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welcome to the world’s biggest beer-pong were gonna take it in turns, to have rounds of 3 shots each highest score wins blaaaack or whitee You’re first. Ah haaaa red means you drink it. blue means 10 points if you land in the bucket you go back to zero if you don’t get it in a cup minus 5 Oh my god!!!!!~! go on hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahah This is how you do it, you ready It’s so eas-it’s so hard to miss it as well ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 10 points power shot $%#& that’s it that’s it that’s it Yeet i got 5 points guess what cool though wasn’t it was cool that what i mean Power shot!! ohhhhhhhhhhhhh so close this is Vik’s secret tactic look at that its like the nipple ball, NIPPLE BALL!! ohhhhhhh it hit 3 blue cups swish swish vik’s to calm ohhhhhhh yeah true this one lad lad lad we love you josh we do we love you Josh WE do yeah im ready do your thingohhhhhhhh oh NOooooo oh it was vieww come on Power shot alright 2 power shots come on get it on that is a swish oh oh ahhhhhhhhh oh my god go on then lad lad lad lad lad round threee hit it now simple oh shit minus 5 oh oh ohhhhhhhhh alright trick shots….. i missed hahaha ohhhhhhhhh oh oh oh oh oh fade away i dont mean fade away boukrn pit come on boy ahahhahahahha ahahhah eva dab on the haters for fuck sake dude sake dude, dab on the haters twice in a row bubm bum yeahaa ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah bro im finshed them shots went up to my brain i cant even make it down the stairs Red Red Red Red and orangeee how is he swish it like that king now miss everything king Now im MAD!!! that’ alright im not doing very well but i am now are you? not doing very well hahah but i am now oh Oh my god ah ah bit tekkel Minuss ohhh yeeeeeeeeee yeeeeeeeee ahh oh hes gonna drop em dirty oh shit i dont even 2 drinks and minus 5 ah shit you so boring look at you i swear i actually got a blue i swear to god man ohy blow jab , a pretty decant blow im gonna fade away and by fade away i dont mean fade away oh ye power shot!! ohh too much Ethen is actually bad blowing/ good blowing i want a blue just one ahhhh &$*%^&$&$* ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhh ahhh final round triple points why does vick lean why the fuck does he take that, shot oh my god ahhhh oh hhahhahaaa 1 more 1 more lets go oh nice ………. oh nice oh oh ………. ahhhhh hey ohy one for my fallen soldiers fuck ohhhhh split alright well give you 1 more go if you get it in than you @Amiroma17 twitter did this subscribe follow and XIX

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Just realised if u were on minus you should’ve tried to get it in the black bucket if that wipes all ur points

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