No, not today
Someday flowers will fall But no. Not today
That that is not today No, no. Not today
It’s too good day to die No no, not today
no no no, not today Right We are EXTRA
But still part of this world EXTRA + ORDINARY it ain’t anything big Never die today Light breaks through the darkness You want a new world too?
Oh baby yes I want it Run if you can’t fly today we will survive Walk if you can’t run today we will survive Crawl if you can’t walk crawl to gear up Ready! Aim! Fire! Not not today! Not not today! Hey~ crow tits! All hands up! Hey~ friends! All hands up! Hey~ If you believe in me hands up! Ready! Aim! Fire! Never die! Never ask! Shout!
Not not today! Never kneel down! Never cry! hands up!
Not not today Hey~ Not not today Ready! Aim! Fire! Too hot, my success doublin’
too hot, over the chart I’m tumblin’ Too high, we on trampoline
too high, someone’s gonna have to stop it See, we couldn’t fail
Cuz our faith is entirely on each other What you say yeah
Not today yeah never die today yeah Trust me on your side together we won’t die Trust you on my side together we won’t die Trust the word ‘together’
trust that it’s bulletproof Ready! Aim! Fire! Not not today! Not not today! Hey~ crow tits! All hands up! Hey~ friends! All hands up! Hey~ If you believe in me hands up! Ready! Aim! Fire! Never die! Never ask! Shout!
Not not today! Never kneel down! Never cry! hands up!
Not not today Hey~ Not not today Ready! Aim! Fire! Throw it up! Throw it up!
Throw away the fear in your eyes Break it up! Break it up!
Break the glass ceiling that locks you up Turn it up! (Turn it up!) Burn it up! (Burn it up!)
Till the day of the victory (fight!) Never kneel down Never fall apart
That’s (Do) not today! Not not today! Not not today! Hey~ crow tits! All hands up! Hey~ friends! All hands up! Hey~ If you believe in me hands up! Ready! Aim! Fire! Never die! Never ask! Shout!
Not not today! Never kneel down! Never cry! hands up!
Not not today Hey~ Not not today Ready! Aim! Fire!

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  1. Awww my dongsaeng loves Not Today by you guys!!! Happy 23rd birthday Kookie!!!! Happy 24rd Birthday Joonie!!!! Lankybox did zero budget of your Not today song !!!!

  2. namjoon with purple hair is the best thing kpop ever, jinseok with the bangs is the cutest baby ever, yoongi with half black-navy is the coolest thing i've seen, jhope with pink-orange hair is aethetic hair ever, jimin with pink hair is the powerful style tht i missing, taehyung with the bandana should be the end of the world, and kookiee he look so fit with bright hair color

  3. #DNAto1billion
    ARMYsplease read until the end.
    It's really possible

    3140715 views in 24 hours and its just from 6 of their songs
    1131419 – Boy with luv
    523003 -Idol
    437623 -Mic Drop
    402420 – Fake love
    337023 – Fire
    309227 – Save me

    If we add the views from DNA – 616 870
    It will be 3757585.

    It is highly possible to reach 900 Million before the end of September if we all stream this one song. And IB by end of October.
    -Source of View Count K-pop Charts and News

  4. namjoon,
    when i listen to your music you up lift my spirts
    when i am sad you make me happy with your music
    when i started listening to your music i was going through a breakup with my best friend
    and i was so upset but i hid it from everyone but when i was by myself i cried,and when
    i cried i started telling myself to listen to namjoons music and i became happier when i
    would listen to your music i just…just…didn't pay any attention to anything bad going on in
    my life and focused on how much of an impact your music made in my life
    i am not sure you can see this comment but i just wanted to say thank you for making
    my life easier to live
    —grace Montgomery
    a believer of happiness

  5. I am suffering from depression since my youngest childhood. I'm also severely somatically ill. I'm in pain every single day despite morphium.
    This song keeps me alive. Day for day. Anytime I plan a suicide, I listen to this song. I know BTS will not read my comment… but: Thank you, Yoongi, Namjoon, Jimin, Jeongguk, Hobi, Jin and Tae!! Thank you for giving me strength everyday! I promise to you that I will fight till the very end!

  6. ❤Jimin
    💝Jung kook
    💖Rap monster

    Love bts army😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

  7. Guys…I found.. somewhere…that says that V's half Filipino so..does…that also makes v a Filipino?…If..that's so then..dang BTS.. has a foreign member xD

  8. New to BTS? Or wanna know more about them and their history. Read this:
    BTS, ”Bangtan Sonyeondan” in Korean is roughly translated to ”Bullet Proof Scoutboys” (and that’s why there fans got called armys). Since there isn’t an exact correct translation though, they now go by ”Beyond The Scene” which is more suitable today.

    BTS have broken barrieres globally like no other young artists or boybands before them, both when it comes to language and race. Imagine a music group with 7 Korean boys 20 years ago, it would just never have happened. The world has not seen a craziness for artists like this since the Beatles. They have also broken world records after world records and keep doing (album charts, concerts, sales, streamings on all kinds of platforms, tweets etc).

    Their latest concert film ”Love Yourself in Seoul” (shot on Aug. 26, 2018, at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul during their first leg of the BTS World Tour: Love Yourself), had the biggest worldwide one-day box office ever for a cinema event. The film was released two months after their previous record-smashing film ”Burn The Stage”. The initial run broke One Direction’s record for the highest-grossing event cinema concert production.

