TIA: Charlotte, North Carolina favorite DaBaby
surprised fans recently with a new single: the introspective track, “INTRO.” TIA: Produced by DJ Kid, who also makes an
appearance in the video, “INTRO” is the lead single off DaBaby’s upcoming sophomore
studio album, ‘Kirk.’ And the title is taken from his government
name, Jonathan Kirk. DABABY: Kirk my last name
it holds big weight it’s all about confidence, being a leader. You get what I’m sayin? That’s gonna be the title of my new album, too by the way. TIA: While DaBaby is usually known for his
raunchy, comical lyrics, “INTRO” takes a more serious, inspirational tone as he discusses
losing his father at the height of his career. TIA: DaBaby originally addressed the situation
on Instagram back in March, revealing that around the time of his father’s death, his
debut album, ‘Baby on Baby’ climbed up the charts. TIA: In a caption, he said quote: DABABY: If I sit around on that crybaby shit he gon look down and be like Ay, you pussy. I ain’t pussy so I’m finna go hold it
down I’m finna go be the big dawg nigga, my last name Kirk, nigga. TIA: The uplifting track is dedicated to his
family and friends, who he’s always been open about caring for, especially his daughter. DABABY: That’s my baby, hell yeah she changed
me for sure. That’s who I’m going to get that cake
for because I bring it back to her, everybody know that. TIA: On the chorus, DaBaby shouts out two
famous duos: Martin and Gina from the classic 90’s sitcom ‘Martin’ and tennis superstar
sisters Venus and Serena Williams. TIA: Next, he mentions Ice Cube’s character
Doughboy from the 1991 film ‘Boyz n the Hood’ who loses his brother Ricky in one
of the movie’s most famous scenes. TRE: RICCKKKKYYYYYYYYY DOUGHBOY: Either they don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care about what’s going
on in the hood. TIA: The “INTRO” music video was directed
by Reel Goats, who were behind other memorable videos like “Suge” and “Walker Texas
Ranger.” TIA: The clip also celebrates DaBaby’s own
success over the past year, as well as his family and friends and we see him visit a
casket in the video as well as attend the wedding of two friends. TIA: In March 2019, he released his debut
studio album ‘Baby on Baby,’ which brought him two Hot 100 placements with songs like
“Baby Sitter” and “Suge.” TIA: And in June, he landed a spot on the
XXL Freshman cover. DABABY: I’m the best mf rapper, stop playing,
you know that. I plan to exceed all expectations. Simple as that. TIA: Since its release on September 20th,
the video’s racked up well over 5 million views and jumped into the Top 10 of the Genius
top songs chart. TIA: And with the success of “INTRO,”
DaBaby fans are hype to hear what else ‘Kirk’ has in store for them, possibly as soon as in
the next few weeks. DABABY: I got a song with all three of the
Migos. You get what I’m sayin? I got a song with Chance The Rapper, somebody
else on the same song, see I’m done. TIA: If you wanna learn more about “INTRO,”
check out the song page on Genius.com. TIA: I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you
the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

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  1. '' they goin crazy when they play it, head bobbin and shit, and im just somewhere fucked up thinking bout my father and shit'' sheesh..

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