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  1. My opinion
    You don’t meet Jesus that’s why you couldn’t believe in him
    Question to you ask him to declare him self to you ?
    If you did, please let me know what happen ?

  2. You are confused about agnostic and atheist. One who doesn't believe in any god is an atheist. Agnosticism deals with knowledge… what you know or claim to know. Theism and atheism deal with belief.

  3. Good day great teacher. Would you mind helping me to spread and encourage my channel on YouTube for English. I will be so grateful if you do so.

  4. You are very good sister anyway why you not believe 🙂 solid reason how you irresponsible who save you sister when you in mother womb fire ? See science and reference textbooks 😁😁😁😁

  5. Most people have a religion? Depends on where you live. Also Agnostic doesn't mean you don't believe in god. It means you don't know. If you don't believe in god you are an atheist because atheism addresses belief…. what you believe. Agnosticism addresses knowledge… what you know or claim to know. However the two aren't mutually exclusive.
    Most atheists are also agnostic and so are some theists.

  6. Good and informative video.People should accept each other beliefs and the way of living,because we are human.I hope we all live in peace and love.Thank you Ronnie.

  7. Dear Ronnie, I like you even more than before! I'm an atheist and I'm completely sure that agnostic perspective should be treated the same way as any religious points of view – with respect and neutrality. I believe in Evolution and scientific approach to life, but despite my personal opinion I have many religious friends, so it's crucially important to be able to know all the useful words and phrases on the subject. Thank you, teacher!

  8. Hello Ronnie you are the best teacher I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing your videos with us, thats really help

  9. I like u much, very nice yours class,I,m from Brazil,I like too yours ideology's,sorry missed English, I'm begging
    Muito obrigada.
    The sheep I is amazing,I laughed long time

  10. religion is geographical, just depend who conquered the land are you living, latin america was conquered by spain, for that reason, most people in latin american believes in the spanish god. i am ATHEIST,
    from cali colombia

  11. I just wonder why do you capitalize letter r in some of the words like 'behaviouRs' ChRistianity etc. Does it depend on your mood?

  12. I love is girl. she does not care about the opinions of others, she acts as she wants, she is an excellent teacher and that is my example to follow!

  13. Such an important subject! even though there are some imprecisions. For instance, in Catholicism, Purgatory is not a place of rest where is not decided whether you're good or not. In Catholicism, Purgatory is a place where you pay for your sins before going to Heaven, so, it is already decided that you're going to Heaven but you have to purify your soul first. And BTW I agree with your message of respect an tolerance, so I don't understand why the sarcastic expression when talking about Jesus having being born to a virgin in a manger: not cool at all. Best wishes anyway!

  14. we have religions to talk a lot, work hard and fight, otherwise life will not make sense. Whoever practices his own religion will surely have rewarded, there is no doubt. If you work for paradise, you will have heaven and if you work for hell, you will have hell to the degree of your bad deeds. And that's the Mdame NATURE.

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