– [Mary] The woman who catches a man’s eye earns a purse. The woman who catches his
heart, earns his world. – Ow! Out, get out! Get out of my house. You are a freaking liar! Did you know that me and your husband have been sleeping together? Couple times a week, the last few months? – Did you steal my sperm? – Hm. I love Avery, and I love your kids and I just couldn’t figure that stuff out. The deal that I made with God is that if I am pregnant, I will figure out how we can all figure out how to live a life. But if I’m not pregnant, David this is it. – [David] You’ve got to be kidding me. – Lunch or dinner? – Dinner. – Great, I’ll pick you
up tomorrow around seven. – Oh, come on now, does
that move really work? – I don’t know do we have dinner? – Maybe we both agree that
if anything got serious that we would just. – Yeah, I think it’s best
we pull things back too. – You don’t want to get married? – No. – Have kids? – No. – Then what the hell are we doing? – It’s not hard to understand,
it’s just different. – I may not be a spring chicken, but I will never settle for anything less than what I want and what I deserve. – You’re cute. – And you’re beautiful. You know I like your house, but I also like the
outside world, fresh air. Do you like restaurants and
movie theaters and all that? – was really crazy. I’ve had a struggle in my life that I did not ask for and did not create. You and I, is not a
struggle that I’m going to choose for myself. – I want black love. – Lee Truitt, Ladies and gentleman. You’ve been great, thank
you all, see you next time. – What are you doing here? – I’m the new Senior Producer. – [Lee] I say “not now”,
and you hear “not ever”. – I’ve had way too many
damn relationships, Lee. I’m over it, are you in or out? – Bad time? – No, no. Justin, this is
my boyfriend Lee Truitt. Lee this my Producer, Justin Talbot. – Nice to meet you, I’ve
heard a lot about you. – Same. – I slept with Justin. – Uhm, what did you just say? Mary, you’re obviously
still that broken girl I met on that first night. It’s my fault for trying to put the pieces back together. – What happened yesterday,
can’t happen again. – I broke up with Lee. – I didn’t ask you to do that. – What’s happening between
us isn’t all in my head. – Those are the two embryos,
they’ve developed nicely. Before the implantation
procedure I like to give the patient and opportunity to see them. So, are you ready to proceed? – More than ready. – I want to pitch a new dream, to replace that old one. You and me, the two of us, let’s grow old together, with our kids. Mary Jane, will you marry me? – [Justin] Mary Jane. – [Woman] Why can’t you just
admit that you still love her? – [Mary] I can’t believe
this is happening. – [Frantic Woman] Everything’s
going to be okay, Mary Jane. – [Man On Knees] I’m not
letting you get away. – [Narrator] Being Mary Jane, two hour series finale. Tuesday, April 23rd at nine.

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  1. That’s why you should wait and get to know someone before having sex because it stops you for thinking clearly and finding out what’s best for you.

  2. This is how I think the new season should go:

    David finds out that the lady that had his baby, is not his baby, it's the guy that she went overseas to see so he's thinking he has another shot with Mary Jane. He comes back into Mary's life when it's a possibility that Mary Jane may be pregnant by the comedian or by Justin or not pregnant at all. If she is, David strongly wants her that he's willing to accept her unborn child and raise it as his. But what does David's mother have to say about his decision to win back Mary Jane? Sneaky Justin has a secret. Niecy finds love, true love. Trevion's father who is now, married wants 50/50 custody of Trevian. Trevion's dad's plee is that he needs a man in his life. Niecy doesn't seem to have a problem with it because it moves Trevion out of the way because she has found true love that she's spending time with and Isabella is always with her grandmother. The family loves Niecy's new man who inspires her to get her GED online. Niecy is practically free to do her. Patrick is now dating Deja's school principal. She demands that Patrick demand a blood test from the man that he learned is his father only to find out that the man who raised him IS really his father and not this man that his mother had an affair with! Learning this, Patrick and his dad's bond grows stronger. Patrick wants help from his father getting a better job. Patrick stays clean. Deja's school principal continues to push Patrick to his full potential. Mom and Dad Patterson patch things up. Paul Junior now owns a real estate firm, dealing with commercial real estate only. Paul Jr finds out that he's going to be a father… or is he? These hoes are looking for a come up off of Paul Jr who's real estate company is on the up-and-up and booming. Deja, Patrick's daughter is experiencing bullying at school. This is a topic that they can focus on with a positive outcome to where Deja and the person who is bullying her, or Deja is bullying somebody, become friends. If Deja is doing the bullying, it's only because she's experiencing issues at home with her mother being on drugs or the mom is taking her issues out on Deja because Patrick has moved on. Cara learns that she's going to be a grandma and her mother has moved in, cramping her sex life.

  3. You cancelled BMJ for some bullshit 50 central that NEVER came (and wouldn't have been worth it). BET always ruins things.

  4. This show was phenomenal, Gabriel Union is so captivating as an actor. I think this show will remain a cultural phenomenon and taught a lot of women great stuff. The show was focused on the two biggest drivers sex and value and explores the dynamic between them all.

