It was the weekend. ChuChu’s school was closed and she was feeling very bored. I’m bored! I’m so bored! I wish it wasn’t a holiday today. Noticing ChuChu’s boredom, ChuChu’s mother decided to show her some different ways to have fun. Come on, ChuChu! Let me show you some new games and things you can do to have fun. Okay, Mom! First, ChuChu’s mother showed her how to play hopscotch. ChuChu found it to be a lot of fun. Next, the two of them had fun running a race. Ready, set… Go! ChuChu and her mother then had fun swinging on the swings… Dancing with hula hoops…. And skipping rope. Finally, ChuChu’s Mother decided to take her out for a walk. Come on, ChuChu. Let’s go for a nature walk now. Huh? A nature walk? Yes! We’ll look for beautiful things that mother nature has made for us while we walk. And we can also do some bird watching! The nature walk sounds like fun, Mom. Miss Dorothy said that bird watching is a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see some new birds. ChuChu and her mother headed off into the woods. They first saw some Ladybugs. Look at these bugs, ChuChu. Aren’t they pretty with their red backs and black spots? They are called Ladybugs. Ladybugs! ChuChu’s mother then showed her some birds. Look at this bird, ChuChu. It’s a called a WoodPecker. It pecks the tree to look for bugs ChuChu and her mother then spotted some other birds. This bird is called a Blue Jay. Look at its wings. They are so pretty! That bird is a Bald Eagle. It has a snowy white head. Look! There is the Mourning Dove. And oh, look at that bird! It’s called a Red Cardinal. I like all these birds. They look so lovely. Suddenly, Chuchu heard a strange sound. Huh? What’s that sound? That sound is called ‘quacking’, ChuChu! Come on! Let’s see who’s making it. ChuChu’s mother took her to a pond. There was a friendly-looking bird there. It smiled at ChuChu. This bird is known as the Mallard Duck. Hello, Mallard Duck! It’s nice to meet you. ChuChu and her mother had fun watching the Mallard Duck. They watched how it waddled… Swam in the pond And flew in the sky. ChuChu and her mother then had a picnic near the pond. The Mallard Duck joined them and ate some bird seed. ChuChu’s Mother then took a picture of ChuChu with the Mallard Duck. Soon, it was time to go home. Goodbye, Mallard Duck! Goodbye, Red Cardinal, Mourning Dove, Bald Eagle! Goodbye, Blue Jay and Woodpecker! Goodbye, Ladybugs. Take care! As they walked home, ChuChu thanked her mother for taking her on the nature walk. Thank you, Mom! I had a lot of fun today. I enjoyed meeting the birds and playing new games with you. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored now. And that’s because you’ve shown me how I can have fun in so many different ways. From that day on, ChuChu always looked forward to holidays. She knew that it was the best time to have fun and do new and interesting things.

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