– That was enough for me, that was the first instance of weirdness. That was enough, but no, there’s more. – I woke up in a cold sweat thinking, I must be dreaming, I must be dreaming, this is terrible, this is terrible. And she looks at me with
a shocked look saying, like, are you serious? Are you gonna be so (bleep) about it? (lively music) – So I’m gonna tell you
all a couple of my worst roommate stories, same roommate,
the girl was really weird. I lived in a suite with five other girls, so I was her roommate, and
each, there were three rooms, and we each had, yeah. I’m sleeping in my bunk
bed, I’m on the bottom bunk, she’s on the top bunk, asleep, I can feel someone looking at me. I look up and she’s literally
tilted over the front of the bunk bed looking down at me. Why are you, why are you doing that? Like, what is that? So I open my eyes, she like retreats, like she wasn’t doing it, I saw you, you were, I was here, you
were there, I saw you. I try to go back to sleep,
I open my eyes again, and she’s there again
peering down at me sleeping. That was enough for me, that was the first instance
of weirdness, that was enough. But no, there’s more. She was sitting at her desk,
I was again, on my bunk bed, her desk was directly
in front of my bunk bed, and she has these scissors in her hand. And she takes the scissors
and she like, snip, snips and looks back at me, and then just places
them back in her drawer, and I’m like (crickets). So at this point, I’m really nervous, because she’s looked at me in my sleep, she’s snipping scissors at me, she had no reason to
have these scissors out in the first place. She used to keep a journal about us. One day she decides to read
the journal aloud to us, there was nothing bad
about me in it, luckily, but a couple of the girls, she was saying how she would
prefer to strangle them, and it was really weird, creepy stuff. We all lived, we survived. We don’t talk to her anymore (laughs), we bonded over it, we’re lifelong friends. That’s my worst roommate story. – So, I go into college, and I think, man, everything’s gonna be great, I’m gonna be by myself for the first time. My high school friend and I
decided to apply to a dorm room. Unfortunately, my roommate
and I applied late, and so we had to get a triple, and so we would get a third
roommate, who we didn’t know. And I thought, how bad can this be? It was awful. He started doing a bunch of things that were a little bit questionable. He was a really nice guy, but he was an absolute slob. Now I get it, we’re all a
little messy here and there, he would just leave his clothes everywhere, literally everywhere. And for some reason, it was always wet, and then it smelled like
wet dog the entire time. And because we were only in one room, that smell permeated onto us. So I would leave my dorm
room smelling like wet dog. I think, for me though, the last straw was he decided to come home several
nights completely drunk. It’s college, I don’t
care, you’re partying, it’s not my thing. He would come home at three
a.m. wasted, stumbling. Let me paint you a picture. I was at the top bunk, he had the corresponding other top bunk, and my other roommate,
my high school friend, was in the bottom bunk. So for this stranger roommate, he had to climb an entire bunk, drunk every single night, for
what seemed like months. This, of course, would always wake me up, but, the kicker is, he would
sometimes bring girls home, and he would start doing the dirty. And I think he thought he was super sly, like, I’m drunk, and I
can get on this top bunk, I can bring this girl home, and my roommates are here,
and they’re totally asleep. Let me just say, he wasn’t very quiet. I woke up in a cold sweat thinking, I must be dreaming, I must be dreaming, this is terrible, this is terrible. I turn from my bunk, and I look over, and he’s totally having sex with this girl on the other bunk. Are you serious? Like, who does that? Needless to say, I didn’t
last very long in that dorm, I had to break my contract
after only three months, and I never spoke to him ever again. – So, in my first year there was this girl that I met online, and we filled out a survey, and we felt like we
had everything similar. Like, we thought we
were gonna be roommates, and like friends, like
best friends, whatever. Things started getting really weird when I realized she moved
for a girl she had met online three years before. That girl was much older, but she was always present, so even though we would
have one-on-one chats about our room, the girl would
be adding her girlfriend. And suddenly, this girlfriend
was involved in everything, even though she didn’t go to
our school, and she was older. It started as like, the girlfriend just popping
in to our room randomly. One day, I noticed that
they made a classifieds post that said, my friend is trying
to become a hairstylist, and so she’s giving out free haircuts. And I thought, okay, that’s weird. One day I came from a class
and I noticed there was some random people outside of our hall, like people I’ve never seen before. I keep going, and then I see
people in our living room, and then when I get closer to my room, my door is propped open,
there’s newspapers everywhere. And the girlfriend is giving
someone a haircut in my room without any prior knowledge, without even asking me,
or saying anything at all. I told her, this isn’t okay, can’t you do it somewhere else? And she looks at me
with a shocked looking, saying, like, are you serious? Are you gonna be so (bleep) about it? She stopped that day, about two or three weeks later, I got a text message, she was like, hey, just a heads up, I’m gonna be giving haircuts again, and I just thought to let you know. And I was kind of like, I
told you that that’s not okay, I’m not down for that. And she said, well, you’re not even in the room at that time, so you just be happy that I
told you at all, (laughs). I got kinda lucky, cause they broke up. It turned out that that girlfriend was cheating on my roommate. My roommate hated the school, and only went there for that girl. It led my roommate to
actually leave school and move to Thailand
only three months into our first year of college. So I got an empty room for myself, for like, the rest of the year, (laughs). (lively music) – Hey guys, we’re, (all
together) Paralight. – Did you know it’s
Hispanic heritage month? (speaks in foreign language) – For more latino content… – Subscribe here.

