or sold the claw machine for how I remember 0:04 we need to gain training to get you surprised yeah I mean seriously reshape us so very turning the claw machine removing the arcade to hard chucky cheese plate please return because the kiss yes and what does not want to give up the claw machine so in return they are offering them one night 24 hours sleep ok this is your sign say please come on in there we go they get naso an air conditioning unit right over there perfect perfect okay there we go to sleep tight and wait a minute isn't it like it's only ten forty nine a.m. you and I guess again abacus you know you have all day after one yeah this is AB okay so here's your site your sites kind of actually both your sides are pretty cool here climb on in buddy he got his little window up top there little dome there you go excuse me some Headroom you need oh my goodness you game pretty soft oh yeah see oh yeah see there we go on this so cute and then look you got some Bharti wait stand up in there you got so far in there – perfect you guys are free tonight since you came back that climate Sheena you didn't use how many prizes well let you have free play here okay any guys can each or in three prizes from the price but that were there okay three prizes all right even you can play but TransAm into it says like oh yeah this prices are high expensive we don't want to go away too many so let's see what you got here okay pop that open let's see if it's yellow egg oh it's a couple so this is like I think season two because I think three is other egg okay okay change that color okay here you go pop it out oh it's like oh oh it's a little bird that's cute super cute okay well guys I can make your pizzas for dinner I'll be back in a second and then Xander can watch you guys okay make sure you doesn't say anything crazy hey I wanna play okay okay I'll show you a much easier way to do this oh yeah that's yeah watch out for that yes yeah you don't want to you don't want to get clawed by that we dress it car oh did you really OOP then let's get a five surprise that's how you do the claw machine got it sander can't know about this guy's shove all your toys inside of your little homes hurry hurry hurry hide them hide them under your pillow hide them under your blankets out of here make sure they are not seeing here the best time to clean this place up it's like you're fine yes these three places like they get discussed a link fast you sure your site's good okay well let me clean the claw machine his like I mean every kin it's like some kids even like these handles are disgusting like it's like poop you gotta clean that you don't let me seen it I mean honestly just like the sanitizer like look so gross here with me just wait wait what's going on in here wait wait hold on wait hold on hold on you a little toys wait a minute hold that wait come here wait sorry excuse me you gotta come out here for a second I got a how do you win this I was only gone for a little bit how did you win so neat voice wait a minute hold on something seems here okay hello kitty cats of all the rapper oh well I mean oh my goodness like this whole thing is full of toys okay Alex how do you win this mini toys hee hee seriously okay wait even who did it it was her idea oh yeah hey hey whoo we did it aleksander what are we gonna do with them payback time – first prizes from the prize booth not at all describe what you want it's a perfect time sweep that tricky tree Joe sit tight together our profits this month or negative five thousand they're gonna hit people tons of free twins and we haven't even been charging people admission that was your fault yeah 24 hours and chucky cheese yeah sorry yeah yeah I'm gonna go have fun now yeah sorry okay now that I am in charge and we're gonna turn up like some money here can any of you guys play the guitar stock market stuff no oh good I'm so glad you guys got all these prizes hey let me hold on to my hand I just figured I mean this might be good to sell on eBay really okay there we go okay but here's your toys back okay I'm here wait I don't know hey I guess hey there we go okay I have one idea to save money I can turn off all the lights save on costs and then they can just play in the dark that's pretty good but have fun right okay guys hey you put over there Kelly right yeah go in your room because we're gonna start turning off all the lights okay here she goes yeah okay goodnight cavities watch your so what what you get tons of prizes like Xander TARDIS man trucky trees is the best I can't subscribe if you agree yeah [Applause]

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