Welcome to Paul Brown stadium… home of the
Cincinnati Bengals. That’s right… the stadium is named after
one of the team’s co-founders.. the great Paul Brown… who was also one of the founders
of the Cleveland Browns…. Some interstate rivalry huh? Remember the Icky shuffle? No one outside Cincinnati really did till
this commercial. Then after it became cool to say you remembered… You have us to thank! Where other teams named after animals stop
at just putting the logo on the side of their helmet. The Cincinatti Bengals actually made their
helmets look like the animal…You’re welcome Bengals. OR
Who has never won a Super Bowl? The Cincinnati Bengals … but at least they
aren’t the Cleveland Browns. At least they have been to one. Actually, two… where both times they ran
into the buzz-saw that was the 49ers in the 1980s… what chance did they really have? No one remembers the first match-up. Then the Bengals found their quarterback…. But still lost to the San Francisco 49ers…
again… Hey, maybe that’s why they seemed to get
along… they had something in common! But talking about who lost to Joe Montana
in the Super Bowl… is like playing six-degrees of Kevin Bacon… only there is a loser. Then the 1990s arrived… and the Bengals
pretty much departed… with 0 playoff appearances in the decade. The team thought they could get the greatness
of Don Shula… in his son… that didn’t work. Then went with Dick LeBeau… who had been
successful as the Bengals defensive coordinator… then was successful as the Steelers defensive
coordinator… but then was unsuccessful as the Benglas head coach… which sucked…
because he would go back to Pittsburgh… and was successful… against the Bengals. Then we got it right… with Marvin Lewis…
right in the sense that we make it to the playoffs. Without winning a single playoff game. We are back in 2018… led by embattled head
coach Marvin Lewis. But now the Bengals are back… with the best
red headed quarterback in the league… and one of the better quarterback-wide receivers
in the league. But still isn’t even the best combo in the
division. So enjoy Cincinnati, and the zo, and oh expletive
(Beeped out) And enjoy the game, and watch football the
way it was meant to be watched, where in a smash-mouth, defensive division… they take
it a little too far sometimes. Go Bengals!

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  1. Narrator sounded so proud when he said “at least they’re not the browns, at least they’ve been to the Super Bowl” but doesn’t realize browns have actually won championships back in the 50s and were one of the greater teams back in that era lol try again

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