Bill Maher: "Police Culture Has To Change"

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. "Being a policeman cant be revenge for highschool" most people have no idea how accurate that statement is. There are no studies done on the type of people who go into the military or become Cops in order to find out what their early lives were like but if you go down and take a look at the recruits for these things, the vast majority of them are kids who are very socially awkward and you can tell they didnt have a good life in highschool. They were losers as teens and they carry that into adulthood

  2. I think people need to just listen and follow directions when they have a gun pointed at them. The problem is that there are many people out there who can’t follow directions and end up getting hurt or killed.

  3. I think its extremely unrealistic to expect cops to be social workers when dealing with dangerous criminals. Remember that most of those shot by police while unarmed (both black and white) were resisting arrest and/or fighting against cops. I know there are some cases where the shooting was unjustified and those cops should be prosecuted. I don't think we can even imagine the difficult position cops are in.

  4. Are you nuts? There HAS to be sides. Right/Wrong, Law abiding/criminal. That’s why there will always be a need for police! That being said, police culture has to change. NYPD almost killed Frank Serpico – one of their own – because he was uncovering police corruption. The thin blue line means bullies with badges will always exist.

  5. If a US servicemember on the ground kills an unarmed civilian in a warzone where people are ACTIVELY trying to kill them everyday the "I feared for my life' excuse doesn't fly- they'll get sent to leavenworth and tried as a war criminal.

    If a cop kills an unarmed American citizen on American soil they get a slap on the wrist and suspended for a little while.

    We need a UCMJ for the police.

  6. seem to recall that police use to shot suspects in the leg rather than shooting 20+ bullets to kill a SUSPECT!

  7. I agree, I don’t think it needs to be a black and white issue. It should be citizen and police issue.

  8. Why the F.. is Colbert a Catholic? He jokes and sais he's a bad Catholic but I respect Bill Maher for being vocal about his denunciation of his Catholic/Jewish upbringing. It's all silly folks… the biggest cause of divisions..

  9. It's not just that we need more cameras on cops and their equipment, we need more cops that aren't afraid of cameras and more politicians that aren't afraid of making camera evidence public.

  10. In the town of Martinsburg WV. there was a mentally ill black man sitting on a stoop not bothering anyone. Someone called the cops. They showed up. The man literally had fingernail clippers in his hand. Eight cops unloaded glock 19 at point blank range. They fired over 100 rounds. Striking the victim 8 times killing him. I don't know what is worse that they fired that many rounds or the fact they only hit there target 8 times at point blank range. His parents sued and federal judge Gina Grohe threw the case out. What a wonderful community.

  11. This was new into Colbert’s job on the Late Show, and you could see Bill’s scorn and a touch of jealousy. Bill shined with logic and reason, but you couldn’t mistake his face if you watched him. Bill, because he goes after both sides when they are being idiots, I’m sure felt he deserved to be where Colbert was sitting, but continued to make great points and that is the reason I watch him.

  12. In absolute number whites get killed by the police more than blacks. And the cases are equal horrible. But you don't see those white stories on the news. See John Mcwhorter. Love Bill but he doesn't know the facts/numbers, just video's/news. And no i don't say racism does not exists.

  13. Have anyone else noticed that almost immediately following Trump's election Colbert starts aging alot faster