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  1. Funny, i'm mainly a K-Pop, Selena and Ariana stan… but I believe nobody can or will ever do it like Gaga, she cemented herself in pop culture forever… there will never be another like her

  2. So sad people compare her with other pop stars like Beyonce, Madonna or Britney Spears. Gaga is not just over them, she is way over them even if combined. She is unreachable and out of this world. The only reason not everyone thinks so is bc they don't know Gaga, but only her top 3 songs. Lady Gaga is the same level in music what Messi is in football. Just unfuckable and incomparable

  3. God dammit I love her so fucking much. I remember when I was nine I dressed up as her for Halloween lol. I'm 19 now and I'm so blessed to have grown up in the era of Gaga.

  4. This will sound odd but honestly Gaga saved lot of lives. At that moment being gay was a shame and honestly having an idol to look up and feel understood is a LOT… I was ashamed of myself but listening to her music, her interviews made me feel way better

  5. I remember when I was 13 and a friend told me I should listen to Just Dance. I immediately loved the song and as my nickname was Gaga, I thought it was great to listen to someone who had the "same name" 😂 Then, in 2019, I’m still a huge fan and I feel so proud of her! She’s not only a great singer, she’s an amazing person ❤️

  6. Agradeço por esse Canal existir namoral faz a Gente se aproximar da Gaga de um jeito ela merece todo sucesso que faz e muito mais conquistou o Mundo Nossa Mother Monster❤️❤️

  7. me gustaba mas antes de que se opere la boca horrible que se dejo …. si sigue asi parecera cada día mas a donatella versace

  8. She truly is one of a kind, there really is no one like her. Her talent is exceptional and she has blessed this past decade with her impact on the world as an artist and an activist. NO ONE can do what she does.

  9. A shining light in my life since I was a very lonely teenager. Weirdo, Italian, New Yorker, not "conventionally" pretty like all the rest. Gaga showed me someone like me can be confident and brave and give no shits about it. To see her grow in this video makes me cry because it reminds me of my journey to being happier and my true self. Hearing her sing the national anthem, shallow, la vie en rose gives me goosebumps every single time and no other singer does that to me each time i hear them…tony is so right about her. Gaga is a gift to not just Pop but to music in general and while us little monsters have always known that to see how far shes going and that the world is finally all agreeing makes me so happy.

  10. I wish we also have:
    Decade of Taylor Swift
    Decade of Katy Perry
    Decade of Rihanna
    Decade of Bruno Mars
    Decade of Justin Bieber
    Decade of Miley Cyrus

  11. Com certeza… de cabo a rabo, a década foi tua. E ganhar de presente no final um Bradley Cooper foi a melhor parte! Mitou !!! America for americans… "morte" às estrangeiras! Arrasou nega. Eu mesma me divirto d + com suas canções hilariantes. Sua performance, sua voz, a tua estrela nasceu para brilhar mmeessmmoo: JUST DANCE nada… Lady Gaga is the best singer in America!!!!

  12. "Sometimes I used to wonder if I ever got to meet my real dad, you know. Because sometimes things happen to you that are so hard in your life that you die, too." @7:34

    This hit me so hard. My best friend, Jordan, and I adore Gaga. We would ALWAYS jam out and fan girl about Gaga. We always talked about going to see her in Vegas, but never got the opportunity. Jordan passed away last summer in 2018. Now when I listen to Joanne or any of Gaga's songs really, I think about Jordan. Lady Gaga keeps that part in me alive that I might have lost forever. Thank you <3

  13. Fan since the beginning. Iconic woman who helped me through so much in my life. I hope I will be able to see her live at some point, if not my life will always feel a bit incomplete.

    2017 i finally had my chance to see her live and the concert was cancelled 2x. I pray that one day she comes to Europe again..

  14. Lady Gaga …I think I know who you are …Lady Arachne ….I love you

  15. This video made me cry. Lady Gaga has been my roll model and dream for years now and she has helped me through so many hard times, I’ve always wanted to be her and I have always thought she is so confident and always wants to put a positive message in the world from “Always be yourself”, “You are a survivor and always will be a survivor”, and “The gays are totally ok, we are all equal”, and that last one really helped me, a young kid with bisexual tendencies. Sorry this so long but I wanted to put this in the world and I would write a whole 10 page essay on her. Lady Gaga is a goddess and a blessing, and no one can take that away from me.😌👩🏻‍🎤

  16. Love me some Gaga! I have never loved an artist like I love Gaga! Her range of music is beautiful and truly lovely. I believe she will go down in history as one of the great icons.

  17. This video could define it as simply perfect, a great voice, a unique artist of its kind. I had not seen a video as perfectly edited as this one. Really nice 👍🏼

  18. GaGa broken down doors and changed Music FOREVER!

    GaGa cannot have Ariana Grande vocals or Mariah Carey whistles but for sure GaGa is a motherfucking ARTIST with all the fucking Letters, She's Lady Fucking Gaga! LEGEND!

  19. The difference between her and Avril Lavigne besides their songs is there's one that's still popular now, I wish she would return to her pop punk music style back again

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