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  1. My roommate would legit just leave the door open.. With no one in the room.. she was not hanging out in the hallway or anywhere close. She’d legit just leave it wide open when she left for class.

  2. My brother’s roommate used to come home shitfaced, drink a glass of milk and leave it on the counter and in the morning completely forget and get mad at everyone saying they were slobs. He was also the only one in the dorm who drank milk.

  3. I live in Malaysia and during degree years, i got to stay in a single room, for four consecutive semsters in a row until graduation came. The fees weren't even that expensive. Around 800 per semester.

  4. When I was a freshman I had a very busy schedule and was coming back to my room around 8PM when I still needed to finish my assigments etc so I had to stay up maybe until midnight everynight. And my roommate was a senior from another major and she had to sleep every night before 10pm. Any light would disturb her, even a bottom light from the computer mouse. One night, I really needed to finish this paper and suddenly I heard weird noises. I put my earphones down and I heard her scratching wooden bed with her nails and whispering some scary words… until I turned off my computer and lied to the bed. It was terrible. I started to do my homeworks at the library 😀

  5. You













    Read the first 2 words

    Like if you are heartfelt I’ll start

  6. One of my college roommate never flushed the toilet, yes even after pooping. One time, she blocked the toilet, don’t even ask how! We weren’t allowed to ‘choose’ roommates in our college hostel, so we all ending up enduring the ‘no flushing’ girl for a whole year.

  7. Laura had gone through 4 roommates in 2 years. I wish someone had told me in advance. She always prattled on about how she was a good Catholic virgin but clearly she and her boyfriend had "loopholes" which meant, I slept in the hallway if I wanted to sleep at all. I slept in the hall 4-5 nights per week. Finally I wrote her a note, reminding her that we were not Co-Ed and threatening to report her to Housing if he didn't stop sleeping over (the RA was her friend, so no luck there). I came back to my room to find a cop in it, holding several items of Laura's that she had planted on my side of the room. The cop didn't buy it, neither did Housing. She was offered a single because no one wanted to deal with her after that. To Laura, my roommate from 2001: I hope that all of your students (you were in Elementary Ed) know that you never washed your hands once after using the bathroom in the dorms, and the whole building knew it.

  8. So I once had this roommate when I was much younger and she was TERRIBLE 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 she was an absolute mess!!! She cried all of the time, she always took my stuff without asking and when I got it back it often came back in a wet/broken condition😭 she was smelly all the time and just an absolutely need girl that CRAVED attention 🙄🙄🙄 finally a few years later I was able to get my own room away from my crazy roommate… until she started to break into my room and sleep in my bed EVERY night😑😑😑 what’s more crazy is that we keep in contact everyday😓😓😓 sometimes I wish my sister would get her own room 😂😂😂

  9. My roommate was both a hoarder and a compulsive germaphobe. She’d rub hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE, she’d come home from the gym at 11 when I’m trying to sleep, shower for an hour and wake me again, and she had long crazy hair that ended up everywhere. I’d find it in my shoes! 🤢 she was nice enough, but I was glad when she found a new room the next year.

