i'm frank Tufano I am here in New York City at Madison Square Park where we have a vegan activist event being conducted by the anonymous for the voiceless let's see if they have any voices to share with us today all right so we walked around tried to hand out a couple of flyers you know informing people on why a vegan diet isn't optimal and maybe like a handful of people wanted to read it was met with a pretty hostile response maybe I should not have dressed up as cave boy today some people were kind of nice and open but that was maybe two out of about 40 people so I think we do have a few people to talk to an interview so what's going on what's your name Yugi what's your name Frank right yeah I'm Frank I'm doing good man did you want to discuss any topic in particular no I'm just wondering what you are doing here right now and I would love to because I'm sure you know what we're doing here sure everyone looking here is aware like what we're doing it so much to know what your perspective is yeah sure I came down actually I made some fliers that just had some bullet points on you know some drawbacks to a vegan diet and you guys didn't seem interested in reading the Flyers so I just decided to start walking around and talking to people and asking if they were interested in being interviewed you know I asked about like twenty or thirty people if they wanted to read or they were open to more information and they were not open to more information on the vegan diet so you know I'm presenting flyers I'm trying to give people an opposite perspective and they didn't really seem to care okay so what what do these drawbacks well there's three the nutritional drawbacks of a vegan diet you have the moral and ethical drawbacks of a vegan diet not Nate oh good so this is the this is the guy that's the party pooper he doesn't want me to entertain you guys he doesn't want me to talk anyone these you see these two girls right here these two girls right here are talking probably to a vegan maybe he's trying to convince them or something but there's entertainment in every aspect of life these girls are being entertained by his idea of a vegan diet if you don't have entertainment you will not capture someone's attention so saying that oh you're here for entertainment doesn't make any sense what about my channel what's the focus of it the name is my name my my youtube channel is my name it's Frank yeah Frank's oof ah no it's in my car it's in my car oh look we got another one they got the witch from the what is it what's the what's the show uh what's what's the card what's that stupid Dorothy no not now the yellow brick road shit the yellow brick road what's that called The Witcher no no what's what's what's the movie with the yellow brick road where's the device yeah we got door we had the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz over here what's the name of the channel it's Frank to Fano to you after you know F a and can you roll can you roll the camera let's follow captain douchenozzle around where'd he fucking go where'd he go alright so we got a we got captain killjoy over here the blond guy with the he says German and Dutch on his shirt he's walking away from us cuz he wants nothing to do with us this gentleman has been going up to every single person I have tried to spoken to and he has told them not to speak with me for what reason I don't know but he's not getting paid by these people they're not paying him anything so he has some incentive to discourage other people from learning more about the diet and keeping people from hearing anything that detracts from their message and he's not too happy that we're following him around we tried speaking to about half a dozen people and every single time we spoke to someone that wasn't affiliated with the event someone from the event came up to them and you know told them not to talk to us said something negative about us so as usual vegans are trying to silence the truth and they don't want to listen to contrary opinions they don't want to be open-minded or anything so what turned you out to a vegan diet animal rights animal right so I mean I mean the three main arguments for vegan diet are maybe nutrition animal rights as well as the environment right I mean that would be a plant-based diet but yeah what turned you on to the vegan diet fifteen years ago I found out about the process by which animal products come to my plate and I decided I was not comfortable with that and didn't do it overnight but I I know I know it's fine I know it's it's fine okay and yeah I decided that that wasn't for me and I've been vegan since I mean have you have you been made aware of conventional we got Captain killjoy number two over here walkie-talkie it up and dressed in black if I'm gonna be honest men like I feel like sometimes I'm missing part of my brain when I talk to people but I feel bad like snooze give me one word answers did not really thinking for herself it's unfortunate that these people get exposed to this information in such a young age sir did you have any opinions on a vegan diet no I don't have it I agree this guy said he would interview with us and now he doesn't want to so the the vegan hide might change his mind yeah yeah you changed you changed your mind after he told you so he speaks his boy he speaks for what you think message is the same what is the vegan message I think the message is stop stop killing animals it's that simple so start stop grinding animals up in conventional monocropping stop killing animals yes I'll start stop buying food from the supermarket oh we got captain captain killjoys back he's back paste I've never seen someone so pasty in the middle of the summer to be honest why don't begin sever promote pastured animals why don't they mention that they're much better alternatives to these animals that are being tortured it's mr. killjoy one it's mr. killjoy one maybe I need to go in a bit anyway but I mean I can answer your question wait what was your question I'm sorry you know you know this is a public space you know I understand this is their event and that we're going to their event to try to present contrary information but you know none of this stuff has merit to it they don't want to answer questions they don't