welcome to the jungin schemes tutorial and playthrough for century a new world in this video I’ll be showing you how to play the game while we’re actually playing it and if you’d like to watch the rest of the playthrough you can do so by clicking the link down below in the description or then I in the top corner now before we move on I would like to ask that you please turn on the Klingon subtitles that way if I make any mistakes I can then put corrections directly on the screen and you should be able to see them now I do also want to mention that the reason this video is being made is because it was not only requested by but won the vote from the contributing producer level supporters of this channel that you can learn more about that by visiting patreon.com slash John gets games if you like now let’s talk a little bit about century a new world this is a competitive orc replacement style game where on your turn you can send your workers out or you can pull all of them back now if opponents go to spots that you want to go to that’s fine you just have to send more workers to that location than they had already but you are then going to be pushing their workers back to their play space so that they can use them again now as players are doing this they’re trying to collect the correct amounts and different types of resources in order to claim cards and these cards will give them extra workers as well as new abilities when they activate various spots on the board now I’ll explain how old this works in greater detail while we are playing but Before we jump in I would like to ask that if you enjoy this video you please click the like button for it down below as well as the subscribe button for the channel also if you would like to directly support the channel in the creation or future videos like this one then please go to junkets Gamescom slash support there you’ll find a bunch of ways you can support the channel and some of them have cool perks like voting on a couple of the videos that I film each month and again that this is one of those videos which is why it’s being made alright let’s now jump into the game now here we have the game fully setup and ready to play for our three different players we are gonna play the game from the perspective of the pink player right over here and we know we are the starting player because our playing board has this little green symbol in the bottom-left corner now before we move on I would like to mention that this is a worker placement style game and every person starts the game with six workers on their planting boards and there are six more that we can recruit as we go through the game alright we can now start things off and on a player’s turn we can either place workers from our supply out onto one spot on the board or we can collect all of the workers on the board and bring them back to our playing area as a rest action obviously we are going to be placing workers out and when you place them down you cannot put them on to a location that we have workers of your color you also must put a number of workers down that satisfies the condition of that spot you’ll see that all of these available worker placement spots over here have numbers with a little worker symbol so this is going to cost one worker and that’s going to cost two and that would cost three of our starting six workers as soon as you go down onto a spot you get to do the action that’s listed there and I think for our first turn we’re just going to take one of our workers and we’ll put it right over here we can now activate the spot we just landed on and this simply is going to give us two of the yellow corn resource this is the lowest value of all of the resources but it’s certainly nice to have around and the next thing we can do is take these resources and put them back into our playing area now you’ll notice that on this board we have these ten little slots and this shows us how many of the resources we can have at the end of the turn so in the middle of the turn we can have more than ten but at this point our turn is over so we have to double check to make sure we have at ten or less if we had more we would have to discard them back to the supply but as you can see we have five resources so we’re fine okay we’re now done with our turn so blue can go after considering their options they’ve decided to place one of the workers out onto this spot and this is a little bit different than the one we did on our turn or is it simply gave us the resources that were listed but this is a resource exchange location as soon as you place the workers you need on this location you can now do this trade as many times as you like then we can see that the blue player started the game with four of these yellow corn resources and if they had six for instance they could get rid of all six to take six of the red the red is the meat resource and in this case they’re just gonna do this once so they can get rid of three of the corn and then they will take three meats from the supply and as I said before the corn resource is the lowest value red is the second at least valuable next up we have tobacco and finally fur is the most valuable resource in the game that’s going to finish out the blue players turn so now white can go and they’ve decided to simply put three of their six workers over here and that lets them take one of the furry source which is the most valuable all right we can now go again and we currently have five workers and if we have five corn now the only restriction we have as far as where we want to go out on the board is we are not allowed to go on to a spot that currently has our colored workers on it so that means that we could not go over here because we already have one of our workers there but we could go on to this spot or that spot and then of course all of these empty ones now if we ever want to go on to a location where our opponents have workers we have to put a number of workers down onto that spot equal to one more then their workers there and then after that they actually get to pull that worker off and put it back into their supply remember on your turn you either place workers out or you pull all of them back and when you pull them back it’s kind of a null turn that’s all you’re doing so that means the more you get bumped off of the board the longer you can go until you have to have one of those turns where you actually get anything done now if we were to activate this that would cost us two of our workers and it would get the blue player one of their workers back and I just don’t like the idea of that right now so instead I figure let’s go over to this spot now this is only gonna cost one of our workers and you’ll notice that there is an up arrow and two gray cubes none of the resources over here or gray and that’s because what this icon does is we can do two resource upgrades when you upgrade a resource it goes to the next value up so we could upgrade at acorn into a meet if we wanted to now this action lets us do two upgrades so that means we could do that once again spending two of our corn to get to meet or we could spend one corn to turn into a meat and then spend that meat immediately to turn that into one of these tobacco I think that is what we want to do on our turn we can see up here that a couple of these do require the tobacco resource and if we wanted to in the future we can go here for one worker and spend one tobacco to get four more of the corn back so I think having that around is probably gonna be good for us so let’s go ahead and get rid of this one corn it turns into a meat which it immediately turns into a tobacco and that is gonna finish out our turn before we move on I’d like to focus in on these cards and discuss a little bit more about how we take them and why we want them now as I said on our turn we picked up eight tobacco because that green tobacco icon shows up a couple times up here and the way you can pick up these cards is by putting the workers down on the spots