I am NOT a miserable person I don't think my artwork is that funny I don't think about death that much I am a very cheerful person if my works are reaction to anything it's a reaction to this banal pop culture I suppose it's a reaction to come dine with me or X Factor or you know Toy Story 3 making artwork is one of the most fun things that one can do it's fun I like it let's go over here and look at the stuff in the box curatorial bling I think that's not really bling is it Polly no I was kind of blond there was a brief period in my life where I thought I might become a cartoonist but I was shortly after leaving the art school and I was kind of desperate and didn't really know any better but the good thing about it was that I got into making books and drawing became the center of or should I say center of um what I what I now do the thing recently there's been getting me out of bed in the morning is you actually people like you and the people you work with constantly asking me to do things like make art and stuff and make films and stuff so yeah more recently I have been very focused on my show at the Hayward Gallery because it's a big show I made another key yeah I'd only put one on it because it looked better with just one I made some other keys just cuz you know I also made a door knocker come in we know a plumb bob is right here it's for making a straight line and that's what this is functional it's a nail large nail hammer the hammer is kind of normal-sized them yeah check it out dude lightning you want to wear it I couldn't change my style because I don't think I have a style what people mistake for my graphic style is actually just a desire not to have a style at all it's just sort of a default setting of making graphic images and text that is suppose basically trying to avoid any kind of craft and therefore any kind of style this is my book of lists see paintings I wrote a list of 180 things to paint pictures of or texts that I might have and as each day passed I crossed off another 12 I wrote these words to fill this space this most of the time I probably started with the image but you know it starts with a text and it becomes an image and then you know ends up with some text sometimes or start with the text and trying to illustrate it or you know sometimes it just sort of appears together flap your hands what about recurrent themes are because he writing these lists which are four times as long as the number of words you make gonna make you've made over 7,000 drawings I refuse to answer that question I suppose signage and signs are just very short text they're reducing communication to its bare essentials object and text describing something that probably doesn't need to be described and perhaps begs the question why indeed it is being described so I suppose that's my attitude towards making art workers that I try and make everything as direct and quick as possible take it away please I don't think my works reaction there against pavé stand you know conceptual art or po-faced contemporary art because I'm a big fan of po-faced contemporary cut I don't think my artwork is that funny I suppose I don't know you people are very interested in the the content of my work as being humorous but maybe the reason why they're so interested in talking about that is the fact that there's probably an absence of humor in contemporary art why are you asking me this question you

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  1. "get out of my bed" song at the end is "I Live in Your House" by David Shrigley
    https://soundcloud.com/southbankcentre/shrigley-side-a for anyone else like me searching for it

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