[MUSIC PLAYING] GRM is an information
management company providing a wide range of
enterprise content management solutions for our clients. Health care is by far the
largest of our client base. Two of the products that we
provide to the health care industry are legacy data
archiving as well as a service that we call the
Chart Acquisition Platform. The Chart Acquisition Platform
allows health care vendors the opportunity to
consume patient charts and very rapidly and
in an automated fashion identify any chart
discrepancies that exist. Financial write-offs occur
due to timely filing denials, resulting in unbillable
patient encounters, which are most often the result of
incomplete patient charts. Reprocessing of claims
can also reduce efficiency and become costly for
health care companies. Our Chart Acquisition
Platform allows us to identify chart
discrepancies early and enables claims processing
to progress efficiently. Our technology is
able to capture structured and unstructured
data from multiple sources and feed it into
automated workflows that drive chart completion. And our platform is
entirely web-based, allowing for simple installation
without time-consuming and costly configurations. Not to mention, it’s highly
adaptable and flexible, which makes it easy for
staff to build custom reports and for workflows to be created
based on departmental needs. And most importantly, we
offer end-to-end encryption on all patient data and
a robust security model, offering health care companies
and their contract service providers with
game-changing efficiencies as well as key business
insights into claims processing. The GRM Chart
Acquisition Platform is an information
management solution that delivers a near immediate
return on investment. [MUSIC PLAYING] |

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