COMM: 38-year-old Aevin Dugas, from Louisiana, has the world’s largest afro measuring a staggering
4 foot and 4 inches around. 00:13
Aevin: It’s been 14 years since I actually went natural. One time I strived to get the
hair that was straight and now I want it big and poofy. 00:22
Aevin: To get all the attention in public – it’s always a positive thing. It’s not like
people really come up and say anything mean. Usually, that’s why my hair’s in my face because
then it kind of protects me and makes me feel a little more comfortable. 00:32
COMM: Aevin has been growing her hair since she was a child and 3 years ago achieved her
dream of securing a Guinness World Record. 00:38
Aevin: The first measurement in 2010, I think it was 4 feet 4 inches around. I’m not sure
how big it could get, but I mean I’ll try as long as I can. 00:49
Man: That’s you’re real natural hair? Girl, that’s real nice 00:51
Aevin: Thank you 00:52
COMM: With the world record under her belt, it’s no surprise she attracts attention wherever
she goes, and has become an inspiration to others, like her hairdresser, Toby Johnson. 01:02
Toby: This is the greatest hair I’ve ever seen. It is natural and just beautiful 01:09
Woman: It’s beautiful. Basically Aevin inspired me to go natural. 01:14
Woman: When I saw her, I was just like… it was still big, you know? Part of me wanted
to lay in it. 01:23
COMM: Although Aevin enjoys the attention her hair has brought her, taking care of it
isn’t an easy job. 01:29
Aevin: It would take a day and a half for it to dry, almost 2 days, like people think
I’m joking, I’m remember washing my hair on a Sunday… I put it in braids, I let it dry,
on Wednesday night, it was still damp. 01:41
COMM: Aevin has recently come out of a long-term relationship and she worries that her hair
could distract men when getting to know her. 01:48
Aevin: I guess it would be one of those things that if I see that we’re actually getting
close, you know, moving onto another level, I’ll be like, “Oh hey, by the way, you know,
I have really big hair”. 01:59
Aevin: I did tell one guy and he was shocked and he Googled me and was like, “Oh wow”,
and when I saw him again, he was wearing a fro. 02:06
COMM: And she’s had a great response to her world record. 02:09
Aevin: The reaction in my hometown was actually very positive. Everybody was just so proud
of me and they kept saying, “You’re a celebrity”, like, do not call me that, I just have big
hair. 02:17
COMM: However, the original inspiration for Aevin’s afro came when she saw a photo of
her mother with one in the 60s. 02:23
Deborah: I am really proud and humbled by the fact that she thinks it’s because she
liked my natural hair way before she was born. 02:32
COMM: And with her place in the record books secured, she has no plans to take a trim just
yet. 02:37
Aevin: Do I see myself cutting my hair? No, I don’t think so. Me straightening my hair
wasn’t gonna change who I am, you know, I’m still Aevin, I’m still an African-American
and as far as, you know, putting chemicals in my hair – what’s the point?

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  1. Am not carried away by the beauty of the hair I am impressed with her pain stretch . Believe me when I say it’s painful to grow and maintain black natural hair . The combing takes a tour on you .

  2. Alright, alright, Youtube. I'll watch the damn video finally.

    On a serious note, I hope this girl still rocks that fro! I don't know why big fros ever went out of style. Yes, they're a LOT of work, but there are people in the world who are willing to put that work in, so… Why don't they? I'm white with very straight hair, but if I had kinky enough hair I would try a fro! They're gorgeous! Black people especially need to start rocking the fro look again since their hair is more naturally suited to it. They really work it well and shouldn't be ashamed to! Although of course maybe not at this volume, but even small fros are gorgeous!

  3. But 4C girls complain on 3A hair videos for THAT HAIR TYPE and get offended cause they aren't in every video..and say "they don't show our struggle. I hate my hair😭😭"

    But when they can't use that excuse…."omg I LOVE my hair❤️❤️😍😍

  4. When they said the tree of life that the people in the garden should not eat thing from you mind seeing this lady and her hair.

  5. This video is old I saw it last year it could be older than this. Where are some up dates on this young ladys hair journey?

  6. I'm went natural for 3 years then relaxed it but I'm back to natural and im one year gone and I love my natural hair than the relaxed hair

  7. 1:03 no lie I went to this hair place a few months ago if u remember correctly it’s somewhere near Ebr but I can’t remember the street name lol

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