  10. the comment section got me more nervous for college than the video. i’m rooming with mutual friends from my high school and it sucks thinking in the back of my head that i may not be friends with some of them after just the first year 😕

  11. I had a roommate from another country and while we were in break she let a friend stay in my bed and use my closet, dresser, ect while I was gone. The they acted like it was normal when I came back from break.

  12. I was a horrible roommate. I had moved 5 hours from home for university. I couldn’t afford to go there in the first place so I had to get a job. Working a full time job and taking 30 hours was so mentally and physically straining. I always ignored my roommates-pretended like they didn’t exist. After the first 2 months of being there I stopped talking to everyone. I even slept with the professors aide for my psych class. I was making bad decisions and barely going to class. It was hard, but I’m so happy that I decided to drop out and take a year off.

  13. My roommate stole my $220 along with all of my expensive and branded clothes, jewelry etc! But fortunately I caught her and reported her to my warden along with all evidences! She instantly kicked her out from the hostel

  14. Sophomore year, my friend and I (we became best friends freshman year at orientation) tried to room together. we weren't able to room together, but we could be suite mates instead. I got paired with some random girl, expecting it to be an OK experience. I was sooooo wrong…. She was a freshman with a medical note to be in the sophomore dorm with better AC. She moved into the dorm a week before me since she did the 1 week orientation program prior to normal move in. The day I move in comes, and when I walk into the room, it looked like Hello Kitty threw up over her entire side. There were hello Kitty curtains, sheets, pillows, lamps, fan, laptop cover, pencils, pens, tissues, storage tote, stuffed animals, tooth brush, I WISH I were lying. It looked like Pepto bismal pink EVERYWHERE. She introduced herself to me, but said she liked to be called Kitten Cake. Worst year of college EVER.

  15. In Med school I had a immature psycho roommate..😂
    One evening after a busy day I took a nap and had to wakeup 10 min later to someone knocking on the door very loudly…I bounced out of the bed n there was this roommate calmly texting on her phone though she could hear the knocking.i t was electrician guy, after he fixed some loose wires I ask this girl why didn't she open the door..she was like 'i opened the door once before..I thought it was your turn😐' she was aware that I was sleeping n as much as I can remember iam the one calling the workers if anything needs to be fixed in the room,i was paying ,she would even send them off when I was not there in the room,s he ignores even her friends knocking on door and laughed at their patience
    She use to use up all my groceries and never refill them..when I made a note..she said it was out of her budget..literally used some girls in the dorm for free food.
    Most unhygienic person I have ever seen.lice and nits all-over her hair😁..changed the sheets on her bed may b once in 2/3 months..
    On the day of our sem results,she use to throw her books around and disturb my sleep & study if I scored better than her 😐
    Woah the best part – she heard my friends telling me to vacate the room and they even told there was this better room with my senior in it she left the room with her luggage immediately after 2.5 yrs without even a notice..(heard that she told people that I was mistreating her so she had to leave)
    Only if I knew this trick in my first year😁..it would ve saved me lot of time,money ,patience and tight sleep😂


  16. Once I remember I came to my dorm after my classes, I came in and heard moaning from my room. I thought that maybe me roommate was watching porn or something on my laptop, so I open the door and he is having sex with 2 other girls on my bed! I screamed and told them to get out. After that I got a new dorm with a new bed

  17. Dude, I had a roommate who stole my knives and and knife block, took it into his room after a fight with this girl stringing him along… Did I mention he's in jail now?

  18. I sometimes have night cramps, when it happens I’ll literally scream in pain and I’m afraid I’ll be the weird roommate….

  19. Kevin clearly lived with a werewolf. Smelt like dog, came home acting weird, high sex drive, clothes wet from changing into a wolf, weird communal mating habits…. werewolf

  20. My old roommate would play fortnight until 4am every night. Screaming at it. Never went to class and got kicked out after 3 months.

