in October of 2018 the Lakers and Rockets had a little confrontation it settled down then suddenly reignited into something way bigger that's because these two guys got involved Chris Paul and rajon rondo their part in this fight was a long time coming Chris Paul and rajon rondo are great examples of how much the team that drafts you affects the course of your career in 2005 Paul was drafted forth out of Wake Forest by a terrible New Orleans Hornets team this would be the same year the Hornets began hunkering down in Oklahoma while their home city recovered from Hurricane Katrina the team improved around their rookie of the year point guard but not enough to make the playoffs so in the summer of oh six the Hornets made moves signing sharpshooter Peja Stojakovic then trading for big man Tyson Chandler but injuries hampered them and they still couldn't crack the postseason the owe 708 season would be the Hornets breakthrough they returned to New Orleans Paul and power forward David West became first time all-stars Byron Scott one coach of the year New Orleans won a franchise record 56 games made the playoffs and destroyed Dirk Nowitzki's Mavericks in the first round in the next round the Hornets came out strong against the defending champion Spurs but after leading the series to oh and three to lost the round in a heartbreaking Game seven defeat the Spurs advanced to the Conference Finals where they fell to the Lakers who went on to the NBA Finals and lost to a Boston Celtics team with a kid named rajon rondo at point guard Rondo like Paul was a young rising star at his position unlike Paul Ronda had entered the league a relatively unheralded prospect a mediocre Celtics team acquired him on draft night Oh six after he was picked 21st out of Kentucky while Rondo played his way into the starting lineup his rookie season Celtics star Paul Pierce missed a bunch of games due to injury Boston stayed quite bad winning just 24 games but while Chris Paul's Hornets had made some nice moves Rondo Celtics got a makeover of historic magnitude they traded their lottery pick for Ray Allen made an even bigger trade for Kevin Garnett a few days later then made the greatest turnaround in NBA history finishing with 66 wins just a year after winning 24 and then they won it all Rondo went from promising rookie on a garbage team to starting point guard on a champion that's pretty wild so now we're in the summer of eight which is an important juncture because according to more recent accounts that's when the beef began after that 2018 Rockets Lakers fight some reporters pointed back to the 2008 Olympics where Paul led the USA to a gold medal while Rondo supposedly didn't make it past tryouts reports from the time say Rondo was invited to the select team the younger players who scrimmage against Team USA before competition Rondo and fellow Celtics youngster Kendrick Perkins understandably declined the invitation after playing NBA games well into June and Rondo would never have made an Olympic roster that ended up featuring Paul Jason Kidd and Deron Williams but it is possible he was annoyed to have been left off the list of over 30 finalists which dropped days before the Celtics won their championship and included point guards like Luke Ridnour and Kirk Hinrich I don't know why Rondo would hold that against Paul in particular he may have noticed that Paul got a big contract extension that July but like so did Deron Williams guys drafted in a no 5 were due for new deals nothing special there and there had been no visible beef and meetings up to this point either Rondo made his NBA debut in an uneventful loss against Paul in the Hornets he got his first win against Paul in March of that championship season and Paul actually went out of his way to praise his slightly younger opponent so did beef exist in oh wait it's possible but it might be one of those things where NBA insiders know more than we do either way Rondo was eager to prove critics wrong and claim to have done so by wetting a ring in o8 none of those other young point guards had done the same and while Boston once again cracked 60 wins the Hornets regressed in 2009 Paul was healthy and effective he missed just four games because of a groin strain returning right in time to lose to the Celtics again but injuries assured New Orleans wouldn't come anywhere near the prior season's playoff run Paul was considered by most the best point guard in the NBA but this fourth season backslide began a long chapter of playoff disappointment in his we're and guess who predicted all that disappointment right to Paul's face Rondo obviously the Hornets and Celtics met in November of oh nine and things went pretty typically Paul played great despite some physical defense from Rondo but Boston got the win yet again the pair also picked up technicals for rasslin a little bit and whatever tension built during the game snapped afterward the typical round of post game handshakes got heated when Rondo confronted Paul on the floor the two had to be separated and we later found out why Rondo had trash talked with Paul by saying and this is a direct quote I've got a ring and you're never gonna win one which I'm talking to you over nine years later and that statement remains true to the word Paul didn't even reach a conference final until his thirteenth season but anyway Paul didn't like that comment and stood for a while some reports said he bickered with Boston assistant Tom Thibodeau and tried to enter the celtics locker room though Paul later denied all of that inside that locker room Celtics PR demanded Rondo never be asked about Paul ever this exchange epitomized the theme of this beef Rondo had a ring and he was days away from agreeing to a big extension of his own but he still wasn't considered on Paul's level and some judged his individual success as very much a product of the incredible team around him since o7 Paul himself wouldn't praise Rondo without that slight qualifier and people around the league both media and Rondo zone coach dismissed the comparison but Paul's individual superiority kept getting rubbed in while the Celtics were visiting New Orleans later that season Paul was out with a knee injury but the Hornets trotted him out pregame to announce he'd been selected for Team USA again Paul didn't end up joining that 2010 FIBA Championship roster yet even without Paul ahead of him Rondo couldn't make it he was invited to training camp in Athens but saw limited playing time and exhibitions guest where things were headed and withdrew from the team before they could cut it and that was it for Rondo's Team USA