really want to address anything we spoke about and that interview earlier that guy was completely rude and just kept interrupting me so we're just going to ask some random strangers on the street and see if they're interested in talking to us any opinions on the vegan diet it's important to be vegans kind of it's really cool I try to be big in some days of the week Oh like days without eating any meat I've tried it in the past it's difficult I love I love the taste of beef so it's it's something I you know I've gotta be you know deprogrammed to be able to to make it happen it's going on you guys like vegans yeah did you want to talk about it being diet for a few minutes no did you want to talk about the beacon diet vegan I am vegan oh you are vegan yes did you want to discuss possibly like the nutrition environmental or moral aspects of a vegan diet local I agree 100% eat local yes because local bacteria that's what you need in your gut not something from Brazil if you live in New York City have you heard anything about a vegan diet a little bit I once had a work mate who was a vegan eater it doesn't sound like fun at all I mean vegetarian would we be had enough but vegan I agree hundred percent uh I mean was he like unusual compared to anyone else er no she wasn't minions on the vegan diet yeah so when did you start being vegan I started vegetarian so you think a lot of vegans are that like going to supermarkets that just buy whatever and aren't really mindful of their food choices or where they're coming from that could that's it may be an issue that's an issue yes cuz you need again a local bacteria for the local environment otherwise you're messing up your own gut in the context of a vegan diet most people talk about you know the environment the animals the health and nutritional aspects but have you looked into like counter opinions on on any drawbacks to it no do you think people are under the perception that a vegan or vegetarian diet is healthier I think so it probably is but I don't know that are you trying to be vegan is it for the health the environment for the animals mostly it's is okay I mean meat being the only real source of certain vitamins and nutrients in the human diet you don't think that buckwheat look it up buckwheat has what what about complete source of protein buckwheat complete source of protein but what about vitamin b12 vitamin b12 you can get from other things let's see well except now awful food that's where it comes in awful food and I'll tell you why the awful food is is not something you have to kill for but if it's dead you end up eating it right I'm sorry what do you mean I'm just can you just clarify what do you mean by awful food awful food is internal organs basically yes that's where you get your vitamin B so vitamin B is a problem yes I do take supplements for vitamin that I supplement everything else the protein source is buckwheat for me there are several nutritional issues with the vegan I mean we know vegans have to supplement a lot and and you know supplements aren't really spoken a lot about in the context of the vegan diet they kind of brush it off right yeah oh 109 and I had a real issue I tried it a few years ago and I was an unhealthy vegan eater so I think there's a correct way to do it because I don't always think it's the healthiest option have you been led to believe that a vegan diet is better for you I do believe it's it's it's good I did it like in the past and I think that it's good but personally I need to eat some protein in order to to be healthy but in general I think it's important that we can survive on the topic of you know the nutritional downsides of a vegan diet I mean those aren't really touched on too much yeah well I guess there's a lot of propaganda out there about animal protein as compared to plant protein so I think I think that's pretty important to get the information out there about animal protein not being superior to plant proteins do you think vegans need to be more aware of the nutrients that they need to supplement such as vitamin b12 do you feel as if that's not talked about enough in the context of the vegan diet absolutely yes b12 is a big problem there's there's there's a scarcity or a scar city of V b12 in vegetable diet yes you have to admit that so I do have to supplement either with supplements or I go for awful foods sometimes do you feel as if you're being a little bit misled you know when people come to you about the vegan diet oh it's so good for the animals oh it's so good for the environment but they don't tell you that oh you need to do it this way or at least you know there are some drawbacks to it from a nutritional standpoint 100% I don't think it's as easy as it sounds I mean I don't even know people think it sounds easy i I think it's a very difficult thing anything a lot of research needs to go into it as well where did you get the idea that a vegan diet is is better for you on those aspects it's to keep like everything it could in an equilibrium okay yeah thank you guys did you have any thoughts on like the omega fatty acids as well like like epa and DHA and the conversion weed has all of that buckwheat has so you're saying you're saying that buckwheat has alpha linolenic that converts yes absolutely it's a seed remember it's just like okay so I mean you know it does need to be converted in the body I mean are you concerned that there haven't really been a lot of studies done on the conversion of these foods in the body well I take it wrong I literally I blend it with with with with with water and I just didn't take it it's raw you just just turn into a powder and mix it with yogurt if you can cuz I take yogurt I have to want to talk about the vegan diet no can't blame you miss I'm sorry did you want to talk about the vegan diet no all right she looks pale enough to be a vegan do you take any sort of vitamin A supplements vitamin no not at all again buckwheat going back to he's got everything so the carotene in buckwheat would convert in the body to vitamin A yes because what I do I'm a vegan but I have to take the dairy I have to that takes me out of vegan but you see you cannot be a strictly vegan strictly vegan you know I mean you have to have every like you have to have a