all right I mean it's chainsaw juggling what's the worst thing that can happen I've never heard of anything going wrong what is up everybody welcome to another episode of world record Wednesdays thinking about some sports for making half and today I'm super excited because I am visiting my friends the passing zone they invited me their Clubhouse let's see if they're in here what is that got a helmet oh welcome to the channel guys thanks for joining guys they're going to be attempting to break a current chainsaw juggling world record so make sure you watch the end but first oh yeah what do we got oh we got some fun stuff you are joining us with some things I kind of know what I'm getting signed up for do you feel like putting yourself in danger yeah okay I'm sure I'm sure they all want to see me be the one to do that too a little bit of that for you good you've done to other people it's time for someone to do it to you I'm little nervous what do you guys have for me I felt a little dangerous oh yeah of course we know that people want to see us juggle the sort of things where if you catch the wrong end there would be serious consequence we're gonna use fit that bill perfectly like this first of all item number one a plunger okay oh it should be number two we should have sorted it's a book joke number two joke yeah check it out now next dangerous item rat traps rat trap mess you up man yep yeah and then third we have will it juggle all in one juggling trick yeah yeah so those are the three items yeah they also happen to be the perfect three items if you have something you need to snap zap or D crap right if you're ever in that situation it's fairly rare it happens yeah do they do comedy – yeah we just need you to lie down on the yoga mat on your back toward me yeah just kind of lie down there kind of like you're in a coffin alright and then here's what's gonna happen next Josh I am gonna straddle your body yeah then I'm gonna start juggling these right over your face area okay John's gonna come rushing from behind launched himself over both of us and land just on the other side of your head I've seen this on America's Got Talent yeah okay you could just hold my ankles okay what does that do again nothing just Barney Moore okay Josh yeah that's enough plenty Josh you're not gonna like this next part I don't think you like the first part probably not done I you need to spread your legs apart ba goes well you're gonna make history you ready what wait what oh yeah that's right we wouldn't do this without the proper safety equipment yeah perfect John what for John oh forget what are you doing all right and yeah already maybe that'll work or maybe you can do it without just do the trick alright you ready back there pretty Josh are you ready together these are ready okay let's do it there we go I have juggled dangerous things over people for years this is my first time being the victim and I apologize to everyone let's have maybe a quick montage of everyone I've struggled over with some like dramatic music yeah right over Josh's face I like it oh my god Oh fraid to ask but you guys everything else we talk we have so much more yeah it never ends it involves you well this is this is really weird I'm not used to being the the not trouble usually I'm the juggler to me something to a volunteer to make them uncomfortable but before we get in the next stunt I gave Instagram shoutouts every single video to someone that likes and comments on my most recent Instagram post here those two people thank you for doing that all right let's let's link it in between some doubling again I know what's gonna happen next I've seen enough of your TV appearances and know what's coming but let's tell who are some of the famous people that have been where I'm I am right now uh let's see chef Gordon Ramsay oh yeah David Hasselhoff Simon Cowell sure samih collared America's Got Talent did you see that show seen it we won that yeah really okay okay we were on it this thing so yeah they're gonna be in front we've got some torches we're gonna throw up on top of your head here so look straight ahead and chin down a little bit right like that Oh perfect now hold one of these in each hand just off your shoulders generally did forget about this part right there everyone give this video a thumbs up and right now good luck about to happen yeah don't be nervous I know I'm fine part of it I was actually just talking 200 toasty oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah one more okay yeah there we go there we go okay there we go okay huh that wasn't so bad no Simon Cowell was a wimp but you think did you do it again no no we're job well done I think you need squirrel's record time are you guys ready Oh pump would never get more ready the record is most catches of three chainsaws between two people right now the current record is 44 44 yeah so we intend to beat that we're going for we're going for 50 gonna try 50 if we're feeling good we'll go all the way to 100 perfect if you guys have been watching my channel for a while you know that I did a chainsaw juggling video it really well sure [Applause] oh just like do they seem to be a little bit better suited for poor juggling so high I'm excited to see this alright we're glad to do it here you go we got away all right yeah safely over there that's fine they are getting the chainsaws all ready for the world record but before that after you're done watching the world record head over to whistle sports channel subscribe to their channel you haven't yet and check out the series I did with them a while ago called record smashers where I break several different world records it's too early it's too early for world records so I'm just gonna get hurt I was like like you doing it for the first time budget oh my friend all right right on it good world there we go oh my wrist oh it's not every day good work thank you what is it it seemed like you're in the groove yeah it's so good it starts a little nervous fatigue around 30 yeah I thought I saw one throw that made me a little bit nervous around I tell you what totally is exciting you know it's exciting I can't imagine this liked it that what do you like doing it that's a long time yeah what well about halfway there then we went okay this just passed him let's today's video thank you so much for watching everyone gives me a thumbs up if you haven't yet thank you John and Owen for joining me oh man thank you thank you that was a blast these guys are always performing all over the country in the world so check out passing zone com2 see if they're coming near you yeah like their Facebook page yeah we do corporate events we're touring around the country all the time so watch for us we work they have the ultimate juggling show so make sure you check it out it's even funnier than what we just do we got videos every Monday Wednesday every Saturdays make sure you subscribe if you haven't yet that's all for today let's go to the beach if I get a bull's-eye I will do a full knife-throwing video soon

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