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  1. Anyone that says Koreans are fashionable does not really know what fashion is. I hardly seen anything fashionable outside of Cheongdam. Hondae, Itaewon etc is full of knock off wearing clones. No street wear unless you count white socks and fila trainers 🙂 Style here is a major disappointment. This clip is a misguided uncritical look at 'fashion'.

  2. From the age of 13-14, cosmetic surgery began. From the 1980s to 1990s, teenagers were injected with growth hormone. Their faces were fake, their bodies were fake, and their hearts were fake. It was nausea!

  3. And on the inside the tag says…. who cares?? And who wears these and shows off the tags anyway?

    Have you seen the quality of supreme apparel? Looks like any white/grey shirt with a iron on label on the front anyway.

  4. fake,distort,counterfeit,brainwashed,superficial,
    cover up,rip off,lies etc.
    The list goes on and on.
    That's the reality of the deeply flawed S Korean society.
    See what happen from now on.

  5. 13:31 that's Singapore LOL how can you guys just take random footages of Singapore and say it's Seoul?

  6. Wtf is ur fucking fit… Its sad to see ur ass wearing “AUTHENTIC” clothes and ur fashions like that. Unbelievable

  7. I think most of korean wear it because of pollution but honestly these guys in the video were just following k-pop idols

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