comprehensive diet where your bacteria has to come from somewhere right so if I eat a lot of raw stuff because if you cook it you kill it and it just eating dead food so I take raw milk sometimes I eat raw eggs I eat raw buckwheat and you can't eat the raw meat that's naturally out so but you have to take some sometimes that the awful food because you have heart lungs liver that's b12 right there complex B and the opinions on the vegan diet no one likes the vegan diet right sorry you think of vegan diets ridiculous I'm just saying this huh I agree a hundred percent whole thing is completely out there what are you do though problem is that what we do with a with the with the lie in a nutshell go to the beach get your vitamin D eat local you must have local biodome well unless you know unleavened on unleavened food I don't know yes they were from each that makes your feet stink by the way the moral and ethical aspects of a vegan diet are pretty foggy when it's a choice between you know grinding up rodents and deer and and insects and and literally destroying the environment to grow crops or you can kill an animal that's those are the two options either way you're killing animals but when you do the former you're just not directly involved in the process of harming those animals it's kind of hiding it on the environmental aspect that that's a whole debacle but you know you have periods of time like in the medieval period the Medieval Warm Period there are you know very short periods of time in human history you know a few dozen years 3040 years where the temperature has drastically changed a large variance of degrees and then you also have the what is it the nutritional aspects of a vegan diet people don't usually discuss this because their point is that veganism and the point of being a vegan is you know it's for the animals it's a moral or ethical obligation so some people might be open to discussing the nutritional aspect of a vegan diet and that's what we wanted to find today absolutely yes this is about vegan is about living a wholesome life what is your understanding of the vegan diet and the environment that you know most people are led to believe it's better I have no understanding I mean do you care about you know how the food is grown what types of foods you're choosing in particular or well has to be natural without any pesticides that's for sure because that's that comes in your body and that does kill the bacteria it's all about the bacteria it's all about the buyer biodome in your gut all diseases starting from the gut that's it that's how it goes the meat you definitely want save it from from meat products because it takes the longest to digest we're not Tigers we're not dogs we don't have the capacity national capacity to digest that food our stomachs are only made for digesting berries nuts fruits and veggies that's it do you think it's a possibility that the reason meat takes longer to digest is because we're extracting more nutrition from it no because it takes longer to break it down what initially got you to try the vegan diet I have I have a hard time you know seeing stuff like that with animals being mistreated and it makes me sick to my stomach to to think about it on the topic of like the moral and the environmental aspects I mean I mean most people are saying it's better for the animals and it's better for the environment as well true but if animals aren't eating they'll they'll disappear anyhow I mean for example we didn't eat house there wouldn't be many cows around so you wouldn't be killing this many but their population would go around to a small small fraction of what it is now out of all the aspects of the vegan diet you know we have the nutritional aspect we have the environmental aspect and we have the moral and ethical aspect did you have like a brief opinion on each of those well I would say the moral and ethical aspect is probably the the strongest one for me like when we get a like a rotisserie chicken I've got to have somebody else tear it apart because I can't go and and if I can identify it as an animal it makes me sick to my stomach to even think about trying to tear it apart to eat it what's the reason you became vegan animal rights animal rights so did you look into any other aspects of the vegan diet outside of that when you started it or knows very much about animal rights and the environment why did you stop being a vegan what was it a craving was it I don't want it I don't want to impose anything but you know was it because of the difficulty of the social situation it's just it's the the taste the I just I love cheese and eggs and meat you know it brought up on it I grew up on a farm so it's you know we had to go out and pluck our chickens I had I had a cow that was my best friend her name was Lucille we had we had her slaughtered one day and came home to find her her head buried in our yard but then we had hamburgers and steak for the next two years so it was a maybe it was being so young and having that sort of trauma having to bury it because I got to eat it you know well the you know the cow had a beautiful and happy life on the farm and then idiot gave you you know beautiful and nourishing food for two years yeah that's true but I I wish we didn't have to kill her in the yard and I had to watch my dad chop the heads off of chickens and I had to pluck them and then we had some pigs and we had them taken to the slaughterhouse and yeah i think i think i learned to bury all those emotions about about the individuals in nature there are literally thousands of species of animals and in the united states we eat beef pork and chicken it's like we took these animals out of nature and now we're raising them on feedlots treating them horribly and and them and the meats making us sick because of how we're raising the animals now you know that mean the supermarket you know when you look at that meat you think of you know the animal but there's a there's a problem with conventionally growing plant foods too you know when you tilled the soil you know when you spray pesticides and herbicides you're killing trillions of animals and displacing millions of animals as well and and vegans avoid this vegans avoid addressing the issue that you you know you're