*AHHHH*WHATT Epic Intro *Ding* Aye Yo Whats good it’s ye boi Wolfie Welcome Back As you guys can see I’m not in my DIY kitchen. I don’t know why I have to start every intro like that Clearly I’m not in my DIY kitchen, look at this place I’m in a very special location. I got my boy David on the camera. *Troll Dave Strikes Again* And today we are gonna be breaking world records with someone you guys all should know. Uhh… I think his name is like alex or wassaeby or something like that It’s Alex Wassabi EPIC ENTRANCE You guys know Alex, the king of youtube Thank you for coming on my channel Thank you for inviting me. Such an honour. Before All My videos I always like to ask for alot of likes because I’m the like god How Many? How many do you think we can get? How many do you usually ask for? 200k Ohh we can beat that, 300k today THREE HUNDRED??? We can get that 300k today We want 150k likes before we start the video And today we’re breaking world records You gonna break some world records? Like that’s all I do Ok, dope David you’re gonna keep trolling HAAHAHAHAHAH Anyways guys today we’re gonna break world records So without further ado, let’s get it Alright so the first worlds record we’re gonna try and beat today is how many marshmallows you can fit in you’re mouth. Im not gonna do it Because we’re at this guys house today, he’s gonna do it So the record is 28 Marshmallow fit in your mouth, can you do that. Easy And you know on my channel we don’t lose world records right? We won’t lose. Im not gonna lose. Ok guys, this is for all of the wolffam. Can you put the first one in my mouth. I’ll get the second one to HAHAHAHAH I’ll even get the third one to Why is your mouth full already??? five Just take a breath 6 Wait is that 5 or 6? 7 k 9 WE”RE GOING TEN 12 HOHOHOHOHOHOH OK CAN WE DO 13 k you can spit it out just let me know ok Alex gives up Ok OHHH We got a garbage handy 14 look at his mouth we are at a half way point TWENTY FIVE ONE MORE 26 *Spits it out like he would never even be attemting these world records ever again* Thats Alot (no it’s not Alex) Thats more than I expected So Im gonna beat you now 3, 4, 5 Ya stuff it 12, 13, 14 ,15 FIFTEEN NOWAY NOWAY EWWW Don’t laugh (wtf are you doing Alex) k guys we failed on the first record but we’re gonna make up on the second one Kids in Africa could’ve eaten these so we’re donating 1 bag of marshmallows for each like you guys hit so make sure to hit the like button k guys so the next record we are trying to break, you guys know David so I’m gonna play a clip right now Of David eating oranges #DavidLovesOranges So basically we got a bunch of oranges right here (Look at David’s Savage skills) Its the fastest time to peel and eat 3 oranges Basically the record is 1 minute 8 seconds so we all know David can do it in around 40 So we have 3 fresh oranges for you I need to wash the pesticides off of it. You definitely have done this before, I like your technique. Why is (honestly I have no Idea what he said) I’m Cheesed We don’t Believe in you So I got the timer right here, let me set it to 1 minute 8 seconds? No I’m gonna set it to 1 minute and 7 because if you get that it’s a world record So here we go, 3, 2, 1, go (Lmfao) *Totally have 100% support in Dave* IM PEELING, you have to eat the whole orange You’re not eating any of the orange HAHAHHHA You have 20 more seconds *choking* YOU HAVEN’T EATIN 1 ORANGE (grammars nice wolfie) GO BACK TO THESE ONES Bro 10-15 more seconds (Cheering David on) (Legit BeatDrop=100% legit world record broken) What is all this? Yeah that was totally already there YAAAA I wanna give a shoutout to Mr Alex Wassabi for cheering us on through that one I used to be a cheer leader really? no You could have been Next world record let’s get it Ok guys so the next record that Me and Alex are gonna try and break (Geez Wolfie it’s Alex and I) Is how many saltine crackers you can eat in 1 minute The record is what like 12? It’s all about strategy right now so basically i’m gonna spread out my 12 on the table just so I know what I have to beat And by the way guys there is no water during this record, if you cheat with water you’re disqualified I wouldn’t even count this one cos look at the corner, someone ate a bit of that one so that doesn’t count. Alex’s stack is so much neater than yours man Yeah but it’s all about surface area (science wolfie is back) *troll dave So we’re gonna restart there it was neat (Math wolfie counting) Thank you Im just gonna count them as we go so hit me with a timer can you drink out your water, NOPE Ready WAIT I need some water 3, 3, 2, 3, 2, 1, *Cue Intense Music* You’re doing the wrong challenge lol BABY YOU SHOULD TAKE IT SLOOWWWW OMG HE DID IT *CELEBRATION* Only 59 seconds World record Alex did it to That was legit, 100% legit There wasn’t… what is that? WORLD RECORD *another celebration* I’ve never had Marshmallow or saltine cracker in my mouth at once. Really? (wtf type of question is that) Ok guys so the next record that we are gonna do is how fast can someone drink 500 ML of water I got the 2 asian guys slightly Asian guy (or not) and Asian guy Asians Are good at chugging right? Yeah, that’s all we do You guys know the record 1.75 seconds right No not yet You have the water bottles this isn’t a competition, we’re just trying to beat the record HHAHAHAHAHAHA So 1.75 seconds, are you ready Aright Go *Cheater Dave* *Dave gets busted and doesn’t know what to do* The timer has been running by the way WHAT I said go (he did say go) Here we go guys let me get the timer out wa-wa-wa-wa-wait Of course Cheater Dave gets busted again (Cheater Dave admits it) By the way on Wolfie’s channel we never cheat (o rly) its always legitimate 3, 2, 1, Go *David feels what it feels like to get trolled and not be the troller and it feels horrible* *Troll Dave will never take that* HAHAHAHAHA (count how mant time they laugh in this video) Did you guys plan that??? Thumbs up for the trolls Ready for part 2 *They try to plan a troll* 3, 2, 1, Go *Troll Dave trolls more* There’s cleaners in the house Ok attempt with these 2 guys, are you gonna troll? No this is gonna be serious 3,2,1, Go (for real) 3, 2, 1, GO *Fastest Fail in the galaxy* *they still try and go for the win and fail even more* *David be Choking* *Alex Finished at least* WORLD RECORD You have to squeeze it These water bottles are like thick Let a real man do this, Let’s Go *Troll Alex is back again* Take it easy I love this guy Stop you guys are scaring my refrigerator lets take a look at all the water that you guys have spat back out, great selection 3, 2, 1, GO *Insert Epic Music* AHHHH *Fast but not fast enough* *After Pain* Next world record guys that ones impossible alright the final world record, who can eat a muffin the fastest. No Hands 1 The time is 28.18 seconds Ok does it specify the type of muffin. yeah it says only lemon poppy seed Oh, well perfect. But does it say the size of the muffin? Nah nah nah 3,2,1 *TROLL DAVE STRIKES ONCE AGAIN* What Tha Hell It has to be on the floor. 3, 2, 1, GO *Cue Intense Music* Holy Shit Alex is M3rking you *Cheater Alex Strikes Again* Redo I Might actually be able to do this one Before you do it can you wipe the boogers out of your nose please (ROASTED) You Might Need the whole paper towel role (ROOOOAAAASSSTEEEEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!) ok last try this is it guys we need all your help please go down and smash that like button. Go *Alex the kitten is here* EPIC BEAT DROP=WORLD RECORD BROKEN Alex whats that? My technique didn’t work You didn’t even eat a bite, what were you doing? Oh My God Alright Guys we tried our best, like they always say, muffins are nice Anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode of breaking world records, by the way We did a bunch of videos on Alex’s channel So I don’t know what you guys are still doing on my channel If you haven’t clicked on this link right here, youtube.com/WassabiProductions I mean this guy has been on youtube since the get go and he’s still poppin’ so, do you want to say anything to your fans? Uhh, hey guys Go to his channel right now, he will be at the top of the description, watch all of his videos. Make sure to say wolffam sent you or Wolfie sent you David I mean, this guy, we do videos sometimes, link will be in the description as well. But THIS GUY Go to his channel it’s the one you want to go to Make sure to smash that like button, we want to hit like 150,000 thumbs up or something like that, 300k or something. HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON RIGHT NOW If you guys want to see a part 2? 400K and I’ll do it. And comment more records for me to hit in the future. And I will see you guys soon with another banger video And as always, Stay Savage, LEGGOO Subtitles By: Kaydamation

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