hey guys it's Chris so I want to make a video about the recent controversy over the Betsy Ross flag and Nike and everything as you can see the 76 flag is out here on my balcony it's not the Betsy Ross but it's from the same time period and you know believe me I understand what it's like to be a minority when you're reading American history because I may not I may be white but I'm also not a Christian I'm a Greek polytheist and I'm also not straight I am bisexual and when this flag was flying if I had said those things I would have probably been thrown in jail or killed I would have certainly been in more danger than I am today but yet this flag doesn't offend me because I know it doesn't stand for those things in 2012 in North Carolina you guys might remember this they the state government tried to pass a minimum one which was the statewide ban on gay marriage and I actually made the front page of the Thomasville Times protesting against it if you don't believe me here's the article and at some point I started carrying the 76 flag with me unfortunately it's not in this this picture but I did start carrying it with me quite often so why did I do that why why did I carry the 76 flag when I was fighting for the rights of the LGBT community because that flag stands for the ideal of the American nation the American flag is a progressive flag it doesn't stand for one group of people or one era it stands for the ideals of our nation which of which which have really always been the same on the foundation I carried this flag because it stands against everything the North Carolina government was trying to do at that time for one they were trying to enforce religion they were trying to force Christianity on everyone because supporters of the amendment carried signs that said vote for biblical marriage so the amendment was illegal number one because it was enforcing religion and the First Amendment of the Constitution clearly says that Congress shall make no law respecting or prohibiting religion being that every state has a Congress and the Constitution is the supreme law of the land there's very little wiggle room you know and and the state government knew that they just wanted to be defiant and terrorize and oppress people they didn't like and secondly the amendment violated the Fourteenth Amendment of the Federal Constitution because it made second-class citizens out of an entire group of Americans the 14th Amendment says that you can't deprive any citizen of life liberty property or the equal protection of the law so the amendment one of North Carolina was illegal all realm and I carried this flag because that flag stood against everything that we're trying to get to do that flag stands for the separation of church and state freedom from theocratic dictation it stands for freedom from oppressive and tyrannical government it stands for the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness to live your life the way you want I carried that flag because it stood for the American ideal the American ideal that the North Carolina government at that time was trying to crush so if you think that this flag is offensive if you think it shouldn't be celebrated we can't celebrate the 4th of July at all because it celebrates this flag so no fireworks no barbecue nothing no vacation don't do anything I think that we all realize or should realize that what we're celebrating is the ideal of the American nation we're not necessarily celebrating everything that was going on in society at that time

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