    Last year 2018 they were on the cover of Times Magazine. In native S.Korea they are national icons that got awarded the honorable Order Of Cultural Merit by the S.Korean government 2018. They have contributed to a large increase of tourism like no other before.

    BTS came from nothing (the small, poor, no-name company BigHit) and started out as teenagers 7 years ago. With limited economy BTS lived together in a cheap, small, simple dorm all 7 boys cramped together sharing one toilet and shower etc. There was no lavish living for them. BTS wore cheap clothes when debuting (no Gucci, Chanel or such), had a small simple practice room. Their staff were acting in their music videos because of limited economy.

    They have worked their asses off with blood, sweat and tears for acceptance, love, success and gained millions of fans, so called armys around the world, both women and men in all ages. They have fans who are not only young girls idolizing them but also adults who really admire them for the amazing hard working, multi-talented artists, dancers, singers, rappers, performers, songwriters and producers they are. Some were sceptical to their somewhat ”tougher” style and with alot of rapping, but they proved them wrong. They have gotten so much well-deserved respect not only by Korean artists but from other big Western artists as well.

    I can’t help by thinking of all the struggles and sacrifices that we know BTS have gone through, both individually and as a group in their early years. Their tears on stage during their speeches at concerts and award shows are heartbreaking. Their gratefullness to their armys who they appreciate and care so much about and don’t want to disappoint, even though we love them for who they are.

    It’s sad that alot of Western media ignore and reduce BTS, and that alot of Western countries won’t play their music on their radio channels. Those are people who don’t know anything about BTS but still are underestimating them as just another K-pop group among all others who are nothing but short-lived girl idols. Please step back with your predjudice.

    Their albums are highly complex concept albums. Their lyricism are on another level with well-written, poetical intertwined ”deeper”, hidden stories, messages and connections with the other songs on the same album, as well as with previous albums. Their work is inspired by litterature, art, philosophy. The fact that BTS is producing, composing and writing (sometimes co-writing) their own songs and lyrics is truly admirable. The member’s amazing solo songs are ofc also written by themselves.

    This never happened with any of those past big Western boy bands before them. They got all their trivial empty same similiar pop-songs written for them, mostly by the same people in Sweden (boybands like Backstreet Boys, N*sync, Westlife, Boyzone, 5ive etc). In comparison to BTS they lacked dancing skills or couldn’t dance at all, without having better vocals. BTS are the best idol dancers in the industry period. Member J-hope even ”works” as a choreographer for BTS as well together with their real one.

    None of those past boybands were ever close to any of this, nor be able to pull off World STADIUM tours. Sure smaller concerts in smaller arenas, but not close to arenas with 70000+ audience. Stadiums like Wembley, Stade de France etc.

    There are many reasons why BTS is pioneers and have succeded the way the have. It’s unique that all 7 members individually are extremely talented. All members equally sing or rap with incredible distinct voices that harmonize so well, unlike past boybands were 3 out of 5 could sing and the rest were barely ever heard. BTS has set the bar high for future boy bands, both Western and Korean.

    Other K-music fans may deny it, but BTS are pioneers who by their hard work have paved the way for their idols. BTS was the first K-act and Asian-act to really make it in America and globally, and have also become the biggest superstars, for the right reasons. They love to be with eachother and are still though the same normal, funny, dorky, cute, cool, great guys with wonderful personalities since 7 years ago. As RM said when winning at last BBMA: ”We still are the same boys since 6 years ago, we still have the same dreams, we still have the same thoughts”.
    They are humble, open-minded and have spoken up about subjects such as mental health, depression, self-love, youth issues, social society pressures, same gender relationships, life, love, dreams etc.

    They regularly interact and keep in touch with their armys/fans through VLives on the VLive app, Twitter, Weverse, etc. They have their own awesome VLive reality show serie ”Run BTS!”, their annual Bon Voyage trip, their annual Summer Package trip, annual Muster Concert to celebrate BTS’s anniversary June 13 every year. Meanwhile they share ”BTS Bombs” video clips on their Youtube channel.
    They dance practice almost everyday and work so hard because they love what they are doing and want to give and share their work with their armys. Instead of going to the after-partys at awards shows in the U.S. that they are invited to, they choose to go to their hotel room to start the VLive-app to speak to their fans and make a toast with low-key celebration on their own. They have never taken anything for granted and never will.

    As everyone say and staff in the K-musicindustry, they are simply just the nicest guys with really great, likable, funny personalities. Individually they are so talented with have distinct styles and together create the best team ever. They have lived together in the same house for over 7 years like family and grown up together. Even though 4 members have bought own apartment as well, the members mostly live in their same big house in Seoul.

    Their latest album ”Map of the Soul: Persona” was recorded during their hectic Love Yourself-World Tour at the end last year 2018 and beginning of 2019. A couple of months later they headed out for their new World Stadium Tour.

    I am older, both in age and as an army since 6 years ago. I am so blessed and touched to have followed them since they were babies. Their London concerts were amazing, they are so good looking and actually look younger irl. They are veterans in the K-music industry who started out very young but still are young. Jungkook is 22, V and Jimin 23, RM and J-hope 25, Suga and Jin are 26.

    Their work and accomplishments are really admirable. They deserve all love and support in the world, without all those bitter, jealous haters out there💜💙💜💙

  9. 4:39

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