  21. My roommate would often stare at me while i was sleeping. Like the amount of times I had woken up with him starring at me is alarming

  22. My son called from college and said his roommate pointed at the toilet and said “doesn’t it look like asteroids?” Ewe, That’s gross. that guy doesn’t flush their shared toilet 🚽 and my son feels sick when he has to use the it

  23. I had 3 roommates (two rooms with to beds per room, student apartment), roommate A and B were in the other room, and I shared with roommate C. Roommate C kept using everyone else dishes (without asking) and would leave them dirty for days until one of the other roommates gave in and cleaned them. Roommate A finally confronted roommate C and simply asked that if she used someone else’s stuff to please clean it afterward and then it’s no big deal if she uses it. Roommate C FLIPPED out and threatened to cut roommate A with a knife. She stormed off and locked herself in the room and we could all hear her throwing things in the room (including her entire metal desk chair). We ended up calling the police because we didn’t know what to do and we didn’t feel safe. They showed up but said they couldn’t do anything because she only threatened to cut her with a knife but didn’t actually do it (comforting right?). The other two roommates locked themselves in their room for the night and I went and stayed at a guys house who I had just started seeing (boyfriend of a year and a half now! Lol) since roommate C and I shared a room there was no door for me to lock (we both had a key to our shared room). The apartment manager ended up moving her to another apartment and I got a room to myself for the rest of the lease! Still such a crazy situation over dirty dishes.

  24. Ugh….i refer to mine as the roommate from hell. I was in the (student) apartment for about a year before she got there, and so of course I had all my own decor up. I came home from work one day and she had taken all my stuff down and replaced it with cheetah print EVERYTHING. Y'all….we even had a cheetah print broom. Also, my biggest pet peeve is coming home to a house full of people, and this was a regular occurrence. I confronted her, and she smiled in my face and said okay. The next day while I was at work, her and her friends were at our apartment getting ready to leave for spring break. They scattered marijuana seeds all over the bar, then called student housing and told them she had been on vacation, and wanted them to make sure I hadn't been doing drugs in the apartment before she comes back. The only thing that saved me, were my text messages with her that proved she was the last one in the apartment. She moved out the next week.

  25. I’m currently in college ( freshman year ) and i live in a apartment with 3 other girls, it’s a two bedroom so there’s 2 to a room. Out of all 4 of us only 2 of the girls are party girls, the other one is never here because she with her boyfriend or whatever but me, I’m not a big party person but i can have fun. They just don’t take the knowledge of respecting others space, and time and things.

  26. I didn't really have a horror story but my roommate last year failed her room check because she was dangerously messy. The hall director, who is a pretty big guy, had to throw his body into the door just for it to open. Thankfully it was apartment style dorm so I didn't have to deal with the mess. Other than that i've only had super nice and super clean roommates throughout college.

  27. When i was in college, I had a roommate that would be up till 5am playing videogames and get mad when my alarm went off to go to my 8am class

  28. I totally understand what you felt when you saw the guy having sex !! My friend who wasn't my room mate but she used to be in my room all day used to almost strip herself naked on a video call with her boyfriend 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ and start making noises as though she's having sex!!! This went on for days when she pulled the last string, I was studying for my exam and she starts to shout and I turn to see her shirt on the floor and she was about to pull off her bra!!
    I was littraly like girl this is my room let me study 😅😅
    Anyways I threw her out of the room and we don't talk anymore.

  29. one of my older cousins had told me about how her roommate would smoke both weed and cigarettes in their dorm when she was not present. it stunk up the entire dorm, and when she would leave to go to class, some of her friends had questioned her about smoking since she smelt like it. my cousin finally confronted her roommate about it, and to say the least, she was not happy. she told my cousin that she was just mad that she didn’t smoke, and that she wasn’t “living the college life.” my cousin didn’t last very long, and transferred to a different dormitory the next semester. LMAO

  30. In junior year I had a roommate who would bring her BF over sometimes, and he would sleep over too. It got really creepy, especially when I thought I saw him naked once at night! It got really awkward when they started arguing, as she thought she caught him cheating on her, so when I was trying 2 sleep, she literally threw him and his belongings out of the house. And by threw, I mean she literally threw his stuff out the window! He comes back in angry l8r, and while I'm sleeping, they get in2 an argument. IDK what happened, but the smoke detector br8ks. Luckily, my other roommates let me stay the rest of the night in their room.

