Class 8th English Literature | Faraway Places

faraway places Anil and his parents lived in a small coastal town on the Katya warred Peninsula where Ana's father was an engineer in the Public Works Department the boy attended the local school but as his home was some way out of town he hadn't had the opportunity of making any friends sometimes he went for a walk with his father or mother but most of the time they were busy his mother in the house his father in the office and as a result he was busy with his own resources however one day an unheard spotter took him down to the docks about two miles from the house they drove down in a car and took the car right up to the pier it was a small port with a cargo steamer in dock and a few fishing vessels in the harbor but the sight of the sea and the ships put a strange longing in Annals heart the fishing vessels plied only up and down the Gulf but the little steamer with its black hull and red and white funnel held romance the romance of great distances and faraway ports of call with magic names like Yokohama Valparaiso San Diego London annals father knew the captain of the steamer and took his son aboard the captain was a Scotsman named mr. McCoy a very jolly person with a thunderous laugh and showed up a set of dirty yellow teeth mr. Mac were liked to chew tobacco and spit it all over the deck but he offered Anna's father the best of cigarettes and produced a bar of chocolate for an ill world young man he said to the boy with a wink how would you like to join the crew of my ship and see the world I'd like to very much captain sir said annulled looking up uncertainty at his father the captain roared with laughter patted Anil on the shoulder and spat tobacco on the floor you'd like to air I wonder what your father has to say to that but Anil's father had nothing to say Anil visited the ship once again with his father and got to know the captain a little better and the captain said well boy whenever you have nothing to do you are welcome aboard my ship you can have a look at the engines if you like or add anything else that takes your fancy the next day annal walked down the deck saloon and the captain lowered the gangplank specially for him Annelle spent the entire day on board asking questions from the captain and the crew he made friends quickly and the following day when he came aboard they greeted him as though he was already one of them can I come with you on your next voyage he asked the captain I can strop the deck and clean the cabins and you don't have to pay me anything captain macwhirr was taken aback but a twinkle came into his eye and he patted his back and laughed indulgently you are just the person we want we sail any day now my boy so you'd better get yourself ready a little more cargo and we'll be steaming into the Arabian Sea first call Aden then suez and up the canal will you tell me one or two days before we sail so that I can get my things ready Oh Staniel I'll do that said the captain but don't you think you should discuss this with your father your parents might not like being left alone so suddenly oh no sir I can't tell them they wouldn't like it at all you won't tell them will you captain sir no of course not my boy said captain macwhirr with a huge wink during the next two days Annelle remained at home feverishly excited busily making preparations for the voyage he felt a pillow case with some clothes a penknife and a bar of chocolate and hid the bundle in an old cupboard at dinner one evening the conversation came around to the subject of ships and annals mother spoke to her husband I understand your friend the captain of the cargo ship sails tonight that's right said the boy's father we won't see him again for some time annal wanted to interrupt an info that captain macwhirr wouldn't be sailing yet but he didn't want to arouse his parents suspicions and yet more he pondered over his mother's remark the less certain he felt perhaps the ship for sailing that night perhaps the captain had mentioned the fact to Arnold's parents said that the information could be passed on afterall Annan hadn't been down to the docks for two days and the captain couldn't have had the opportunity of notifying Annelle of the ship's imminent departure anyway Anil decided there was no time to lose he went to his room and collecting the bundle of clothes slipped out of the house his parents were sitting out on the veranda and for a while uh nel stood outside in the gathering dusk watching them he felt a pang of regret at having to leave them alone for so long perhaps several months he would like to take them along too but he knew that wouldn't be practical perhaps when he had a ship of his own he hurried down the garden path and as soon as he was on the road to the docks he broke into a run he felt sure he had hurt the hoot of a steamer anil ran down the pier breathing heavily his bundle of clothes beginning to come undone he saw the steamer but it was moving it was moving slowly out of the harbour sending the waves rippling back to the pier captain shouted a knell wait for me a sailor standing in the bow waved to Anil but that was all Anil stood at the end of the pier waving his hands and shouting desperately captain o captain sir wait for me nobody answered him the seagulls wheeling in the wake of the ship seemed to take up his cry captain captain the ship drew father away gathering speed still Anas shouted in a hoarse pleading voice yokohama valparaiso San Diego London all was slipping away forever he stood alone on the pier his bundle at his feet the Harbor lights beginning to twinkle the gulls wheeling around him first call Aden then suez and up the canal but for annal there was only the empty house and the boredom of the schoolroom next year he told himself captain macwhirr would return he would be back and then annal wouldn't make a mistake he would be on the ship long before it sails captain macwhirr had promised to take him along and wasn't an adult's word to be trusted and so he remained for a long time on the pier staring out to sea until the steamer went over the horizon then he picked up his bundle and made for home this year next year sometime Yokohama Valparaiso San Diego London

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