career the 2012 Olympics happened smack in the middle of his prime but he had no more interest in trying to make the cut among higher regarded point guards anyway something else more important happen during Rondo's Prime in 2011 Ronda became an all-star for the first time but his Celtics had been treading water after winning that championship in Rondo's second season they had made the finals only once falling in seven to the vengeful Lakers Boston wanted another title before the window closed on their aging big three and with LeBron James fronting an even stronger big three in Miami it was clear the existing roster couldn't get it done on top of that there was some internal strife Rondo and backcourt mate Ray Allen weren't getting along and Rondo sometimes bristled at the demands of Celtics coach Doc Rivers so in November 2011 with the NBA lockout about to end Celtics GM Danny Ainge got on the phone to discuss trading Rondo for Chris Paul several versions of the trade were discussed and the rumors reached full-on woads tweet status it once again became a thing to compare the two players and you even had people like Shaq who'd briefly been a Celtic before retiring arguing that Ronda was the better point guard citing his evidence the greater success his team had achieved ultimately the trade fell through word at the time was that Paul wasn't willing to commit to Boston long term but according to Ray Allen's 2018 autobiography coach Rivers vetoed the trade because he couldn't do that to his old friend Hornets coach Monty Williams I think the implication here is that Rondo's personality might be tough for a coach to manage which does seem to be the case but Ray Allen might be a slightly biased source here after a big mess Paul got dealt to the Clippers the first time Rondo visited cp3 in his new home the two exchanged a polite handshake with nary a sign of beef and the feud kind of settled for a while injuries ended Rondo's time as an all-star as did the gradual dismantling of the once champion Celtics one noteworthy part of that dismantling came in summer 2013 when Doc Rivers left Boston and took a job coaching Chris Paul on the Clippers Rivers who had been a point guard in his playing days was as tough on Paul as he'd been on the young which raised comparisons again rivers was also the Clippers senior VP of basketball ops for a while and brought in several former Celtics to complement his core of Paul Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan which will be relevant later in December 2014 Boston finished their demolition of the O a championship team by dealing Rondo to the Dallas Mavericks that began a chapter of Rondo's career spent bouncing from team to team battling coaches along the way in 2017 days after Paul got traded to the Rockets Rondo signed with Paul's old team in New Orleans now called the pelicans this stint brought the beef back into focus of it first of all Rondo was joining forces with his good friend DeMarcus Cousins who has his own beef with Paul second of all Rondo broke Paul's single game franchise assist record which is kind of fun and third of all they actually beefed a little bit in a game Rondo didn't even play Rondo was out for rest when the Rockets visited New Orleans on March 17th 2018 but managed to pick up a technical from the bench by getting into a verbal argument with Paul so that was a hint the feud still lived but as of October 20th of that year we didn't need any more hints Rondo and Paul had been battling all night and when things got heated they gravitated toward one another then they argued and Rondo maybe spit at Paul a little bit then Paul poked Rondo in the face and then they punched each other a little and got suspended a lot of attention was spent Zapruder the footage to determine whether or not Rondo spit and whether it was on purpose it clearly looked like Rondo spit in his face and elsewhere people were sorting out a reported confrontation between a Rondo family member and Jay DePaul Chris's wife but for our purposes the most interesting fallout came from something Rondo said after the fight quote everyone wants to believe Chris Paul is a good guy they don't know he's a horrible teammate they don't know how he treats people to be clear before we dig in here Rondo has a reputation for being abrasive and at times outright abusive but I don't know where he gets the idea that Paul is considered an angel Paul's own falling-out with Doc Rivers was widely reported and he's got well known beeves and ugly incidents in his past – in any event Rondo's comment about Paul immediately invited a now from people who know both players which because doc was running the Clippers for a while is a lot of people Jeff Green and Pierce just said the fight was a long time coming the confrontation ideas he come I knew it was about it and there was a matter of time others actually offered judgment big baby Davis said he'd played with both and Paul was indeed a bad teammate ryan hollins said that Paul his former Clippers teammate had some growing to do and went on to say Rondo was one of his favorite teammates ever which is a little funny because he only played 15 games in Boston like Hollins definitely did the same Getty Images search that I did and that one photo is the only evidence that those two were ever team is rockets GM daryl morey doesn't really count here because he left the celtics front office right before they drafted Rondo but he chimed in to suggest Rondo calling Paul a bad teammate was the pot calling the kettle black or he was just tweeting some nice artwork for funsies also possible Doc Rivers who might be the authority on the matter didn't issue a ruling on who's the worst teammate but did reflect on the decade of confrontation and wonder aloud how it all started is it really just that Rondo coveted Paul status as the best point guard I don't know doc it certainly adds up Rondo was excellent at his peak but never quite at PAWS level at least not according to anyone but Shaq but it took Rondo just two years to collect the ring Paul's chased for over a decade individual accolades for one and team glory for the other could generate enough mutual envy to fuel a beef of course fuel needs ignition so is there an incident somewhere in the past that we don't know about or is it simply that both these guys are prone to acting like jerks the Paul Rondo beef is a mysterious one but everyone agrees it is old it is real and it is alive if you want to learn more about another big Chris Paul beef with DeMarcus Cousins click over here or just watch all of our beams from all different sports over here

