– Do you know Reba McEntire? – Of course I know Reba! – That’s my girl, that’s my girl! ♫ My roots are planted in the past ♫ And though my life is changing fast ♫ Who I am is who I wanna be – I’m done with this. (laughing) (light suspenseful music) – No scrubs. You know, a scrub is a guy
who can’t get no love from me. No, I want a serious relationship. I love questioning the world, myself. Why did I do that? That was mean, that was weird. You know, like I think I
would need someone who is also able to open themselves up
to that line of questioning about themselves, about the world, about why things are
the way that they are. So, that’s like, very attractive to me. – Some things that I find very attractive in a partner is humanitarianism. I appreciate and admire
the quality of someone who is selfless and really
looks out for others. You know, I just need a
girl who is smart as well as beautiful so if she
doesn’t have the brains, it doesn’t matter how pretty she is. I’m gonna lose interest. (light suspenseful music) – Your name is Mark
and this is your story. You’re 24 years old. For work, you are an entrepreneur. You grew up in Chicago? Your cultural or ethnic
background is African-American. – So, my name is AJ. – Okay. (laughing) – And I am 23 years old and for
work, I am a security guard. I am not from Chicago. I am from Colorado. – Mm! – Yes, I am African-American (bell dings) (laughing) – Really? (laughing) – There’s a little of that in there, but I’m also Native American. – Oh, okay! – Your name is Nicole
and this is your story. You are 26 years old and for
work you are a fashion designer You grew up in a rural city place. (giggling) Your cultural or ethnic background is African-American slash Native American. – Okay, all right. My name is Portia. – Oh, okay! – Hello! I am 25, so … For work, you said I’m a fashion designer? I work at a warehouse and I
also act, so there’s that. – Okay, okay! – Mm-hm! I grew up, I wasn’t sure. You said rural and city? – I didn’t, I couldn’t– – I grew up in Baltimore. – Okay. – And I am African-American. (bell dings) But I’m not, to my
knowledge, Native American. – Well, it’s nice to meet you, Portia. – It is nice to meet you, too. What was the name that you said? – Nicole. – Nicole kinda basic, no offense
to the Nicoles out there. – I originally thought Keisha– (gasping) – I’m glad you did not
put Keisha on there! – Keisha’s like spunky
and like, you know, fun. All the Keishas I know are! – Okay, okay. – So, you know. – [Portia] Are you nervous? – Hella. (laughing) – I couldn’t tell. (laughing) – I mostly grew up in
an educated black home, meaning you pulled your pants up, you wore your hat a certain way. You had to have good grades, otherwise, you weren’t going to go anywhere, you weren’t going to
be successful in life. I’m exposing myself to a
lot of the things that I was sheltered from as a kid, so
whether it be movies, music, art, people, experiences. I just kind of want to try it
all before I decide and say I don’t want to do something
or I do want to do something. – I came from a household
where, for the most part, I would say I had a single mom. I think mainly what we were
taught was just diversity, inclusion and also,
asking why and questioning even your own beliefs. I’m always trying to
figure out my strengths, combat my weaknesses. I’m just such a huge procrastinator. It’s like, I really should
get up and do this thing but this bed is so warm. (slow bluesy music) – Your guilty musical pleasure is funk. You do dance to music when
you’re alone in the car and your ultimate pump-up song
is “Formation” by Beyonce. (laughing) – My guilty music pleasure
is probably something by a Disney Channel star. (laughing) I’m sorry! I definitely dance to
music when I’m alone. (bell dings) Yeah, I definitely do. My ultimate pump-up song
probably is a Beyonce song, but it’s not “Formation.” Maybe it’s like “Girls Run The World.” Of course! – That was it– – In the back of your mind? You’re lying. (laughing) Your guilty musical pleasure is pop music. You do dance to music when
you’re alone in the car. And your ultimate pump-up song is “Shots.” (laughing) – Okay, that’s a fair assumption,
that’s a fair assumption. My guilty musical pleasure
is actually country. – Wow, I’ve listened to some country. Where did you say you were from again? – Colorado. – Oh, that’s why! – I definitely dance to music in my car. (bell dings) – Oh, I could tell. – I’ll be in traffic just
jamming out, windows down, blaring music, looking at
everybody else like, why you mad? (laughing) My ultimate pump-up song, this
one band called Pentatonix. – Oh, I know Pentatonix, yeah. – I’m ready for anything with that group. – That’s beautiful. – They’ve taken me through– – Can you sing? ♫ Well – What? Oo! Sing something. ♫ Do you really love me ♫ Do you really want me ♫ Do you really ♫ At least pretend to love me girl ♫ I don’t care if that love is real (laughing) – That’s a song by Pentatonix. – Okay, okay. (laughing) I thought you were about to sing ♫ Do you remember Do you know that song? – You sing, too? – I mean, a little, but not like that! (laughing) – Do you know Reba McEntire? – Of course I know Reba! – That’s my girl, that’s my girl! ♫ My roots are planted in the past ♫ And though my life is changing fast ♫ Who I am is who I wanna be – I’m done with this. (laughing) I define myself as bisexual
