– Bein’ that he got fined 60,000, that probably was like five, six of his game checks. Know what I’m sayin’? And that’s big. Like, we only get 16 game checks. – Chris Johnson! – What’s up, baby? – [Master:] How you doin’? – Chillin’, man. Chillin’. – [Master:] Hold up, man. In the Emmitt Smith jersey. – Yeah, yeah. – [Master:] Got the buss down on. Got the chain on. – A little drip. – Some Fear of Gods. Yeah, yeah. – You came in correct. -Yeah, yeah. – That’s probably the best fit I’ve seen— – Oh, it’s the best one out there? – —from all the athletes that have pulled up to the pool hall. – OK. OK. – I’m feelin’ that one, man. – OK. Yeah, I’m— – How you livin’? – I’m good, man. Just finna get on you on this table right here. – You been playin’ pool or what? – Huh? A little bit. – Yeah? – A little bit. – See what you got. OK. OK! You stripes? – Yeah, I’m stripes in there. – CJ, a lot of players get fined, whether it’s from the league or from their own team. Do you have any memorable fine stories? – Yeah, I have one. I have one big memorable fine story. Um, it was 2010. We ended up comin’ down here, playin’ the Dolphins. We ended up losing. Jeff Fisher—he a cool coach, so he let a few guys stay. – [Master:] [Laughing] – [Chris:] Or whatever. – [Master:] After a loss? – [Chris:] Yeah, after a loss. – [Master:] [Laughing] – I think I had a big game that game, so. – [Laughing] – Yeah, so we ended up—we ended up stayin’. And you know, he was like, “Long as you back by,” um, “meeting time.” So, um, on Mondays after the game, we used to meet probably, like, 12 o’clock. It was me, Bo Scaife, Vince Young, Kenny Britt, Ryan Mouton, and we went down to the Fountainbleu, all bought rooms, stayed there, chilled—chilled out or whatever. Um, then after that, we went to LIV. And then— What was LIV like? – LIV was crazy. LIV was crazy. It was nice. So we all planned to get back to Nashville by 11 o’clock, get off the plane, drive straight to, straight to work, be there by 12. So Bo room was close to Vince Young room. So he ended up waking up Vince Young. I guess he couldn’t find us or whatever. So, you know, they was in fear of gettin’ fined and bein’ late, so they headed to the airport. So I—they end up gettin’ in contact with me. I wake up, this and that, I jump in the, um, taxi, I rush to the airport or whatever. But the whole time I’m on the way, I’m callin’—I’m callin’ Ryan. He’s not answering. So I’m 10 minutes away from the airport. He finally answer. I’m like, “Where you at? We finna to get ready to leave.” So he’s like, “Bro! Please don’t let ‘em leave me. Don’t let ‘em leave me.” I say, “Bro, I got you. I’mma try. I’mma do my best.” By the time I get there, they already on the runway—on the jet on the runway. So I get out—jump out the taxi, pay him. The jet, from where I’m at at the gate, is probably like a 100 yards away. So I just—I jump out, and I’m just runnin’. So I got that. I’m runnin’ them 100 yards. And I made it. – Mr. 4.2 40 is running across the tarmac. Where the hell was Ryan? – By the time he pulled up, we’d taken off. – Daaamn. – We’d taken off. – He missed it? – Yeah, he missed the flight. You know, anytime you takin’ a private, you get to get there when you want, but once y’all are load up, it’s a certain time they gotta, they gotta take off. So he ended up missin’ the flight, bookin’ a flight with the regular airport. His flight ended up gettin’ canceled. – Wooow. – So when his flight get canceled, he ended up— can’t come that whole day, so he missed the whole day. And how it work in the NFL, all the fines is on Wednesday. So you get—Monday you work out, Tuesday off day, Wednesday…fine day. So all of us, we walk in the locker room, and we see them envelopes. So when you see that certain envelope in your locker, you know what it is. So we see that envelope. We like, “What?!” Each of us got fined, like, 20,000. And he got fined like 60,000, so. Go talk to the head coach. He like, “Yeah, all y’all didn’t make it back on time. So y’all all got fined cuz one of y’all teammates ain’t even make it back at all.” – That’s his second year in the league. How you feelin’ when a guy who’s on his rookie contract loses 60 racks like that? – Ah, man, it’s crazy because I, I just know how the money situation is in the NFL. When you—when you first come in, you don’t make— you don’t make a lot of money. You don’t make a lot of money like that, so bein’ that he got fined 60,000, that probably was like five, six of his game checks. Know what I’m sayin’? – Psh… – And that’s big. Like, we only get 16 game checks. It was crazy. – [Laughing] – We had a good time, but it wasn’t worth all that money. – [Laughing] Ah, I thought you were gonna scratch too. – No. No. [Chuckling] – You nice wit it still. You wanna— – Yeah, I’m a little—I can do a little summin’. – Thanks for kickin’ it with us. Subscribe to B/R to check out more dope videos like this one.

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