  31. My horror story is absolutely disgusting, I warned you.

    We had 4 single rooms but then a common area including a shower, toilet, kitchenette and living area. One of my suitmates would (and I found this out the last two weeks of the year that we spent together) take a dump, in the shower and proceed to stomp it down the toilet. Thankfully I had been wearing shower shoes that whole year… but damn…. that was absolutely revolting

  32. wow i have to say these "horror stories" are so tame. Wet clothes? Sex while you're trying to sleep? Pop-up hair salon in your room? The scissors girl? Animal House might as well be a nunnery compared to my old situation. Try puke that would sit out so long that it froze in winter then molded come spring. Try coke heads falling through the ceiling and picking the lock on your door while you're trying to sleep. Try coming home to your apartment to find it standing room only because of all the people waiting for your roommate to get home and sell them some coke. This guy down the street woke up in the middle of the night to find some random guy masterbating over him; apparently one of the coke heads who had bought from my roommate had found his way there and cut out the screen in his window. That's a horror story.

  33. My roommates adopted a dog and the dog got into their coke and adderall….. that was a quiet night for me (dog was ok)

  34. My roomate walked around the dorm with just a Tshirt going to the bathroom, in only 2 days of "getting to know each other."

    Left her hair in the shower.

    Her dishes (I bought) have been in the sink for 2 weeks now.

    When I come back from the weekend, the trash is filled up and not taken out.

    The water I bought, I gone after two weeks (a whole case of it)

    And the toilet paper is gone within 2 to 3 days. I only use the bathroom twice in the dorm, and I'm mainly using it between classes (in the other buildings).

  35. Yeaaaaah… reading the comments made me realize the roommates I had in college werent that bad. They were just so damn messy especially when it came to the bathroom. Like come on… your hair is freaking everywhere and when it was that time of the month..yeah let's just say… they cant even clean after themselves either.. I dreaded using the bathroom and sometimes went elsewhere to do my business.

  36. Dude wth is this music. Background music is called that for a reason. I could barely decipher What's being said over that annoying open source beat

  37. my freshman year roommate and I were matched by the college after taking our roommate quizzes. Well, she completely lied on her quiz but we got matched anyway. The first day of orientation we talked we hung out and then she brought 3 boys over that night while I was there and you know the rest. Then she started coming home so drunk every night that she would vomit everywhere and I would have to clean it up unless I wanted the room to smell like vomit for 4 days. Then she got food poisoning twice and both times refused to go to the bathroom at all and again began vomiting everywhere. Next, she started telling lies about me to all of her friends and then told lies about her friends. She got into physical fights in my room and basically had no regard for me. She tells me around November that she is going to move out (I was so happy). The next semester comes and she is still living in the room but we aren't talking. We went an entire month without saying a single word to each other until she finally moved out in February. And the roommate that she moved in with moved out a month later.

  38. My freshman roommate didn’t bring anything to college other than her clothes and bedding so she used everything of mine. She was unhygienic and would let all of my dishes get moldy, and one day I found a cup of her toothpaste spit that was crawling with mold. As I was going through her closet collecting my things she had shoved in there, I found a bag of USED tampons, at least 30, that were months old and reeked. GROSS

  39. Filled out a roommate search survey, thought we would be a match. Turns out she was really religious (which I don't normally have a problem with) but she was pushing her beliefs onto me. She was judgemental because of my sexual preference and would act wired around me. Wouldnt let me have anyone over to the room, male or female, but she had some people over. It was pretty depressing the first year of Uni.
    But she got called on missionary and left Uni. Never saw her again… But my last years of uni were fine. Though I never stayed in a dorm again.

  40. my sister just joined college and her friend’s roommate is obsessed with the guy she’s dating. like she follows him everywhere and even yells and fights with my sister’s friend. thank god the roommate is leaving this year ✨

  41. These aren't even that bad… maybe except for the last one.

    I lived with 3 other women. One was my best friend. Short story: joined a sorority. 2 other girls ganged up on me with my best friend. They left hate notes in sticky notes posted all over my bed whenever I was gone and even outside the bathroom when I had to shower for class

    I finally received an apology years later from my old best friend

  42. My roommate goes out every night, comes home screaming at 3 am with 6 friends and then her alarm goes off the next morning for 3 hours 🙃

  43. If your roommate is hella weird and threatening, do not wait it out! Get out of there! I knew someone who was murdered by their roommate 😕.

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