but the sexual part is t he weird part because I’ve
also recently discovered that I’m demisexual, which is
on the spectrum of asexual, which means while I am bisexual, like I would like to be in
a relationship with either a man or a woman, I don’t necessarily feel sexual attraction to either one of them. Until I have a stronger
bond and then I do, maybe. – Pansexual is a term that
specifically denotes that you’re attracted to the mind and mentality of that person
and that gender can kind of be whatever it is to the side. So, for me, saying I’m
pansexual means that I’m saying I’m attracted to the brain. I’m attracted to your brain and it doesn’t matter what it’s in but I’m attracted to your brain and so that’s what that means for me. (light suspenseful music) When you make a mistake, you usually get over it
and adjust pretty quickly. You are most grateful for
your father in your life. By the age of 30, you want to
have been on the red carpet. – So, when you make a mistake,
I agree with what you said. I kind of move forward from
it and figure out, well, I also apologize, too. (bell dings) I take responsibility even
though it hurts, physically. (laughing) You said I’m most grateful for my father? I would say that I’m most
grateful for my mother. I’m like, I need you to look up jobs. She’s like, I got ’em. She’s like, I need you
to look up apartments. I’ve got four, look at ’em tomorrow. Yeah, so, that’s her. (laughing) So, by age 30, I– what did you say? – You wanted to be on the red carpet. – Oh, yes, yes! (bell dings) Yeah, we’ll take that! I wanna be on the red carpet! (laughing) When you make a mistake,
you usually apologize. You are most grateful for
your family in your life. By age 30, you want to be in a big movie. – When I make a mistake,
I definitely apologize. (bell dings) – I could sense that. (laughing) Quick, fast, and in a hurry! – I am most grateful for my family. (bell dings) They are, especially my
brothers and sisters, they are my rock-solid, those
are like my little babies. – How many do you have? – Total of six of us. – Okay, mine too. – Okay, okay! – We’re actually the same person! I forgot to mention that! (laughing) By age 30, I want to be
working on a home life, planning out kids in the future
by the time I get to the 30s – All right, you’re in your 20s. You have so much life ahead of you. (laughing) – I mean, you’re 24? – [Portia] 25. – Two years! – A lot changes, Grasshopper. (laughing) Just kidding. – Well– – Do you date older women? – You would be surprised about how old. – Uh-oh, you’re gonna
tell me about Grandma? What happened? (laughing) – I have been known to spend
some time with some cougars. – Oh, you’re a cub! Uh-oh! – [AJ] I enjoyed it
until it reached a point where it was like– – You saw the wrinkles? – Wrinkles don’t– – And it was like, it hurt
her to get out of the bed? Or is it– – [AJ] No! – No, let me stop. – It was just the older
mentality that kind of slowed– – Yeah, yeah. – The relationship. Because it was, I’m a little
bit more progressive than that. – Right. – I identify as a pansexual, meaning I have been
with both sexes before. My preference leans towards women but I’m not completely closed off on the idea. The term pansexual for me means that I’m attracted to somebody’s mind. – I think, as someone who is
also in the LGBTQ community, I can sense that you
were in there somewhere. I identify as bisexual and demisexual. – Demisexual? – Like, I only like Demi Lovato. (laughing) Demisexual falls along
the asexual spectrum. – Oh! – So, I don’t really feel
very much sexual attraction until I grow a strong bond with someone. I mean, that bond could
take, like, two minutes or it could take two years. – I believe that, for
women, there needs to be more of an emotional drive and connection for you to actually have
those type of stimulus. I mean, yes, you have
the urge to, you know– – I don’t. – Demi!
– Yeah, exactly. – Right, right, right. But as far as, in general– – Those normal people? (laughing) Those others. – Yes, the heteros. – Yes! (laughing) (light suspenseful music) – So, when I first saw
you, I originally said that I would not date you. – Aw! (laughing) – But, I think, now I still
stand with that statement. I would say that you would
become more of a friend. – Okay. (laughing) Okay, so when I first saw you, I said that I also would not date you. Talking to you, I would
say I still wouldn’t, but I agree, I think that
we would be good friends because I feel like we have
a very similar personality. – I think we have that friend vibe. – Exactly. – When I sat down, I had the
nervous date vibe, date vibe. And then it was like– – Oh, we’re like homies. – Yeah, yeah. – Exactly. No, we’re like best friends already. Like, it’s already on Facebook. – All right. Facebook official. – Yeah. Hey, Best Friend. – Hey. (laughing) It was a pleasure meeting you. – To meet you also. – And– – We’re standing? – Yes, a hug. – Okay. (laughing) Okay. – My best wishes to you
in your romantic endeavor. – You too! I’m excited to see what happens there. – We’ll stay connected on Facebook. – We’re already friends, remember? – [AJ] All right. ♫ Soul Pancake (electronic bluesy music)

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