding her that whites enslaved your people is insulting to her.

    It means nothing to us from England.

  30. you mean us from hinduengland, cuz indian dot headed hindus have flippd your country england upside down, thats why asians/hindus control u lot hehehe, bsides just cuz im a darkskinned man a.k.a a black man, dont mean your so-called slave master ancestors enlsaved my people, so instead of jumping to typical arrogant whitey-like conclusions, you'd know that its acctualy the other way around, in terms of ancient times, my Hamitic ancestors not only enlsaved greeks/romans but even breed with em….

  31. whyd you think italian/sicilians greeks etc are darkerskinned than the northern whites like your Melanindeficient arse…. lol

    william wallace of africa is here hehehe, or should i say the irish of Africa… LOL

  32. Less than 1.7% of my country is Hindu, so I don't quite know what you're getting at there. I think you'll find the Asians (Chinese) control you Americans exponentially more than you think the Hindu's control us. Hindu's are very, very few in my government.

    As my country has roots from Angles, Saxons, and Jutes I don't see what Greeks and Romans have to do with my bloodline. Not much I can tell you.

  33. Every human on Earth originated from the continent that is now Africa.The Romans didn't populate England, you should look into our history.

    I don't quite know where you're going with this, are you trying to imply that I'd be disgusted for OUR ancestors to originate from what's now Africa?

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    I've read a couple of both your comments and honestly i feel you both are engaging in a baseless argument.
    Umm…well mister black-man i'm an indian hindu and my family actively fought for the british empire when they were in power in my country.
    We never controlled anybody….your thoughts are so biased man.
    Honestly,why are you starting up stuff like this in the first place?

  35. well that would be mainly judism, christianity=crusaderism, and Islam=truth …

    hence a.k.a the abrahamic faith systems

  36. ja houtkop, other people can be racist too.

    What are the Black Africans in South Africa doing to your brothers?

  37. lol, oh little keyboard warrior. Mommy's calling you, you need to change your nappy.

    You really are a sad little individual

  38. The Arabs in North Sudan tried to crush the black traditional African religious followers and Christians of South Sudan and massacred millions of them in 2 decades of war in the second civil war of 1983-2005. South Sudan which who won independence from Sudan in 2011 can testify that Islam is a means to dominate their lives sadly. How many millions of South Sudanese died to get their independence? No one knows

  39. Today the Arab state of North Sudan targets the Nuba in Kurdufan and the people of Darfur with bombs from Antonov aircraft. But ironically, the Nuba and Darfuris are black Muslims–but they are not Arabs. So, even if you are a Muslim, you're not safe in North Sudan if you are black. Is it because the Arabs just don't like black Africans and want to mpose their customs and rule over them? North Sudan is supposed to be a federal republic but its actually an authoritarian state.

  40. In Sudan, its more an ethnic/cultural conflict (and partly a religious war) between the Arabs in North Sudan and the black Africans in South Sudan and the southern parts of North Sudan. That's why the Arab's in Khartoum are bombing black Muslims in Darfur and the Nuba in South Kurdufan–that are not in the state of South Sudan today now that South Sudan is independent. (June 2013)

  41. Please do not make the favorite documentaries. Just show the fact and do not comment yourself and call any religious practice as whatever you think about it as you said Alien Principles.

  42. I have to agree that religion has sparked many conflicts and will continue to do so in the future but in this case religion is merely one of the differences between south and north. Not the root of the conflicts, that would be colonization, politics and the environment! Religion and ethnic differences is what keeps the conflict going, not the root of it.

  43. Sir Queef, You are a very bad sub-human who was created by mistake by God. How could talked like a childish and i do see you like a mature person?. Be a responsible person and express what others can except from you.

  44. Omar al-Bashir, the President of North Sudan was very quick to crush protests over an increase over food prices with bullets. He just did that in late September 2013 in Khartoum and Omdurman to his own people…and it did not matter to him that most of them were Muslims sadly. He doesn't tolerate dissent of any kind. This is the same attititude he took during the second Sudanese civil war when he took power in 1989.

  45. What about Gabon, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Botswana, to name a few.

    All of these are lower-middle to middle income countries that are performing exponentially better than a lot of Asian and Middle Eastern economies, despite the fact that they are being consistently exploited and plundered by Western Capitalist Giants.

    Run by blacks.
    Doing exceptionally well given the circumstances they have been left with post-colonialism.
    Read Cunt

  46. All these brown arabs come from a Sudanese women. They came as merchanaries to the North of Sudan by the invitation of the African of Sudan. Shame on all the Northern people for refusing acknowledge their mothers. 

  47. Interesting material made unwatchable by the poor quality. At the beginning you can't even hear the narrator over these people whistling.

  48. Ibn Khaldun is a highly regarded historian because, he was a 15th century scholar, but his awful descriptions of black people have never been refuted, I wonder what black muslims are thinking when they read Khaldun?

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  52. So sad to see african suffering because of war! We are evil's dishonest and ungrateful. God gave us all! But we don't take each other as one blood family country! Life belongs to the Allah almighty God not human. Stop killing!

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