I thought the show was absolutely
fantastic. You know about the last act in the first act… but you don’t know the
context of it! One of the things that really makes it, that’s the awkward
silences… they’re never too long and never to short, but they are awkward
enough that you actually sit there and feel it. Just come and see it! I really, really enjoyed it. I laughed a
lot… at some points I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry there’s some really moving
moments. I had a really really good night! I’ve just had the most fantastic night
at the theatre, and it makes me realise just how lucky we are, to have someone
like Alan Ayckbourn in Scarborough, writing at the top of his game, producing
a sublime piece of theatre. Touching, very moving in places… all sort of melded
together with wonderful performances, fantastic acting. Great set, great music…
all round brilliant night! I haven’t laughed that much in a really,
really long time, I had such a good night. The play was really clever, I loved how
things that came up in the first scene, you have to kind of keep an
eye out for later on… I, kind of, was in awe of all the set
changes and it just lookedreally really beautiful. Yeah, just had a really, really good, fun time and I can’t wait to see the next one! One of Ayckbourn’s best, genuinely had me in stitches… certain bits of it were so intimate and so, like, real… and then other
bits of it that genuinely had me – like, real big belly laughs! Brilliantly
performed, really good set of actors. One of the best things that I’ve seen here,
genuinely was – really really brilliant!

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