below them once you do that you can spend the resources listed on the card to take it and it is worth that number of points at the end of the game when you put workers on these locations you also have the option of picking up a bonus token that is listed on the same area now you can have a max of three of these at the end of the game and each one of them will give you bonus points depending on these icons that show up on the cards and other bonuses that you might have at the end of the game for instance if we take this bonus token right here that will be worth two extra points for us for every one of the compass rose icon we have and this one over here is worth three points for every one of the dreamcatchers and Satchel combos that we have amongst all of the tokens in our area now these numbers printed on the cards are the main way we’re going to get points in the game but there is yet another reason we want to pick them up and that has to do with the bonuses in the top left of these cards now some of them have one-shot bonuses for instance this one right here immediately gives you access to two more of your workers and you can have them for the rest of the game this one is all so in immediate action and that lets you choose any of these copper tiles right over here you can then get the bonus that is printed on it for instance this would give you a tobacco and a meat and this one would just give you an extra hammer symbol at the end of the game for scoring bonuses like this one right over here and then the moment you take this off that will unlock a new work replacement spot that everyone can go to for the rest of the game now we can look to these over here and they have ongoing benefits this one shows the bone and a – one worker this means whenever you activate to a location that has that bone icon on it you have to send one less worker than you normally would have to over here we can see this fur + meat in this says whenever a player who has this card goes to a location with this fur icon on it they will immediately pick up a meat in addition to whatever that action space does for them well I think at this point it’s time for the blue player to take their second turn of the game and they’ve decided to spend one of the workers over onto this exchange spot that lets them get rid of a corn and a meat as many times as they want to and each time they do that they will pick up a fur at the moment they have three mean and just one corn so that means they’re not being super efficient here by getting rid of one set but you’ll notice they now have two meats and one fur and that is what they would need to pick up at this point card up here so it seems very likely this is what they’re angling to do on their next turn it’s now time for the white player to go again and they are simply going to send one worker on to that location this lets them pick up one meat that they can put into their area and you’ll notice they have four of the corn a meat and a fur and that means they have what they need to complete at this point card on their next turn if they want to although that spot does require more workers on the right-hand side then these do over on the left so they might decide to hold off on picking it up all right we can now go once again and I think what we should do is try to pick up more of the tobacco resource this card right up here lets us get more of the workers and the more workers we have the longer we can go before we have to do a rest action so I think let’s go ahead and just send two of our workers up to that location that is the minimum that we have and that will let us say immediately take another tobacco at this point blue can take their next turn and it’s time for the first card purchase of the game they’ve decided to send a one of their workers right over to this spot right here and now as I said before they can either purchase this car or they could take a bonus or they could do both if they want to now this bonus right here gives three points at the end of the game for every compass rose and satchel icon they have in their area and the card they’re planning on buying has a hammer this means they cannot be sure if they’re gonna have any of this combo and you can only store three of these bonuses in the game so they are going to pass on taking this right now and then they’re just gonna buy this card that’s gonna cost them two meats and one fur so they are now completely out of resources but then they can take this card right here it’s worth three points to them at the end of the game and from now on whenever they do a action that has this fur I con like this one right over here and one of the unlockable ones down below they will get a bonus meat as well next up they can add this into their own a personal tableau in their playing area at this point it’s now time to talk about how the endgame will be triggered there’s just one way that this happens and that is once any player has purchased their ate one of these point cards the moment that happens we will then continue playing until we have completed the round remember we were the starting player which means that completing the round will end with the white player always once that happens we can add up all of our points at the end of the game these numbers will give us points the bonus tokens we take and put over here will give us points and we will get one point for every non corn resource we have banked up in our area once we’ve added all of that up we’re gonna see who has the most points and they will be the winner let’s now come back up to the card row and the last thing the blue player has to do on their turn is slide all of them over to the left and then we can reveal a new one from the top of the deck this one looks like it also lets us get more of the workers and that’s going to cost three meat to get five points and a satchel at this point the white player can now take their next turn but I think we’re gonna save that for the extended playthrough I have now taught most of the rules to the game so that’s gonna bring us to the end of the tutorial I promise in the playthrough we’ll do things like resting which will bring back our workers as we cycle through and we will certainly have players go on to action spots where other people are which would of course concept and those workers that were already there to get bumped back so you can see all of those things as we play through the extended version of the game going all the way to the end and if you’d like to watch that you can click a link down below in the description for it or the I up in the top corner and I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to play century a new world as always I’d like to thank everyone who’s been supporting this channel including all of these producer level patreon backers if you two would like to directly support the channel and the creation of videos like this one then please go to junkets Gamescom slash support to see a variety of ways with which you can do that also if you enjoy this video please click the like button down below as well as the subscribe button for the channel thanks for watching

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  1. Thanks for the run through. Seems to play the same as Spice Road (only with worker placement instead of cards) so doesn’t seem worth it to own both…

  2. I feel like the components in this game are really small and could be difficult for people to handle. It's a shame since this seems like a game that's in my wheel house but I play with people who have some motor difficulties.

  3. Great play through Jon! We’ve played this game 7x now (twice with 2 players, twice with 3, thrice with 4) and I must say the game is a lot more interactive with 4 players which we like. We love the bumping out of other players workers especially when it happens to us. I think this might be better than spice road. The scoring options here feels more fun as well.

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