ChuChu was very fond of her toys. She even said ‘Good night’ to them every night. Good night, toys! Sweet dreams. But ChuChu often wondered what the toys did while she slept. Hmmm! I wonder what my toys will do now. One night, ChuChu tiptoed to the playroom and quietly peeped in. Startled, she rubbed her eyes and looked again. ChuChu couldn’t believe what she was seeing Huh? ChuChu’s toys were having a party! The teddy bear and the elephant were chatting with each other. I feel very happy when ChuChu hugs me. Me too! The lion was playing with the doll. Catch me. The toy monkey and the toy giraffe were headed to the fridge. Let’s get some bananas! Huh? The trucks and the cars were going on a trip. Follow me, everyone! ChuChu was delighted. Look at my toys! I had no idea they were having so much fun while I slept. I wanna play with them too. But just as ChuChu stepped forward, she tripped on a ball and then she woke up with a start! Huh? Where did my toys go? Oh! I must have been dreaming! Let me go back to sleep. ChuChu went back to sleep. and dreamt about her toys again.

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