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  1. Whilw Paul is certainly the most talented, Rondo is the smartest out of the 2. The rockets would have an easier time winning a championship with Rondo distributing the ball.

  2. Chris Paul is a future HOFer, Rondo will never get in. Rondo only got his ring from riding 3 HOFers coattails. He wasn't even good yet back in 2008. He was more of a liability if anything.

  3. I want Paul to pair up with superstars and get a ring. Way to much hate in the nba for a guy steady doin it on his own as the man on his team.


  5. Well now that we just found out from skip that Paul teased Harden so much about his man boobies during practice that James would leave, maybe Rondo was right about him being a shitty teammate

  6. Like I mean I think you've gotta mention that Rondo led the league in assists three times and steals once; they're both all time greats! Chris Paul is definitely the better all time great, but it's hard to paint Rondo as a guy who only had team success!

  7. Cp3 don’t know how to win rings rondo got two of them. I’m choosing rondo. Especially after cp3 choking against gsw every time lol.

  8. I played with Rondo summer leagues during highschool. He was a really great teammate. I couldn't ask more of him when we played. He was a quiet assassin and was actually very level headed. I always loved getting on a fast break with him when he picked off the opponent's pg. He was very quiet and humble at all times. Rondo always took care of his teammates. I never played with CP3 so I can't speak for him.

  9. This is clearly one sided. If your making this kind of stuff stop being one sided. It's very clear on how you choose your words.

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