still killing rodents you're still killing insects you know when you're purchasing plant foods and it becomes a tough line you know what what do you care more about you know though those those insects those rodents those animals or you know I guess I guess that's a moral decision most people like to have to make but the one thing vegans tend to avoid and the reason I'm going through all of this is they don't talk about supporting local agriculture and supporting local farms it's very important to support at the local farms I mean I think that's where you should get most of your produce and meats from and I don't think I don't think that's as bad I have a friend supports all local farms and I think that that's just as good as being a vegan as well you think it's easier for people to just you know going to the supermarket and and pick up some fruits or some vegetables or some grains and not think about the animal that was slaughtered yet you know they're not they're not considering you know all those insects rodents deer you know all of those creatures that were displaced and killed in the farming of those plant foods do you think there's a detachment in our modern context of how we buy food completely yeah cuz I don't if I get a burger I don't for once think about that it's an animal I just think it's a burger I'm thinking about the flavor and I'm thinking about you know that I'm gonna be full and that's it and then you know they do that for a meal to meal it's a meal you just kind of forget that their actual living creatures so you don't think vegans have a lot of like you know foresight they're not really thinking too far into the future they're not thinking about how we've always lived I think they think about what they're doing quite a bit you know you being on a farm as a perfect example you know those you know it's an unfortunate part of the life cycle that we have to kill these animals but you know it's what humans have done for many many years and as we've lost our our natural instinct our hunting instinct and all that stuff and as we've domesticated animals it's created a tough situation you know and I think a lot of you know the misconceptions about the plant-based diet you know people don't really understand them and they need to be made up a little bit more aware of them that's true but no thanks again guys I'm gonna let you go okay thank you so much thank you that was nice that was pleasant you know it's it shows you that even people that you know don't appear to really be too aware of I mean the guy literally tried to veganize for a period of time but I mean he wasn't even aware too much of all of the arguments just the emotional aspect resonated with him so much that it convinced him to be vegan and I guess he just wasn't sucked into it as much as everyone else but what's really interesting about this is he was exposed to the contrast as a child he grew up on a farm he had the animal foods in his diet the high-quality nourishing animal foods and and that's very important and even after being exposed to that information you know the vegan diet still clicked in his head to some degree so there's definitely a lot of social conditioning going on here any opinions oh I like it I like it no okay there you go you're doing a wonderful job so thank you thank you so much mister you enjoy the rest your day okay now that was I was really excited for that because I saw she was pregnant and you know it's unfortunate you know you have pregnant woman young woman being misled you know about the nutritional aspects of their diet and you know it's one it's one in millions it's one person in millions there's only so much we could do you know you see how you know I'm bringing up all of these things and if I started talking about you know deep nutrition and metabolic pathways it's just too much information for these people to understand it's you know you have to start very basic and just kind of ease your way in there and be approachable but people simply aren't aware of the nutrition of animal foods and how important they are it's what I meant any opinions on the vegan diet no all right do you ladies like the vegan diet nasty stuff you have any like thoughts or opinions on general on the vegan diet outside of that no really thank you so much thank you I don't know how these people have been standing out here all day since about 10:00 a.m. it's like four o'clock now dressed in full black wearing masks not getting paid definitely some form of mental illness but I guess it's all for the animals right let's let humans suffer dozens of humans sweating their guts out in the middle of New York City to convince other people to join their cause you cannot be extreme on either side of the aisle you have to be in the middle just like Buddha said they happen this is the middle all right man thank you so much my name is Frank man take care it's not gonna get better than that not gonna get better than that that was that was like if you told me that I was gonna come down here and meet that guy randomly today I would have told you to shut up because yeah and yeah I know you guys might be like Oh Frank why don't you correct him on this or that look he's a nice guy he's 90% of the way there he knows what he's talking about the guy drinks raw milk you know he knows about the gut microbiome and you know he might not be aware of conversion rates of certain nutrients he might not be aware of you know I mean buckwheat I don't want to have to see Bach all that but compared to what we've seen today and what we're used to speaking about I think out of any vegan thing I've seen online by far the most intelligent conversation I've ever had or seen at heart vegans may have good intentions but it's very clear there are misled on the nutrition environment as well as moral and ethical aspects of a vegan diet let's continue the promotion of high quality nutrient-dense animal foods

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  2. Let’s be clear. Vegans are cool. Vegan ACTIVISTS SUCKS ASS!!!!! Vegan activists are the worst people ever

  3. "I eat lots of raw animal foods but I'm too afraid of peer pressure to be PC compliant so I define myself as a vegan.."

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