what’s other guys how’s it going. Today I
have a new video for you it’s about apps that can help you to study literature
effectively and in this video I’m gonna record my mobile phone screen so you can
see the apps directly used by me let’s check it out ok here we are again now let’s check the
apps most of these apps are for Android so I’m gonna try my best to find at
least some of these apps for the iOS users but let us start
Literary terms as it shows this is the first app that I’m gonna use oxford
dictionary literary terms and it has all of the functions of any dictionary but
it suits for literary terms like this word Socratic for example the the term
Socratic goes back to the philosopher Socrates and we all might know this
enough that I’m gonna discuss today is English Lit which is a limited kind of
glossary for literary terms here we have the glossary part or the section that you
can see that there are a lot of words and literary terms here that you can use
and read about like puns for example and you can get quizzes about what you have
studied or read previously and then we have the skills section that there are a
lot of other subsections in it like quotations for example where is the
definition of quotation and how do you understand it and what is the meaning of
context for example the English literature app is one of the
best apps because it gives you a short explanation of the phases or the ages of
English literature like if you are going to read about the Old English period and
what it’s poetry alliterative verse the major manuscripts and let us read
something about the early translations into English and the app is a very very
well-made and very easy to use like if you are going to study about the
Romantic period here and the nature of Romanticism for example and other other
things that you find in the Romantic period like the nature of Romanticism
and it discusses the nature of romanticism and how and transmitted from
one writer to another and it’s a very very good app for those who want to
know more about English literature and about its history
and one advice here if you are interested in English literature you
should read something about its history ok there is no chance that you will be
able to understand literature well unless you understand the history of
that period that you are studying in literature now the last app would be lit
charts this comes from the developers of spark notes and as you can see it’s one
of the best apps out there and it has a huge number of literary works that are
discussed in this app now for example if you are interested in Death of a
Salesman you will see that there is an intro a brief biography of the writer
and then historical context history don’t forget other books related to
death of salesman and key facts about death of salesmen
and then extra credit for the death of salesman and of course you will find the
plot summary and you can find the theme symbols quotes the most important quotes
of course and you can also find the summary and analysis of act 1 act 2 and
the Requiem if you are familiar with Death of a Salesman it ends with a
Requiem and it also has a very very good way to tell you how to quote or how to
cite from this app and you can also search for a book or author like if we
are going to see one of my favorites it would be dr. Faustus I think it’s found
here if I’m not mistaken or let me just say Faustus yeah dr. Faustus by
Christopher Marlowe and you can find all the information about the scenes and the
chorus entrances and the like the important quotes and it’s a very very
well made app too like the previous one that I discussed and it pays a lot of
attention to the details in user interface of course and it makes it more
interesting for you to read it doesn’t feel like an app or it doesn’t feel like
that you are reading an essay or something you will not get bored because
of the colors that are used in this app okay guys as you can see there are more
apps on my phone that I didn’t discuss because I don’t think they would be as
interesting or as important as the other ones and if I find any other apps
I will definitely share it with you guys goodbye

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  1. These apps 📱are a huge help👌, especially for college students👨‍🎓👩‍🎓. I used some 📲of them and they really facilitated 😌👌my study. So, a million 🔟0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣thanks for your efforts👏👏. Hope 🍀all 🌼the students 👨👱‍♀️get benefit 🙏from them.☘️🌸🌼

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