  5. From Tom, Dick, Harry to John, Tom, David and then some. She seems to go all around the block and back again. And I've never even watched it. Just the trailer. No thanks, not even with an all black actors. And b4 you say anything, it was recommended videos. 😏

  6. I'm curious to know what the hold u p is all about at first it said it was airing on April 16th now they are saying 23rd before both dates it was supposed to air a long time ago and according to Gab the finishing of it all has been done for a while…this is kind of irri

  7. If the executives at BET were smart, they wouldn’t have cancelled the network’s flagship show. And just when I was getting used to Mary Jane in NYC without her family. We, the fans, deserved an additional two seasons (40 episodes). I wish UPN was still around.

  8. Mary Jane started getting on my nerves, she be taking advantage of everybody and then get mad at them when they wanna do something different.

  9. The Mary Jane character frustrates me sometimes because she so desperately wanted everything… that she didn’t know how to leave well-enough alone & just enjoy what she had. She was definitely the antagonizer of her drama. But I appreciate Gabrielle Union for always having attractive actors on the show as her partners.

  10. April is too busy, Little just came out with Regina Hall Issa Rae, Got my AVengers Tickets for April 25th so now I have to run home after and see this premiere!!!!! too busy lol

  11. The fact that they are only doing a 2hr season finale is really pissing me off lol….especially since it gonna be on BET and their commercials are sooo long smdh

  12. At least they are giving the show a 2hr finale; well deserved. More than i can say for the jackasses that didn't do the same for Girlfriends. And I'm a dude, lol.

  13. Lee never really did it for me. Yeah he was sweet but he came off really boring even if he was a comedian. #teamjustin

  14. Gabrielle and her ENTIRE tribe were my sole reason i could bring myself to watch anything on BET. I am grateful we are at least getting closure, however shows like this are a rarity! This generation Needed this show from the topics of discussion, to the humor, the cast embodied their characters like no other. i just finished my fifth rewatch of the entire series this morning, yea i said it.
    The question isnt whos going to let me, ITS WHOS GOING TO STOP ME!

  15. I’m so confused, my man Morris is now in the picture, and the guy that walked in has to be either Justin or David (although I don’t know why it’d be David) And even though I love Justin, if it is David, I’d be so here for it!!!

  16. So sadly since no cable how can one go about viewing lastnight’s episode?
    I’ve seen every season plenty, was initially why I had cable. Thank you, I no longer watch tv much. Please assist.

  17. It is clear that bet’s team is clueless.. they have absolutely no idea what they’re niche market wants. This show needed to get another season. The game could have been huge but they ruined it. Hit the floor was an amazing show but they ruined it too.. bet should be the network for shows like this, insecure, claws, power, empire etc.. there are sooooo many shows on YouTube that other networks are picking up but bet just can’t see the full picture. This whole network needs to be revamped. Shit.. the one thing they had going for them was the bet awards and they ruined that too. SMH 🤦🏾‍♀️

  18. This is everything that black women should not do in life. Rule 1. Know the man before jumping in bed with them. You will spend less time shedding tears and having your heart broken if you do. 2. Don't sleep with a married man and if you did not know beforehand, when you find out leave his ass. You are no better than his wife. Wives you are no better than the mistress cause you have his ring. You and only you will be enough for the right man. 3. Stop screwing every man that comes in your life. Respect yourself sister, you are a prize.

  19. The finale was an anti climax! Bringing in Chestnut was a great and welcomed distraction but the story was weak!

  20. This show elevated the network. Honestly, I always thought BET had no idea what they had in this show. The Mara Brock Akil seasons were the absolute best, which makes sense as this show was her creation.


  22. I'm watching being Mary Jane season 5 not only is it a it ass mess but her hair looks horrible she has always been fabulous I just knew she would be a fabulous pregnant woman but the hair is jacked up the clothes are jacked up her life is still jacked up I don't like it didn't like the Cara had to have the breast cancer situation and then after her surgery she was up like nothing ever happened. then take Mary Jane's baby going from being new in the hospital and then the baby looks older at home and then when she has to rush home to the baby the baby is a new baby again. Whoaaa… It's so boring. And now Morris's back about to propose to her and Justin is in the other room.

  23. It just ended and again it was horrible they should have commissioned me to write it. And it appeared rushed through.

  24. Very strange finale. So being in love is running back to the man who dumped you TWICE???? I guess its a cultural thing, but where Im from, love is Lee, easy going, natural and someone who's always there. A normal woman loves that man. Love isn't running round in circles to prove yourself to a man who keeps leaving. A terrible let-down of a finale.

  25. I wish after we seen Mary Jane got married to justin that we could see them 2 growing up in there house the baby growing up etc. Kira getting married and etc..

  26. Enjoy the show but i'm not a fan of Mary Jane herself sometimes i like her a lot of the time i dont her character has a very complex personality.

  27. Am I the only one that was still entirely rooting for her and David? I loved them together 😫 he is so fineeee.

  28. Initially, I loved David for her but then she stole his sperm, and he slept with her best friend. Things became too messy between them. I feel like out of the guys in total, Justin despite his flaw of walking away every time there is a huge problem is the best guy for her. He is just as ambitious as she is and I don't remember a time when he tried to change her.

  29. All actors' outfits are available here: spotern.com/en/search/Being+Mary+Jane?page=1

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