Cricut's New Summer Activity Boxes & News About Mystery Boxes

hi everyone its Rita from Miss Rita to the rescue and I wanted to tell you about a brand new launch that took place our is taking place this morning it's for something called a summertime activity box there are two of them and I'm going to show you what's inside of those boxes in just a second but before I do I wanted to tell you if I wanted to inform you about the mystery boxes Cricut as you may know have has been coming out with these fabulous boxes called mystery boxes for some time and they are still on the docket and still coming out in fact there will be future ones art those future ones already planned that you know will be announced shortly but I just wanted to tell you that you know they received some feedback and what they've done is gone back to the drawing table to put together some really marvelous mystery boxes so if you maybe are a the kind of person that you know maybe you're not a huge fan of vinyl and in the past there have been too much final in your opinion in the boxes then hold tight because there are some some really great options available for you coming soon so as far as the summertime activity kits that's what they're being called there's two of them summertime activity kit one summertime activity kit two and I'm going to show you exactly what's in them this is kit – yeah this is actually I think this is kit one and you'll see it's a lot it's a lot of vinyl I'm gonna just point out there there is some this which is a patterned iron-on from Anna Griffin called Charlotte it's a sampler three 12 by 17 sheets and you can see there's this beautiful pink as well as there's another pink in a black which i think is really cool this is iron-on Oh but the rest of it is some it's vinyl oh wait so there's also this pen set if you don't already have these pens I love them they're fabulous they the right very delicately and yes you can use them in your machine that's what they were made for but you can also use them in your in your daily planners as well so and then you also get a vinyl sampler this thing is heavy there's 12 sheets 12 sheets of what I would call everyday vinyl it's like black and white and pinks and beiges and there's 12 sheets a great way to replenish your vinyl stock there's also this wonderful shrimp color actually I think it's called coral but I like to call it shrimp um just because I don't know it it really looks good with blues even some people use it oh why do I need that color for looks really good with blues and blue greens like those mermaid colors that are really popular and then you also get a white and who couldn't use more white vinyl permanent vinyl remember it's that permanent and it's glossy and then also you get another roll of transfer tape which you know you need when you're working with vinyl not with the iron-on but I'm always running out of transfer tape so I'm happy to receive that the second box the second box also has some vinyl in it but it also has a couple of really interesting goodies there's this glitter gel pen set it's like the basic colors these are really nice I really love these because they're like a fat writing it's 0.8 writing and you get all the basic colors including the silver and gold and I guess that's bronze blue the blue is very nice you also get a pack of washable fabric pens if you're a fabric person and these are great for using in your Cricut yes and you can use them there you can also use them on any fabric projects that you might be working on and speaking of fabrics there's this wonderful I just love it because it's so summery this a wonderful fabric pack it's by Riley bright Blake and it's called high adventure 2 but I just love this one here it's got like one of the teepees I don't know if that's what they call them but look at this wonderful bear and it's just kind of camping and outdoors something that like my sister would love it way up there in New Hampshire but then also you do get everyday iron on this is the white and who doesn't need white right this is a this is a kind of a staple at least for me my son loves to wear black shirts black t-shirts so I'm forever running out of white so this is a great fine to have an extra an extra roll of the white and it's 12 by 24 but now okay so these things this is these are for me these are holographic so to you holographic vinyl samplers and oh man I just love holographic vinyl I have to tell you I've been working with it I think it's been almost two years now and these ones here are this one is called the Miami sampler isn't that great and it has three 12 by 24 sheets so three 12 by 24 sheets and it comes in like a a purpley pink and a blue and sort of a bright yellow and then this one is called horizon sampler and these are more obviously like lighter tone there's like a almost an opalescent but it's got kind of a yellowish tinge and then there's a blue and then this fabulous yellow again three sheets of 12 by 24 both of these activity boxes are only $29.99 and remember if you use my code which I believe is still at yep my coat and I'm going to put a link into my description here I've used my code miss Rita – and my link you'll get an additional 10% off and if you put enough in your cart you have to have $50.00 worth you know before discounts $50.00 worth of product in your cart you'll receive free shipping as well so do seek out my link and my code throw an extra item in there something you've been dying to try it's well worth it to get the free shipping in my opinion and oh I just wanted to show you this is for all my Corgi friends and all my cookie fans this is something that I've done with the holographic vinyl and actually saw these on my Etsy shop and they do they do very well and and what's wonderful is that as the light catches it it just it just comes out with different color I think this one is the pink but it comes in so many different colors it's so much fun to work with and believe it or not I've had one of these on my the back of my car sitting in the Sun and you know I don't garage my car for two years and it looks as good as it did the day that I put it on there and so you know if you there was a concern about how long it would last on a car this is a very you know useful example of how how long it will last at least two years and that's and still going so thanks so much for coming by if you're interested in these activity boxes please seek out my my my my link and my code because that helps support me as well as it gives you an additional discount and free shipping on a minimum $50 purchase so thank you for coming by today I hope you will look into these I hope you'll post some things that you made with them and show me what you're doing with with all of these fun activities activity boxes it just because it's summer doesn't mean we can't craft right I mean sometimes you need to get out of the heat and a waste the beaches and just get your craft on which is something I always do in the summertime I'm not a heat person so thanks so much for stopping by today listen like this share it subscribe do all that fun stuff I'm here for you and I'm going to be bringing you all of these wonderful deals including the Marc mystery basket mix mystery confusing it mystery boxes so stay tuned and we'll be showing you all this wonderful new stuff from Cricut as it as it arrives on my desk so thanks so much for coming today I hope you make it a great day


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