It was a bright and pleasant morning. ChuChu, ChaCha, Chika and Chiku were watering plants in the garden. I hope you are enjoying yourselves,
flowers. You all are so pretty. There were many flowers in the garden. They all looked very happy. But there was one little flower, a white flower, who didn’t seem at all happy. Bubbly was a butterfly who lived in the garden. She had a very kind heart. She noticed the white flower and
went to talk to it. Hello, little flower! Why are you so sad when everyone else is so happy? Didn’t you enjoy the shower and the sunshine? Oh. Bubbly! I’m sad because I’m plain. All the other flowers in the garden are colorful and pretty. But I’m white and plain. Bubbly began to wonder what she could
do to make the little white flower happy. The poor little flower. She’s feeling so sad. I wish I could do something to
make her smile and make her feel happy. But what can I do? Suddenly, Bubby had an idea. I know! I’ll make the white flower the most colorful flower in the garden. I’ll color her petals
with all the colors of the rainbow. I’m sure my friends in the garden will help me and share their colors. So, Bubbly went around the
garden looking for the colors of the rainbow. There’s red! There’s orange! Yellow! Green! Blue! Indigo! And violet! All the colors of the rainbow
are right here in the garden! Bubbly then politely asked everyone to share their colors. Red rose, you are pretty, soft and light. Orange sun, you shine with such great might. Yellow sunflower, you are beautiful and bright. Green leaves, you’ve got shades of dark and light. Blue bell, you are a dazzling delight. Indigo flower, you seem to glow even at night. Violet flower, you are such a pretty sight. But the little white flower doesn’t like her sight. She thinks she’s too plain and white
. If you lend her a little bit of color! She’ll be a lovely smiling flower
. Sure, sure, sure! It would be our pleasure! To share our color! Take any measure! We’ll spray with pressure! And make the little flower feel fresher! And as precious as a treasure! I’m so happy! I’m no longer white and plain. I have all the colors of the rainbow now! I’m a rainbow flower now! Thank you sun, I’m glowing because of you. Flowers and leaves, thank you for all the
beautiful colors you have given me. And Bubbly! You are a true friend. I’m a bright, colorful rainbow flower, all because of you. Thank you. We are your friends, rainbow flower! And what are friends for? The little flower was now a bright, smiling, happy and colorful rainbow flower. ChuChu and all the other children were very happy to see her. Oh! Look at that flower! She has all the colors of the rainbow! She must be a rainbow flower. Isn’t she pretty?

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